Stephen Maina
Kiptangwanyi, Kenya
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On-Time Repayments: 17% (24)

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40% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $849.00
Date Disbursed: Jan 12, 2012
Repayment Status: Late
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 25 months
Cost of Loan: $149.11
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Lender Interest: $849.00 at 3.43% annual rate over 25 months = $60.67

Service Fee: $849.00 at 5% annual rate over 25 months = $88.44

Total Loan Cost:
$60.67 + $88.44 = $149.11

About Me

I am married with five children who are all schooling. I live in kiptangwanyi shopping centre where my business is situated. I reside in my own piece of land which is about one km from the centre. My plot number of my land is number 936. Kiptangwanyi shopping centre is about 43km from Nakuru. This is where my business that deals with woodwork is situated. I make goods such as tables, stools, cupboards, beds, sofa sets and other wood products.

My Business

My business entails a workshop that sells wood products. there is very high demand of these commodities as we supply them to neighbouring towns such as Nakuru, Njoro and Gilgil. The challenges that my business face are transport difficulties, high electricity costs, lack of raw materials.

Loan Proposal

I would like to buy two machines that will assist me a lot in the work that I do. The first machine that I would like to purchase is a less machine. This machine is used in rolling legs for tables and beds. The other machine that I would like to buy is bird machine. This is used for designing and making curves in timber. These two machines will enable me to improve the quality of the products that I make for my customers

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  • traciyoshiyama     Apr 8, 2013

    Dear lenders,

    My name is Traci Yoshiyama and I am a Client Relationship Manager in Kenya.

    Stephen Maina has informed me that two of his family members fell ill in December and had to be admitted into the hospital. Due to this making Zidisha payments have been difficult. I am happy to report that both of his family members are in good health and Stephen hopes to resume payments this month. He thanks everyone for their patience and understanding.

    The entire Zidisha team wishes Stephen and his family a healthy year! We understand it has been challenging and appreciate your communication.

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 14, 2013

    this is due hardships arising at home due to unplanned situations as explained. there has been a rise in school fees and prices going high. business turnout has also been low which was the main source of income and source of bread to my family, of which was quite unexpected.
    . bear with me please, thanks in advance.

  • Stephen Maina     Jul 25, 2012

    The reason for my scheduling currently I'm in a situation I can't repay because most of my customers are farmers who I normally rely on for business. Apart from workshop work, I am a farmer and that is why I am expecting to get much of the money from September onward to December, when we harvest our produce. During the month of may and june, most of my customers have invested much of their money in their shambas. During the month of June I had a problem with my son who was fixed that he had stolen another students laptop, who is currently now at Meru University College. It is a branch of Jomo Kenyatta University where he is doing ICT. After he was arrested by the police, he was taken to meru police station, so inorder to release hiim from the station I had to give out some money which really affected me during the month of June. So in order to enable him to continue his education, although I have to pay for that laptop as we had agreed with that student in September of 45,000. I would appreciate what lenders did to me, for lending me money without even knowing me because that money went to buying a machine, which is making a small profit. Secondly, it helped with my school children. I also got to transfer my little daughter to a public school to a private school. I learned it was better learning so I am very thankful for giving me your money. Secondly, I am very glad that I got some friends out there. I never had friends outside, but I know i have some friends who are willing to assist any one in need.

  • AchintyaRai     Feb 4, 2012

    Hello lenders,

    My name is Achintya Rai

    On Thursday (2nd Feb 2012) I paid a visit to Stephen Maina in the little center called Kiptangwanyi around two hours’ walk away from the village I am staying at.

    Stephen is a carpenter and he used his Zidisha loan to buy a lathe machine. He used to work earlier with a simple cutting machine, with which he could cut wood but couldn’t really give it any shape. With the lathe machine he is now able to make beds, tables, chair, doors and other wooden items on order.
    His plan earlier was to invest some of the loan money to buy a carving machine, but he used it to buy materials instead. This proved wise because he has been receiving orders and keeping busy even without having the carving machine and will be able to pay back his loan easily. He will use his next Zidisha loan to buy a carving machine.

    Stephen has 5 children. After his loan was disbursed, he found that the price of the machine he was planning to buy had gone down, so he used the remaining money to pay his children’s fees. His oldest son is in university, where he studies “computers or something to do with ICT” (He said ICT with such absolute certainty that I did not have the heart to ask him what it was). This son had studied in a public school and his performance was very good so Stephen has admitted another son into the same public school. He wants to educate his children and uses the extra income that the cheap Zidisha loan has made possible for him to fulfill this dream of his.

