Jane Wambui Kabugo
Nakuru, Kenya
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This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $1,226.01
Date Disbursed: Mar 22, 2012
Repayment Status: Early
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 18 months
Cost of Loan: $133.70
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $1,226.01 at 2.27% annual rate over 18 months = $41.75

Service Fee: $1,226.01 at 5% annual rate over 18 months = $91.95

Total Loan Cost:
$41.75 + $91.95 = $133.70

About Me

:Jane wambui kabugo
Nationality : Kenyan
Sex : female
Status :Married
Age :26
Phone no. :0722914775
Locality : Nakuru county, Gilgil district,miti mingi location, miti mingi village.
Am married to Joseph kabugo. We have two sons. First born in class seven and second in class three.

My Business

After marriage i decided to start a business to uplift my familys living standard. I have a cosmetics shop and some of my wears include hair waves, shampoo shoes and oils. After runnning the business for three years i have been able to buy a cow, furnitures, a piece of land besides affording my kitchen items.I have been able to assist my husband financially to build a two roomed house. So far my business is doing well but not without challenges. The recent tribal clushes and persistant drought that lasted for two years had negative effect on my customers purchasing power. Sales were down for a period streching to mid this year. With anticipated high harvest this season, i have a slightly high than normal flow of customers.

Loan Proposal

I appreciated alot with the previous loan you offered me.
I want to buy a cow worthy 150,000 and I want to sell the one I have at home since its old. The cow I want is a fresian cow which wil give me thirty litres of milk per day that why i want the maximum and i will add the rest to maintain the cow. thanks in advance

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  • David2051     Jun 1, 2014


    Fully repaid!

  • Elinor     Sep 16, 2013


    Ms. Kabugo was on time or ahead of schedule for the entire period of the loan. It was much appreciated.

  • LaBretonne     Aug 20, 2013


    Thanks for repayment, well done.

  • LadyofHats     Aug 15, 2013


    i would happily lend again

  • ploeger     Aug 14, 2013


    repaid on time and ahead of schedule

  • KakkoiiCali     Aug 13, 2013


    Congratulations on repaying your loan!

  • Kitty     Aug 13, 2013


    repaid early well done would loan again

  • CatholicNetworking     Mar 4, 2012


    Thank you Jane, you didn't let us down indeed!

  • Anninymouse     Mar 4, 2012


    Jane repaid her loan in full in great time, I would lend to her again!


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  • Hope2012     Feb 10, 2015

    How are things going ?

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Sep 22, 2014

    hi zidisha, am very sorry as i have not made my current repayment. this is due to the school fees i had to make for my two sons in secondary and primary school. i assure zidisha that i will make the repayment early october that is repayment for august and september. best regards. Jane Kabugo

    • ShaneS     Sep 23, 2014

      Hi Jane, thanks for the update. You have a very good repayment history and I personally have no problem with you needing a little bit longer for the occasional payment, especially if you need the money for your boys' education. Good luck with your business and I hope the boys are enjoying school and doing well.

  • Namaste250     Sep 4, 2014

    Hi Jane,
    I am glad to hear your son is doing better. You have been doing a great job on getting payments in. Thank you. I can say as a lender, It is more important to spend the money on the hospital then pay back the loan. I'm sure you will make up the August payment soon.
    Best wishes for healthy and prosperity for your family and your businesses, Ann

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Sep 4, 2014

    thanks so much paula and the entire zidisha members. my son is now well and he is now back to school. am so grateful. i will now pay the money next week. Best regards. Jane kabugo

  • Paula     Sep 3, 2014

    Hi Jane, I hope your son will be healthy again soon! I also wish you luck to your family and your business.

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Aug 25, 2014

    hi zidisha, i have not repaid my loan on the due date. this is because am expiriencing some difficulties of the illness of my son. i have used the money to pay the hospital bill. please bear with me as i promise to pay very soon. thanks in advance. Jane Kabugoi

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Jan 21, 2014

    hi zidisha. i am greatful for everything and my business is running well. am not readly able to post comments since my phone cannot access internet. thanks in advance

    • ErikN     Jan 24, 2014

      Hi Jane, thanks for letting us know. I hope both the stall and the saloon is thriving!

