Burkina Faso

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100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $963.09
Date Disbursed: Jul 17, 2012
Repayment Status: Early
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $56.52
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $963.09 at 0.56% annual rate over 12 months = $5.69

Service Fee: $963.09 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $50.83

Total Loan Cost:
$5.69 + $50.83 = $56.52

About Me

I have two wives, four children, and two nephews. I also took in two orphans, a boy and a girl. I live in TAKALEDOUGOU, a village located 15km from Banfora and 75km from Bobo Dioulasso. I like agriculture and raising cattle. I completed elementary school in Takaledougou and then Middle and High School in Banfora. I have a High School degree. I studied English with TARGET INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. I received training to be a language tutor with the USA Peace Corps.

My Business

I produce and process manioc (Garri and Attieke). I cultivate manioc, process it, and use the residue to raise cattle such as pigs, goats, and sheep. I am currently producing very little so as to provide for the population and SNSOSUCO workers. Because of the quality of my product, I am considering large scale production to supply certain areas of Burkina and also Mali thanks to loyal customers of Dédougou. This project will help all manioc producers as well as cattle farmers. It will contribute to creating employment for some people from the village and will help fight against poverty and starvation. This center will also allow training producers and manioc processors. It will be profitable because the raw material is provided and processed by itself. The residue is also used for cattle-raising. The only difficulty is the mortality of the cattle. The required sum is 1.750.000fcfa for the purchase of an engine to mash the manioc, a press, and two sifters.
The unit’s revenue is estimated to a minimum of 150.000fcfa a month without taking into consideration the sale of the cattle and their waste.

Loan Proposal

The loan will be used to buy equipment for the processing of the manioc of both Garri and Attieke types. An engine to mash the manioc will be needed, and a press of average capacity that will also serve to press the paste resulting from the grinding. Finally a large sifter to sift the paste after having pressed it will be needed. This equipment is not really modern. Its purchase will be made in Ghana, the neighboring country, a few kilometers away from Banfora. The equipment will allow effective and massive production.

About Me

J’ai deux femmes, quatre enfants, deux neveux. J’héberge aussi deux orphelins un garçon et une fille. Je réside à TAKALEDOUGOU, village situe à 15km de Banfora et 75 de Bobo Dioulasso. J’aime l’agriculture et l’élevage. J’ai fait mes études primaires à Takaledougou puis mes études secondaires à Banfora. J’ai un niveau terminal. J’ai étudié l’anglais avec TARGUET INTRENATINAL LANGUAGE. J’ai reçu une formation de tuteur de langue avec Peace corps des Etats Unis D’Amérique.

My Business

.J’exerce une fonction de production et de transformation de manioc ( Attieké et en Garri) Je cultive le manioc, je le transforme et j’utilise les résidus pour élever les animaux tel que les porcs, les chèvres et moutons. Je fais présentement une production très faible qui sert à ravitailler ma population et les travailleurs de la SNSOSUCO. Compte tenue de la qualité de mon produit, j’envisage une très grande production pour servir certaines localités du BURKINA et aussi du Mali grâce à des clients fideles de Dédougou. Ce projet aidera tous les producteurs de manioc et également les éleveurs. Il contribuera à créer de l’emploi à certaines personnes du village et luttera contre la pauvreté et la famine. Ce centre permettra également à former les producteurs et transformateurs de manioc. Ce projet est rentables car ses matières premières sont fournis et transformés par elle-même. Les résidus sont aussi utilisés pour l’élevage des animaux. La seule difficulté rencontrée est la mortalité des animaux. La somme sollicitée est de : 1.750.000fcfa pour l’achat d’un moteur pour écraser le manioc une presse et deux tamis. En ce qui concerne les revenus de l’unité, il est estime minimum a 150.000fcfa chaque mois sans compter la vente des animaux et leurs déchets.

Loan Proposal

Le credit obtenu sera utilise pour l'achat des materiels pour la transformation du manioc en attieke et en gari. Il s'agira a acheter un moteur qui servira a broyer le manioc, une presse d'un capacite moyenne qui servira egalement a presser la pate obtenu apres broyage. Finalement un tami a un dimension large pour tamiser la pate apres pressage. Ces materiels du travails ne sont pas purement modernes. Leurs achats se fera au Ghana pays voisin a quelque kilometre de Banfora. L'acquisition de ces materiels permettra le bon fonctionnement du travail et egalement une production massive.