    After meeting Stephen, my friend Paul and I went to a small shop to have some soda. It is quite hot here and I, unlike the locals, need to constantly replenish the water in my body. Stephen joined us and brought bread. He left early and when I got up to pay, I was told that he had paid for us. People here are so warm and generous. I went back to Stephen’s shop to pay him but he absolutely refused. So I accepted his hospitality with as much good grace as I could and thanked him.

    I wish him well and hope all his children go to the university and do well for themselves.

    4th Feb 2012
    Mugaa Village, Kenya

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 9, 2012

    If most of our developing countries' government were really commited to the wellfare of its citizen,giving those loans to its young men,would be one of their top priorities. But in a situation where corruption, greedy and incompetance has taken roots it's difficult for a country to realize any meaninful development, let alone giving funds to its people. Thanks to Zidisha ,the lenders and wellwishers for taking up the responsibility. Keep it!

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 8, 2012

    All of us are convinced of the importance of the 'bread' and 'work' in life and thats why zidisha and the lenders came to our rescue. So a good borrower is one who is much concerned with honest to the funds lendered to him or her. Therefore lets not be tempted to miss the most important goals that will take us to the reward that we deserve after utilizing the funds.

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 7, 2012

    Am optimist that one of there days zidisha will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the borrowers are enpowered and successful and create jobs to others,driving the very realistic idea about what a society should be like: not just a place of mere farmers, a launch-pad for the success of privileged ones, but a place for the people, especially those of the working classes,fully involed in the development of the local community, the breeding ground of responsible and capable citizens and leaders.

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 7, 2012

    Zidisha has become a towering figure during one of the most crucial periods in the history of development. It is by its consuming interest in the young and the most negleted among the society that it is winning its admiration in the world,establishing uniquely successful systems of lending funds direct to citizens eliminating the middlemen. Zidisha's work and ideas have been making a great impact in the development of many peoples lifes in the developing countries especially in the rural areas where poverty and neglegency are the order of the day.

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 6, 2012

    My appeal to the borrowers in this new year is, if we will be sincere with the intended purpose of the loan, there will be a change in our living styles and a bright future and the zidisha team and lenders will have achieved their mission and vision.

  • Stephen Maina     Jan 5, 2012

    First is to appreciate the zidisha team and the lenders for the great job they have been doing. This have had a great impact on our societies especially in the rural setting. I have come to realize that the fund lended does not only benefit the borrower alone but the community at large in one way or another.out of the loan one can employ several people thus unemployement in the country. Wish all of you a happy new year.

  • PaulE     Jan 1, 2012

    Actually, it's probably a scroll saw which is used for cutting intricate designs in wood.

    • Stephen Maina     Jan 3, 2012

      thanks paul. here we have very funny names for these machines.carpenters do have their own names for these machines and rarely do we know their English names But they are very helpful in our work.

  • Witlof     Dec 31, 2011

    Hi Stephen,

    It is always good to invest in machines if you have the manpower to operate them. The first machine I understand is a "lathe", the second one I do not understand, but could be what is known as a "router" here.

    Good luck!

    • Stephen Maina     Jan 3, 2012

      Thanks Witlof. I didnt know their English names for these machines. Here we have very funny names for these machines.

Amount Repaid: $394.80
Amount Remaining: $603.23
Expected Completion: Feb 12, 2014
Status: Repaying Late
Installment Amount: $53.84

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
Mar 12, 2012 $83.69 Mar 15, 2012 $59.82
Mar 16, 2012 $23.87
Apr 12, 2012 $83.69 Mar 16, 2012 $0.06
May 11, 2012 $83.62
May 12, 2012 $83.69 May 11, 2012 $83.69
Jun 12, 2012 $0.18 May 11, 2012 $0.18
Jul 12, 2012 $0.00
Aug 12, 2012 $0.00
Sep 12, 2012 $83.69 Sep 21, 2012 $83.69
Oct 12, 2012 $0.06 Sep 21, 2012 $0.06
Nov 12, 2012 $0.00
Dec 12, 2012 $0.00
Jan 12, 2013 $0.00
Feb 12, 2013 $53.84 Apr 13, 2013 $29.91
Oct 16, 2013 $23.93
Mar 12, 2013 $53.84 Oct 16, 2013 $5.98
Apr 12, 2013 $53.84
May 12, 2013 $53.84
Jun 12, 2013 $53.84
Jul 12, 2013 $53.84
Aug 12, 2013 $53.84
Sep 12, 2013 $53.84
Oct 12, 2013 $53.84
Nov 12, 2013 $53.84
Dec 12, 2013 $53.84
Jan 12, 2014 $53.84
Feb 12, 2014 $17.02

Stephen Maina
Kiptangwanyi, Kenya

40% Repaid