Evans Sackitey
Prampram, Ghana
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This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $50.01
Date Disbursed: Dec 18, 2013
Repayment Status: Early
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 4 months
Total Cost of Loan: $1.19
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Lender Interest:
$50.01 at 0.81% annual rate over 4 months = $0.17

Service Fee:
$50.01 at 5.00% annual rate over 4 months = $1.02

Total Loan Cost:
$0.17 + $1.02 = $1.19

About Me

I am a young man of 33 years. I completed Tema Technical Institute in 2004 and obtained a City and Guilds Certificate in Block Laying and Concreting.
Since then I have been working on contract basis as a mason on building projects.

On a typical day, I often wake up around 5:00 am to catch the first bus going to my work site. If it is
located far away I prefer to lodge on site for the rest of week, to reduce transport costs.

Currently, I am working on starting a cement sale business as an additional occupation.

My Business

My dream is to start a cement shop business and later block molding. The latter would require heavier investment so that is for the long-term.

A man I once worked for gifted to me his unused container. I intend to refurbish this for my cement shop business. This would help augment my income and make me a business owner.

Currently, I need to weld, screed and roof the container and get it ready for this business. When given a loan, I would use it for these preparatory works.

The source of income that will be used to repay the loan will come from my masonry work.

Loan Proposal

I would use the loan to start the preparatory works needed for my planned cement shop.
Currently, I need to weld, screed and roof my cement shop container and get it ready for business. I would use this loan to pay for welding costs. There are a few rusts and cracks that need to be fixed on the body of the container to make it more secure. I have spoken to a Welder located in my neighborhood and he has assured that he can do this job perfectly.

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  • Evans Sackitey     Mar 3, 2015

    but i have a little problem concerning loans been credited to my account very late, i said these because i have re payed my loan on the 28th of February 2015 but as at now it has not been credited to my account so please my loyal and trustworthy zidisha team do something about it thank you

    • bconrad     Mar 3, 2015

      Dear Evans,

      Thanks for the message! I believe this payment is now posted to your account. It can take up to three business days to post a payment to your account, which is the cause of this delay.

      Bayle, Country Liaison Manager

  • Evans Sackitey     Mar 3, 2015

    hi zidisha i thank u and the lending team for given me the opportunity to own a land.the loan which u gave me was use for the purpose which i told u. i was able to pay part payment of the the said land that cost the amount of GH5,000,00 but wt your help i was able pay GH1,600,00 which i will pay the rest in installment. thank God bless u all.

    • Kilmeny     Mar 3, 2015

      Hello. I'm glad that you were able to secure the land that you wanted. And thank-you for your diligence in ensuring that your repayments were recorded. I look forward to learning more about your business progress in the coming months.

  • Evans Sackitey     Jan 31, 2015

    I am very grateful to you lenders for all your help in refurbishing my new container. although I have not started business with it yet, but I have made an important preparation for this business. I feel more confident and reassured that this business would take off and be a good investment in the future

  • Evans Sackitey     Dec 30, 2014

    the loan given to me has been helpful to me because i will become a potential business man in the future thank u very much for your support God bless u all thank u.

  • Evans Sackitey     Feb 6, 2014

    i thank zidisha service and it lenders for their kind gesture towards me by helping me with a loan to buy materials to roof my container which i will use for my cement business God bless u all thank u.

Repayment Schedule Changes

  • Evans Sackitey     Nov 29, 2014

    i thank you very much for given me the opportunity to explain the reason why i want to change my loan repayment installment .i want to change it in order to score high marks in my on time repayment installment so that i can continue to qualify for loan size increment. and the second reason is the slow movement of minor contract that come to me is a bit dull. i pray and hope that my reasons will be granted ans accepted thank u.

Amount Repaid: $51.20
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: Jan 8, 2014

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
Feb 14, 2014 $12.80 Jan 8, 2014 $12.80
Mar 15, 2014 $12.80 Jan 8, 2014 $12.80
Apr 15, 2014 $12.80 Jan 8, 2014 $12.80
May 15, 2014 $12.80 Jan 8, 2014 $12.80

Evans Sackitey
Prampram, Ghana

100% Repaid