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  • Freewolf     Apr 16, 2015


    Good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again as well.

  • JimVandegriff     Apr 10, 2015


    Again a very good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again.

  • JimVandegriff     Apr 10, 2015


    Again a very good repayment record despite personal difficulties. I would lend again.

  • SvenWaage     May 24, 2014


    Thrilled this worked out well for all.

  • torelizer     Feb 5, 2014


    great as usual, good luck! :)

  • dajawein     Dec 10, 2013


    Repaid early in full. :-)

  • nicole     Dec 6, 2013


    Paid ahead of schedule -- I wish you all the best in the future & would definitely lend to you again!

  • vamPierchen     Aug 21, 2013


    Full repayment in time

  • Jorgetmorais     Feb 18, 2013


    Good luck to you!

  • bdavidn     Feb 13, 2013


    Ahead of schedule

  • Elisabeth     Feb 8, 2013


    I'm happy to see your business is doing all right. Repayement ahead of schedule ! all the best for the next step, I'm with you again!

  • Flobe     Jan 31, 2013



  • Oxfall     Jan 31, 2013


    Good work!

  • Rdcmole     Jan 30, 2013


    Thanks for re-paying so quickly. I would be happy to lend again.

  • SueB1     Jan 24, 2013


    Great borrower, great business!

  • Blond56     Jan 24, 2013


    All good!

  • torelizer     Jan 21, 2013


    Great! Paid all ahead of schedule, great job Mr. Traore!


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  • Rahamata Zongo     Mar 1, 2015

    Bonjour Zidisha
    Je vous écris pour vous informer de mes payements effectué dont le profil n'est toujours pas actualiser.
    Mon nom est Zongo Rahamata et je demeure a Banfora.
    Payement du 10 Décembre 2014 et d'un montant de 20000 francs Cfa, references 0205272
    Payement du 11 Janvier 2015 et d'un montant de 10000 francs Cfa, references 0184081
    Merci d'actualiser ces montants sur mon compte

  • Victor Dabou     Feb 24, 2015

    payement effectué par Martine Ouattara - Montant 13500 francs- le 05/02/2015 - Numéro 0316576. Profil toujours pas actualiser.

  • Franmiguel     Feb 12, 2015

    Hi Siaka,
    I see that you have tried to get in touch with Siguidoro Yacouba Dissa and Ouipoko Zoungrana.
    I appreciate you doing that for me.
    Thanks for your work as a VM at Zidisha.

  • Franmiguel     Feb 7, 2015

    Hi Siaka,
    I see you are also VM for Siguidoro Yacouba Dissa.
    Siguidoro has also not commenced repayments.
    Are you able to make contact with Siguidoro and make sure all is OK?
    Thanks again

  • Franmiguel     Feb 7, 2015

    Hi Siaka,
    I note that you are VM for Ouipoko Zoungrana.
    Ouipoko has not yet commenced her repayment and is now 3 weeks behind.
    I have suggested that she reschedules her repayments if she is having difficulty, but she has not replied to my message.
    Do you know if Ouipoko is OK?
    Thanks for your work as a VM at Zidisha.

  • Siaka Traore     Jan 18, 2015

    Dear members
    I’m so happy to give you this message. Dear lenders it is so good to help poor men. You are making what God like. My parents told me that it is better to teach somebody to fish than to give him fish. With you lenders, you are learning me how to success to my life because without money we can’t do nothing for development.
    Dear lenders, I’m so glad to inform you that I celebrated the ceremony of my new house and the `attieke’ house the last 30th December 2014. In that way please pray GOD for me because I fear my enemy. I spend one hundred cfa for the ceremony to buy ram, rice and drink. The ceremony was very interesting and I was very surprise to see all the old men of my village. My uncle who gave me troubles in my life was also present.
    I thank all ZIDISHA for the good job they are doing in this world. My life has changed by ZIDISHA. I missed words to thank you. I don’t forget also to thank the first person who was also the first Peace Corps volunteer in my village.
    Happy new year to you ZIDISHA. God give us what we need and also good health.

