Shawn Stice


United States


Hello everyone! My name is Shawn. Let me tell you a little bit about why I've chosen to help each of you follow your chosen path — your dream. Some believe that here in the United States, life is easy, right? We have everything. We reside in the land of freedom and plenty — a place where all dreams come true. For us, our path is set, and a chameleon will never cross it!

Unfortunately, this is simply not true. Life can be hard here — cold and unforgiving. For many years Anansi walked with me bringing luck at every turn. And then one day a chameleon crossed my path, and Anansi was nowhere to be found. One winter I fell, slipping on black, unseen ice and broke my back and hips in three places; I was devastated. I could no longer work or support my family. Our life of plenty seemed all but destroyed. We lost everything. Our house and car was taken from us because we could not pay the loans. My parents who lived many kilometers away, had to come get us; we were homeless with nothing. Even though we lived in America, there was little help for us. No one would give us loans or help to get our lives back on our path; It all seemed hopeless. Then one day while sitting down in a park next to a stranger, he said to me, "You look troubled friend." So I told him my story. This kind stranger gave me a loan with a small fee for a car so I could find a job and keep it. Anansi had returned.

So now, years later, wiser and thankful for what I've been given, I began to search for a way to honor the stranger in the park who helped put me back on the good path; I found Zidisha. Don't think that help should always be free. It's not. And I don't believe it should be. People generally do not value what they do not have to work for. Neither should help be so costly that it causes even more harm and hardship in the end. I am fair, faithful, willing and able to help you succeed in walking your path. The only thing I ask, is that you do your best to repay your loan so I can continue to help others walk their paths and enjoy the fruits of their labor. If you fail to repay your obligation, then you become a chameleon crossing the path of someone else in need of help which prevents me from making loans to others, who like you just need a little help in creating and living their dream! Good luck friends, and thank you for reading my story!

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