    • Paula     May 9, 2014

      Hi Jane, thanks for your message. I hope your and your family are well and that your loan is giving the results you expected from it. If you are able to give us an update, I will be happy! Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Aug 24, 2013

    thanks alot zidisha for the funding. may God bless you. i have accepted the bides and now waiting for the money. thanks in advance

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Aug 1, 2013

    hi zidisha! thanks for the comfort and your understanding. i will pay the remaining amount by next week inorder to reapply. i am requesting to apply a loan of 250,000 kenyan shilling after paying my balance. thanks in advance to zidisha team

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Jul 24, 2013

    hi zidisha i have paid 10,000 kes today and i will pay the balance before the end of this month inorder to reapply by early august. thanks in advance

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Jun 24, 2013

    am very sorry for not posting the comments. this is because am not readily available to internet access. the place i can access is far and thus always delay. bear with me.

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Jun 24, 2013

    Hi julia! its only to thank you and your team for allowing me to get loans from zidisha. so am very happy for uplifting me businesswise and also to have a fresian cow in my home.its been a pleasure. as i prepare to clear my current loan to enable me take another loan. its my prayer and hope that you will consider me. May God bless you and your team.

  • Elinor     Nov 28, 2012

    Thank you so much for making your payments on time. I hope your new Friesian is staying healthy and giving you a lot of milk!

  • traciyoshiyama     Jul 16, 2012

    July 14, 2012

    Hello, my name is Traci Yoshiyama, Zidisha’s Kenya Client Relationship Manager. I am currently residing in Mugaa, visiting Zidisha borrowers in nearby villages.

    “I’m very hard working,” says Jane Wambui without a tinge of boastfulness, but rather a sense of pride. Rightfully so, Jane is 27 years old and already a successful businesswoman, not to mention a mother of two. Jane and her husband own a kinyozi (salon) and a produce stall in Miti Mingi. As Jane and I speak from her stall, we peer across the street at the kinyozi where we can see her husband cutting the hair of a young gentleman. In another minute, Jane gets a customer wanting to buy bananas, evidence that their two businesses are thriving.

    Jane is an experienced Zidisha member, already repaying her 2nd loan. She comments on how she finished repaying her first loan 4 months early, and she anticipates following this example for her second. The creation of her family’s kinyozi was possible because of Zidisha. Through her first loan of Ksh 50,000, Jane was able to rent a space, buy all the necessary machinery (i.e. shavers, razors), stock her store with hair products and shoes, and even buy two batteries that enable her shop to stay open during the frequent power outages. While her husband is in charge of styling the men, Jane takes care of the children haircuts when not working at her produce stall. We have all heard of children being fearful of haircuts, with scissors too close for comfort and strange noises and smells permeating the air. Jane gestures towards her face, implying this is the answer to their haircut jitters. Although both Jane and her husband have no formal training in barbering, she explains to me that, “some courses come from the heart”. To further prove how hard working she is, Jane speaks about her two cows, one of which was bought with her second Zidisha loan. With the milk from her cows, she is able to make Ksh 15,000 a month, which then assists in paying for school fees (both boys are in boarding schools) and rent for her kinyozi.

    Upon leaving, Jane reaches for a banana, the ripest of the bunch, and gives it to me as a gift. Refusing to take my money, she makes me promise to visit again, even extending an invitation to her home. As I make my 6km descent home, I think about Miti Mingi, one of the smallest villages I have seen in Kenya, but filled with people possessing the biggest of hearts.

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     May 28, 2012


  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Mar 22, 2012


  • Elinor     Mar 16, 2012

    Hi Jane! I hope everything goes well for you with this loan. I also have dairy cows here in the U.S. Hopefully the Fresian will give you a lot of milk!!

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Feb 28, 2012

    Hi Julia! I Jane Kabugo has cleared my first loan balance.Am thankful for the loan you gave to me which was very helpful to me.It has rearly uplifted my business.I would like to apply for the second loan of 150,000 kenyan shillings of which I want to buy a freshian cow which costs 120,000 kenyan shillings. The 30,000 kenyan shilling will be for feeding and maintaining the health of the cow for great produce.Am now stable with my business thus hoping for a positive response.Thanks in advance Julia the Director zidisha organization. Jane Kabugo.