  • Henry Cheruiyot     Dec 26, 2014


  • Henry Cheruiyot     Dec 26, 2014


  • Siaka Traore     Dec 15, 2014

    Dear Zidisha Members
    I thank GOD for giving me idea to overcome my problem in my village. I was too discourage when people in my village exceptionally my uncle hate me because I did not give him chance to control my business. I thing and I’m sure that there is not a problem without solution.
    I started to work with 3 women with my 2 wives making 5 women before my problem with my uncle started hating me for nothing. Being g in this situation, I decide to stop the 3 women left me with my 2 wives go on with my business. The 3 women have suffering for money business to put their children in the school. Now they run to my uncle apology him and ask him to order me to continue with my job so that they will continue their job getting money to put their children in the school. My uncle was too discouraged in from of these women and tells me: let them continue their job all the problem is finish. That is how I overcome to my problem.
    Since the day that my uncle decided that the women should continue their job, I decided to repair the house for ATTIEKE. I started to repair it but the own lesson I got is that I should not trust to anybody in this world.
    Yours SIAKA for ever……..

    • JimVandegriff     Dec 15, 2014

      Siaka, I'm very glad there was a solution. I certainly hope that your life goes more smoothly from this point on. Hoping all is well for you and your family, Jim Vandegriff

      • Siaka Traore     Jan 18, 2015

        thank for your message. i'm sure that you are thinking to me. God bless you friend.

  • granite     Nov 25, 2014

    Hello Siaka,

    Moussa Traore has made no payments on his loan and is now very late. Is he OK?

  • Siaka Traore     Oct 3, 2014

    Dear zidisha members
    It is long time without my activity new in zidisha for my lenders. I’m feeling well with all of my family. My attieke business is not going like I think to make it because the houses are not yet build. I like to develop my business in my village but people are giving me problems by stealing my cow in my home when I was absent. I try to find it many days but no news about it. I was very surprise to notice that no one person in the village support me to look for my cow.
    Dear members of zidisha, how hard problem I’ facing? When I see my problems and how people are cursing me, I dislike continuing to live in my village. I started to make a triangular business: to raise animals with the dry residues of cassava, the residues of animal go to the cassava farm and the cassava for my small factory.
    It is hurting me because I started the experience with one cow and since 2012 it started to give me child every eleven months. I get 3 children from it and it was pregnant when the unconscious people steal it. When I think how the cow is helping me and how it will help in the future, and how the experience will give me profit, I started crying.
    I understand now with the absent of my cow that people in my village don’t like me to live in the village only because of my progress but what advantages can they get to practice such of jealousies?

    • JimVandegriff     Oct 3, 2014

      I am really sorry to hear of these difficulties, Siaka. I think you have a good plan in your triangular business. Is there an elder, or spiritual leader in your community whom you can speak to about these problems? Wishing you the best, Jim

  • mrgonzalo     Sep 7, 2014

    Hello Siaka!
    I hope you are doing well.
    I see that you are the mentor for Mariam Souratie. She has missed a few months worth of payments, and I wanted to see if you could find out if she is doing alright.

    Thank you!

  • granite     Sep 4, 2014

    Hello Siaka, You mentor Moussa Traore, he has missed the past two payments on his loan, can you check to see if he is ok?

  • Siaka Traore     Jul 29, 2014

    hello my lender.
    i'm so happy to be in from of you and told you what is wrong with my activites. I and my family are fine and i hope you are also fine in your differents places.Thank for thinking to me. My activites of buldding attieke house is stopped.I'm looking for solution to finish the house. I bought all the materiels for the house.I'm looking for solution only repair the house because it is not good for me to see it without roof. i will send you the picture of this house later.

    • granite     Sep 4, 2014

      I read your last few posts. So, if I understand you correctly, you have been cast out of your village because you are doing better than others.

      This is a cultural law that you have in your community? Zidisha should consider this important aspect of your community. Maybe in the future, the community should be given the loan instead of an individual. The the proceeds of the loan are shared by the community and not just one person. And, also, there can be individual loans, with the village approval. These are important cultural aspects to consider. We do not have these rules here in the west. So our western lending practices may not fit well with you.

      Can you host a large feast for the people of your village? Buy some pigs and chickens to eat. And pay a band to play music while everyone dances. Maybe here at zidisha we can forgive one payment to help you show your community your appreciation for them.

