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Disbursed Amount: $204.00
Date Disbursed: Nov 25, 2011
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 17 months
Cost of Loan: $25.20
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Lender Interest: $204.00 at 3.72% annual rate over 17 months = $10.75

Service Fee: $204.00 at 5% annual rate over 17 months = $14.45

Total Loan Cost:
$10.75 + $14.45 = $25.20

About Me

My family consist of single mother and two brothers who are still in High school.We live in Kamurunyu village.Am a O-level which i completed in the year2006.I stated my business to provide for my family daily bread being the fast born,pay school fees for my brothers and also to be dependent,and self reliance.

My Business

My business offers transport services using a donkey cart. In my area there are poor roads thus making very difficult for other means.My customers prefer my services due to my efficiency ,affordable prices,and also speed.This business profitable and there is a lot of demand for this services and i would like to buy a motorbike to advance my services. My business faces a lot of limitation such as poor road network,bad weather condition.Kindly request the Zidisha leaders to finance my business.

Loan Proposal

I would like to buy a Motor bike with the loan i will add my personal savings of 40000 and buy a motor bike worth 60000. this will help me in my business because I will be able to offer efficient and faster services to my customer most of them being small scale retail shop and Green Grocers where by i will offer transport services for their goods.

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Perth,  Australia


Bradenton, Fl,  United States


Maryville,  United States

carlos vendrell

Cebu City,  Philippines


New Jersey,  United States


Rochester, Mn, Usa,  United States

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  • John Mwathi     Aug 23, 2014

  • John Mwathi     Aug 23, 2014

  • John Mwathi     Aug 23, 2014

    Hi good pple ineed to borrow another loan so as i rent space buy chairs and tables so as to make my customers comfortable.Thank in advance.

  • John Mwathi     Jul 31, 2014

    Hello',thank you for good job you have done to my business.It is running on well,am very grateful for your great support you have given unto me.It is expanding now because i have one employee, his name is John mesaiye actually he is my best friend.Isow it was good for me to give him job rather than him looking out for manual jobs in the area.Oh i can't forget to tell you that ileft to abroad, got a job in qatar and i'm working as a security officer thank you for giving me a good foundations of life thank you very much. Indeed if it was not with GREAT SURPORTmy life would be miserable i love you all.

  • John Mwathi     Jul 31, 2014

  • John Mwathi     Jul 18, 2014

    Hey zidisha am very sorry for defaulting my loan payment its only the smokky bussiness was down,contribution to my loan am very grateful and iwould you like to thank you.Are good people, business is going on well now and i'm looking forward to completing my loan indeed in the next month thank you very much.

  • John Mwathi     Jul 17, 2014

  • Ondieki Shem     Jul 12, 2014

    John you are unreachable please pay your loan, or i can help you reschedule

  • Ondieki Shem     Jun 2, 2014

    john cant be reached and community leader too. those are the available contacts.

  • John Mwathi     Jun 1, 2014

    hey the zidisha team hope you're good fast is the thank you for the good job you are doing of you doing. secondly is to say sorry for the default in payment of the loan but soon and very soon i am going to make the payments thank you very thank you very much in advance

  • John Mwathi     May 21, 2014

    He good people am in good health God has been in business is running good

  • John Mwathi     May 21, 2014

    He good people am in good health God has been in business is running good

  • John Mwathi     Mar 23, 2014

    Thanks Zidisha I will make payment next month pls bear with me

  • John Mwathi     Mar 4, 2014

    Hey good people Zidisha at large.Am good only that i find my two smokies business are low as in now customers have decreased abruptly only to find that now am making less sales as compared to November and December.But i know things will get back to normal coz my smokies are very delicious and the best quality than any other in Utawala you trust me.Thank in advance.

  • John Mwathi     Feb 22, 2014

    Hey Zidisha.First is to thank you for the great job.Okey business is cool.

  • John Mwathi     Dec 6, 2013

    Thanks a lot good people leaders for bidding my loan may God bless you.

