Dan Haynes



United States


I'm leaving Zidisha because of their amoral forced lending rules and gimmicks. I'm moving my money to lendwithcare.org.

If you don't log into the Zidisha site often enough, and in spite of setting re-lending preferences only to agricultural loans, Zidisha will automatically lend your money for meat production, chemical fertilizers and petty capitalists (i.e. opportunists) unless you jump through whatever hoops Zidisha decides to set up.

How many websites do you know of that not only refuse to honor your personal preference selections about how your money is allocated, but periodically go in and reset your preferences to the ones most advantageous/most profitable to them?

It's completely unethical and I will have no part of my name being associated with meat production or use of chemical fertilizers or crappy opportunists selling cell phone trinkets.

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