  • Siaka Traore     Jun 18, 2014

    Dear zidisha members
    I receive your message with happiness but the problem is standing by me. I’m trying to live safe that is why nobody must know my movement. I know that you people of zidisha like me and care for my life. GOD blesses you (amen).
    Dear members, except my Moto taxi that I use to move and to work for one place to another and when I came to the village my wives show me the money they have received from my solar power and the cassava grounder machine. When I see this money I ask myself: why people like my materials but they don’t like to law eyes on me.
    Dear partners in this situation I’m not worried about the loan repayment but I only worried about my life.
    Yours partnership for ever.
    this picture is from the meeting. when i see it, i remember the speeches of that day.

    • Morten     Jul 27, 2014

      Thank you for the July payment; it's much appreciated, especially considering your present situation!

  • Siaka Traore     Jun 18, 2014

  • Siaka Traore     Jun 17, 2014

    Dears zidisha’s member
    Excuse me for the long time without any news about my project. I’m fine with all of my family but my head is full of thoughts night and day; looking for solution about one problem I’m facing.
    My evolution is so clear now and I notice with my third loan that people are not happy with my success. When I started to build my houses for my attieke with my third loan some in my village are against and the majority of my family need for my loan to do what they like. It is a bad story with me but I think that God is for everybody and maybe I will get another solution in my life. My brother asked meeting with the elder of the family in order to get solution of my situation but it is too hard.
    My activities of building attieke houses are stopped because after the meeting with the elder of the family, it is said to me that if I don’t want to help people in the village, I have to stop to build the houses and I have also to leave the village with all of my money. Dear lender, my life is not save now; I’m living village to village, town to town even my wives don’t know where I’m sleeping. I sometime come and visit my family but nobody knows my program. The moto taxi is helping me very well now because with it I’m taking care about myself and I’m saving money to repay the loan.
    I’m looking solution all the time. Help me with ideas.

    • Morten     Jun 17, 2014

      Dear Siaka,
      first of all, don't despair!! As you said, the moto taxi helps you earn a living, and if things get really tough, remember you can always reschedule the loan, to lower the monthly cost of servicing it. The most important thing is to stay safe!

      Clearly the persons you mentioned have not understood that they need you more than you need them, and that the community as a whole, not "just" your family, will suffer from your absence, short-term, and certainly long-term!

      I think one way this could be brought home to them would be for someone connected with Zidisha, such as a Client Relationship Intern, another Volunteer Mentor or a lender travelling in the area, to take the risk and try explaining to the elders that although the village can live off your hard work temporarily (solar power for their phones, instead of travelling 15km, food and employment instead of 2.5 hectares of desert, etc. etc.), there comes a time, very soon, when the attièke grinder needs to be serviced, when another panel needs to be purchased, when another piece of land needs to be made into a field. And then you, with your initiative, will be needed. We are certainly not going to lend to anyone else in Takalédougou without checking with you first who the lendee is...

      Stay strong!

  • Siaka Traore     Apr 4, 2014

    “Oh God gives long life and prosperity to all ZIDISHA lenders”

    Dear ZIDISHA’s lenders
    Thank a lot for this third loan. I’m so happy to thank all my lenders. I’m asking God to give to everybody his best whish. I cannot forget ZIDISHA and the first American girl who introduce me in ZIDISHA. My business is going on and I’m so glad to receive this loan whish can permit me to get one place for my attieke work.
    I started to build my cassava compound and I notice that people are surprise to see my evolution. Some come to ask me where I found the money for the job and I never stop to explain them something about Zidisha.
    Oh good people who help the poor man to become rich, I’m coming to inform you that which help of the loan I put water in the place that I’m building for my business. In the pass we were taking water in the well but today by your grace I put the water in my small factory.
    Yours sincerely SIAKA in BURKINA.

  • granite     Feb 28, 2014

    Hello, have you heard from Amadou Ouattara? Has he become ill or been injured in some way?