  • John Mwathi     Dec 4, 2013

    Hey leaders first and foremost is to thank you for the great opportunity on my business.Please bid on my loan so as to expand from a stand to cookies shop.My God bleass you.

  • John Mwathi     Nov 25, 2013

    Hey good people leaders for your great support upon my business for sure without your support my business would be just dull and outdated due to lack of capital.My Almighty God bless you for the great work of giving a heaping hand.

  • John Mwathi     Oct 31, 2013

    Hey leaders first and fore most is to thank the most high God for tha gift of life and good health.Ok my business is good and now costomers are enjoying previously improvements apon the business.Thanx alot may God bless you all for the great work.

  • John Mwathi     Aug 24, 2013

    hey good people leaders business is cool.I would like to thank you big time coz what a nice buetifull site to see helping me in my business.

  • John Mwathi     Jun 26, 2013

    Dear I hope you are all okay, my business is not doing well, it is very low for the last two months, I hope it will pick for this month because most of the school children are back home and will make as one of my customers, I will bring my loan payment current in a few months, I hope you will bear with me as my business picks up soon

  • Namaste250     Apr 29, 2013

    Greetings Mr. Mwathi,
    I am also the first born. It takes a lot of responsibility. i wish I could taste your smokie. It sounds delicious. I think I would not like a ride on your donkey cart. It must be very bumpy. But what can you do when the roads are so bad. During the rainy season I think the roads must be just mud.
    Stay cool, dude.
    Best wishes for health for your family, continued success in all of your businesses, and prosperity, Ann (namaste250)

    • John Mwathi     Jun 26, 2013


      Thanks for your comments and your interest to my smokie, next time when you come to Kenya make a date with me, You will a have the smokies at a discount . I am no longer with donkey business and I need not to punish the animal with lot of work . I decided to specialize with the sale of smokis.

    • Namaste250     Jun 26, 2013


      I hope your business is getting better. Concentrating on smokies sounds like a good marketing move. People will always want smokies, but donkeys will become less popular, a lot less popular. Thanks for the smokie invitation. You never know. If I come, I'm going to bring pictures of video game characters to put on your walls. The students will all want to buy from you.

      Best wishes, Ann (namaste250)

  • John Mwathi     Apr 26, 2013

    Thanks a lot good people leaders for funding my business my God bless you for the good work.Now i have increased my stock and business is cool.

  • John Mwathi     Apr 22, 2013

    Thanks Traci for your good and encouraging comments, and all lenders thanks for raising my loan. Next time when you come to Kenya come and enjoy smokys in my joint they are very deliciaus. Traci I woe youn a smoky when in utawala just passby have a nice day

  • traciyoshiyama     Apr 21, 2013

    Hi John! I am so happy to see that you are raising a second loan and that you introduced buns to your smokies. Congratulations on finishing your first and good luck raising your second. Hoping to make my way to MC soon!

    Best wishes to you,

  • John Mwathi     Apr 17, 2013

    Zidisha Team,

    I paid all my loan last week please update my account

    • John Mwathi     Feb 12, 2014

      hey good people i am good. Business is going on well now that they are saying the smokies are more sweet because of the loaf burns that are making as there supper and even as there breakfast thanx to ZIDISHA for the great surport.

  • John Mwathi     Apr 1, 2013

    Hey good people leaders business is cool and expanding as in i have now introduced loaf buns that are now going with the smoky. Thank a lot for your great surport.

  • John Mwathi     Mar 8, 2013

    Hey good peopple leaders, let me take this opportunity to thanks you for supporting my business. It is fine dispute it is experincing less sales due to election thing.But things will be better. Thanx in advance.

  • John Mwathi     Mar 8, 2013

    Hey good peopple leaders, let me take this opportunity to thanks you for supporting my business. It is fine dispute it is experincing less sales due to election thing.But things will be better. Thanx in advance.

  • John Mwathi     Feb 20, 2013

    Hey good people leaders business is cool only that i had to take my lettle sister to join high school that has lead me bihind schedule but now every thing is in place.Thanx in advance.