  • AchintyaRai     Feb 3, 2012

    Hello lenders,

    My name is Achintya Rai

    On the 1st of February I visited Jane Wambui at her premises to see her at work and to talk to her. I found her at her shop where she sells vegetables and fruits that she grows mostly on her own Shamba (farm). She was dressed in smart slacks and a white t-shirt and greeted me with a firm handshake (this I found to be true for all women here- their hand-shakes are always full-bodied and firm- showing confidence and also warmth).
    Jane appears to be quite enterprising. She, like most Kenyans, has a very strong desire to improve her lot and works really hard to make sure she and her family have the best that is possible.
    She used the Zidisha loan and some of her own money to buy a good breed of cow. The cow cost her around 60,000 shillings (her loan was for 45,000 shillings), but gives around 20 liters of milk per day (at peak capacity), which translates to a revenue of around 15,000 shillings from the cow. She spends 5,000 on the cow and the remaining 10,000 shillings are her profit.
    She has sent her two sons to boarding schools because she feels the quality of education is much better there. She told me that she paid the fee of 51,000 shillings for one of her sons and 28,000 shillings for the other. This appears quite steep to me, but she wants to make sure her children get the best education and will not compromise on this. She told me she wants one of the sons to be a lawyer and the other to be a doctor. I couldn't help feeling admiration for her.

    With her next loan she wants to buy an even better cow. This would cost around 120,000 Kenyan Shillings but would give 40-50 liters of milk per day.

    When I said bye to her, she offered me a banana, which was very nice and sweet of her.

    3rd Feb 2012
    Mugaa Village, Kenya

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Jul 22, 2011

    Hi zidisha team. Am doing well.?

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     May 31, 2011

    hi zidisha, so far am doing well. i have acquired everything i needed for my business.things are not bad so far thank u

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Apr 14, 2011

    Am very greatful for your response to my request. I can only promise to demonstrate my gladness through the use and servicing of the loan.I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks.

  • Jane Wambui Kabugo     Apr 9, 2011

    So far so good. Thank you catholicnetworking, neffe and Anninymouse.I wo'nt let you down.

Amount Repaid: $1,359.74
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: Aug 12, 2013

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
May 22, 2012 $79.98 May 20, 2012 $79.98
Jun 22, 2012 $79.98 May 20, 2012 $0.06
Jun 24, 2012 $79.92
Jul 22, 2012 $79.98 Jun 24, 2012 $0.37
Jul 22, 2012 $79.62
Aug 22, 2012 $79.98 Jul 22, 2012 $0.37
Aug 22, 2012 $79.62
Sep 22, 2012 $79.98 Aug 22, 2012 $0.30
Sep 23, 2012 $79.68
Oct 22, 2012 $79.98 Sep 23, 2012 $0.61
Oct 23, 2012 $79.37
Nov 22, 2012 $79.98 Oct 23, 2012 $0.92
Nov 23, 2012 $79.07
Dec 22, 2012 $79.98 Nov 23, 2012 $0.85
Dec 23, 2012 $79.13
Jan 22, 2013 $79.98 Dec 23, 2012 $1.16
Jan 21, 2013 $78.82
Feb 22, 2013 $79.98 Jan 21, 2013 $1.47
Feb 23, 2013 $78.52
Mar 22, 2013 $79.98 Feb 23, 2013 $1.77
Mar 21, 2013 $78.21
Apr 22, 2013 $79.98 Mar 21, 2013 $7.59
Apr 23, 2013 $72.39
May 22, 2013 $79.98 Apr 23, 2013 $7.29
May 23, 2013 $72.70
Jun 22, 2013 $79.98 May 23, 2013 $7.35
Jun 24, 2013 $72.64
Jul 22, 2013 $79.98 Jun 24, 2013 $7.65
Jul 24, 2013 $72.33
Aug 22, 2013 $79.98 Jul 24, 2013 $50.25
Aug 12, 2013 $29.73
Sep 22, 2013 $79.98 Aug 12, 2013 $79.98

Jane Wambui Kabugo
Nakuru, Kenya

100% Repaid