  • John Mwathi     Jan 22, 2013

    HEY leaders ?business is cool thanks for your surport .

  • John Mwathi     Dec 3, 2012

    Hey good leaders business is good.

  • John Mwathi     Dec 3, 2012

    Hey good leaders business is good.

  • John Mwathi     Dec 3, 2012

    Hey good leaders business is good.

  • John Mwathi     Oct 25, 2012

    Hey good people leaders am grateful and thankful of your great support on my business. It's good and it is expanding.Let me take this opportunity to thank you all.

  • John Mwathi     Sep 25, 2012

    Hey good people? me a m alright and business is cool thanks to the almighty God for every little thing.

  • traciyoshiyama     Aug 11, 2012

    August 9, 2012

    Hello, my name is Traci Yoshiyama, Zidisha’s Kenya Client Relationship Manager. I am currently visiting Zidisha borrowers in and around Nairobi.

    From barber, to shoe salesman, to water delivery boy, to the selling of eggs and sausages; often times this is the path one must take to survive in Kenya. As I sit with John Mwathi in his home in MC, Utawala, we look through his past month’s bookkeeping. Having closed his kinyozi (salon) and shoe business, John is now transporting water during the day (with the help of his donkey and cart) and continues to sell boiled eggs and sausages in the evening.

    As we walk through MC, John points out his competition, a young man carting fifteen 20-liter jugs of water. This being a common business in Utawala, I ask John how he manages to get any customers. “Speed,” he replies. With a universal price of Ksh 10 for a 20-liter container of water, agility is what stands between you and the next guy. By 4:00 PM, John retires from transporting goods and begins to set up his food stall in the MC shopping center. Customers are plentiful during the evening hours, for work has finished and appetites are high. On a good day, John is able to make a Ksh 515, though most of his income goes towards basic necessities and supporting his sibling with school fees, food, and clothing.

    The inconsistency of income and the responsibility of supporting his family have made the repayment of his loan difficult. I have assisted John in rescheduling his loan for a second time. Having moved his egg and sausage business to MC, where nightlife proves better than Kinka, John is confident he will be able to repay his loan and would appreciate the opportunity to take out a second. He still has future plans to open a snack shop, for acquiring stock is affordable and unlike the shoe or salon business, customers come on a daily basis.

    The inevitable world of adulthood has its ups and downs, and as a young entrepreneur, John is still learning the tricks of his trade. Although unforeseen challenges have stifled his plans, John’s enthusiasm and good-natured spirit push him forward. Having the opportunity to be in Kenya for quite some time, I hope my next visit to Utawala will involve visiting John and enjoying a delectable treat from his snack shop.

  • John Mwathi     Aug 9, 2012

    Due to increased necessties iwish to propose a grase period up to september 25,2012.also ihave to surport my lettle sister who is at my rurual area with school fees,and also with pocket money for food,clothings.This time my good people leaders am not going to put you down because i have now relocate my jiko from Utawala Kincar to MC not away but to the next center At mc business is not bad.

  • John Mwathi     Jun 2, 2012

    Hey good people.

  • John Mwathi     Jun 2, 2012

    Hey good people.

  • John Mwathi     May 21, 2012

    Hey zidisha team?Business is going on cool. Have good times good people.

  • John Mwathi     Apr 30, 2012

    Hey zidisha .Am caring on well with my business. It is making me support my brother who is now at high school.

  • AchintyaRai     Apr 1, 2012

    Hello lenders,

    My name is Achintya Rai and I am Zidisha’s current Kenya Client Relationship Intern. On 24th March I met John Mwathi at his shop in Utawala, Nairobi.

    John used to live in Nakuru earlier. He took his loan to purchase a bike, which he intended to use as a taxi (boda-boda). The bike did not give him the returns he expected so he sold it and moved to Nairobi. Now he has a small barbershop. He uses the front of his shop to sell shoes and also has a small kiosk to sell steamed sausages and boiled eggs.

    John is just 23 and he has already experimented with a number of jobs. After finishing school he did a small course in IT. He then did a course in driving a lorry. He started work by buying a donkey and a cart, which he used to supply water. He also did manual labor to supplement his income. Later John bought his bike.

    I found John to be a very pleasant person. And even though he seemed a little shy in my presence, he was constantly smiling. He told me the economics of the sausage and eggs business. John’s future plan is to open a snack shop where he can sell hamburgers, cakes, biscuits and chips.

    After hearing John talk about hamburgers and cakes I was obviously hungry so I decided to buy a sausage. John asked his friend, who was manning the cart at that moment, to move and prepared the sausage for me himself by slitting it and filing it with a salsa like preparation called kachumbari and sprinkling it with salt. It was delicious.

    John was having trouble making his Zidisha payments because of shifting to Nairobi and starting a whole new business. I helped him reschedule his loan. Having talked to him I feel sure he will be now able to meet his loan commitments.

    1st April 2012

  • John Mwathi     Mar 26, 2012

    Hey zidisha team,i take this opportunity to thank you on sending one of your entire team and help me reschude my payment as well as seeing my business.

  • John Mwathi     Mar 24, 2012

    This was my first loan and I overestimated my paying capacity. Also I moved from Nakuru to Nairobi and started a new business here. I also bought some machines for my barber shop.

    The business is now picking up. The new installment of 2000 will be easy for me to manage and I will try my best to be on time and not disappoint my lenders.

  • John Mwathi     Mar 23, 2012

    Hey Zidisha team.Okey i vacuated from Kamurunyu Nakuru to Utawala in Embakasi due to stiff competion and insecurity in areabecouse most of my clints call me very late at night.Okey i opened a shoe shop and berber shop, business is good and may Almighty bless you all.

  • John Mwathi     Mar 23, 2012

  • John Mwathi     Feb 16, 2012

    Greetings good people.Business is in good condition.

  • John Mwathi     Jan 28, 2012

    How are you zidisha team in general?I hope you are alright.My busness is going on well.Thanx a lot for funding it may God bless you all.

    • canadianlstan     Jan 31, 2012

      Hi! It's great to see so many messages from you! Glad to hear that business is good. Hope it continues and I look forward to your updates!

    • John Mwathi     Mar 17, 2012

      Hey zidisha team business in good.

  • John Mwathi     Nov 30, 2011

    Am very grateful zidisha team for funding my business. May our almity God bless you as i advance my business.

Amount Repaid: $229.20
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: Apr 18, 2013

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
Jan 25, 2012 $35.63 Jan 24, 2012 $35.63
Feb 25, 2012 $0.00
Mar 25, 2012 $0.00
Apr 25, 2012 $20.36 Apr 26, 2012 $20.36
May 25, 2012 $20.36 Jul 16, 2012 $20.36
Jun 25, 2012 $0.00
Jul 25, 2012 $0.00
Aug 25, 2012 $0.00
Sep 25, 2012 $20.36 Sep 22, 2012 $20.36
Oct 25, 2012 $20.36 Oct 24, 2012 $12.22
Nov 28, 2012 $8.14
Nov 25, 2012 $20.36 Nov 28, 2012 $1.53
Dec 2, 2012 $7.94
Dec 4, 2012 $4.89
Jan 7, 2013 $4.89
Jan 12, 2013 $1.12
Dec 25, 2012 $20.36 Jan 12, 2013 $3.77
Feb 19, 2013 $4.79
Mar 2, 2013 $10.18
Mar 6, 2013 $1.63
Jan 25, 2013 $20.36 Mar 6, 2013 $8.55
Mar 13, 2013 $4.79
Apr 1, 2013 $7.02
Feb 25, 2013 $20.36 Apr 1, 2013 $20.36
Mar 25, 2013 $20.36 Apr 1, 2013 $20.36
Apr 25, 2013 $10.31 Apr 18, 2013 $10.31

John Mwathi
Po Box 5396 00200 Nairobi City Embakasi Village, Kenya

100% Repaid