  • Samuel Shehi     Feb 26, 2014

    Hi, Siaka. Am a VM in Kenya how is your business doing with the zidisha loan? Am on my third loan

  • Siaka Traore     Dec 3, 2013

    Hi! All zidisha.
    In the middle of this night, I was thinking to my project and I found that it is better to me to get another project which can be create by my cassava transformation; because it better to have some benefices by the grace of this job. The first idea that I got is to build one compound for my small factory because it is a big problem for me to put away animals all the day when we are working cassava. Pig, cows, cheeps and donkeys like very well cassava. I will not make a big compound because of money. I want first to make free houses; the first will be for cassava collection, and cassava ground place, the second will be a kitchen and the last will be use to put attieke in sachet. And in from of all, I want to build one big shed. All will be surrounding by some wire fence. It is better to me to make this because some person decides to visit my factory and they find that it is in my house. Many of them ask me to get one place for only my cassava transformation.
    For the creation of some job by the grace of my cassava transformation, I found that I can use my cassava residues to make local fertilizer during the raining season and at the dry season; I can use my residues to make animal food. One group of person not more than four can make the job according to the moment of the year. I noticed that cassava need local fertilizer to produce very well. If I get the opportunity to realize these jobs added to my transformation, I shall be happy cause nothing will not be lose; all will be transform.
    Bye and see you later. God help everybody in his activities.

  • Siaka Traore     Sep 12, 2013

    Dear’s zidisha members
    I can’t stop to thank you night and day. I’m so well with all of my family. As the name of your institution, I’m growing up day by day. The moto taxi makes my job to be very easy for me to transport cassava from the farm to my small factory and also to sell the attieke from the factory to my different customers in beregadougou, tarfila, bounouna, banfora and toussiana .Most of news customers are calling me in many area in Burkina.
    I received two person last Thursday 29th of one project in Burkina because they hear that I’m making good attieke; and they want to know me better and hear from my mouth how I’m producing it and who is my helper? I tell them that I’m working with ZIDISHA. They were surprise to listen this name. I was too happy to give them information about ZIDISHA and tell them that I’m a volunteer of zidisha. In this cage I thank the family who introduce me in zidisha by the grace of their daughter who is the first Peace Corps volunteer in Takaledougou.
    Dears ZIDISHA lenders! I’m thanking all people who give me money for my business and I’m asking them to don’t worry about the repayment. If I’m in good health with all of my family, to pay the loan is a small thing for me. My best wish today is to see one zidisha lender in my village only to know me better and know my small factory.
    Yours for ever SIAKA in TAKALEDOUGOU

  • James     Jul 10, 2013

    Hi all,
    I recently had the great pleasure of visiting Siaka in his village Takaledougou. He was nice enough to put me up for the night in one of the local huts. He really is a fantastically nice and welcoming person, not to mention all the fantastic things that he continues to do as a volunteer mentor.

    Siaka began showing off some of the items he has purchased with his Zidisha loans. With the first he acquired equipment to process manioc into attieke, a local dish. With the second, he purchased the 'taximoto' seen in his pictures below. His intentions were originally to use it to collect manioc and sell attieke in town. As it turns out, the 'taximoto' is in high demand and he frequently lends it out, for a fee, to other villagers.

    Recently Siaka has expanded his manioc fields to ensure a year-round supply of manioc. He currently has 4 different types growing as he tries to find out which gives the greatest yield.

    I asked why he didn't want to just focus on processing manioc, and I found his answer quite insightful. As he puts it, cultural forces at play mean that Siaka's main risk was losing his suppliers once he started to show a bit of success. He identified this early and began planting his fields.

    A number of months later his predictions held true and suppliers began giving preference to foreign buyers. Without his foresight, Siaka would have surely seen his financial situation deteriorate. You must admire his use of experience and vertical integration in managing his business operations.

    In terms of impact, the most obvious is effect is the literally gigantic (by local standards) newly built house in the picture below. Siaka is insistent that without the two loans he never would have had the income to build it.

    Looking forward, Siaka tells me he is planning to go back to school to finish his education. From then on it really is hard to tell how far this man's talents will take him.

  • Siaka Traore     Jun 24, 2013

    How good and pleasant for me to give you this message! i'm feeling well with all of my family and my business is going so well. Everyday i say thank you ZIDIZHA and again thank you all lenders of ZIDISHA. Today I don't know what kind of words I can use to thank you. Thank you so much for your loan!

    I want to tell you now that my life is changing. My attieke (local yuca based food) project has started to earn and I'm too busy now with my moto-taxi (small ute / truck). My program with the moto-taxi was to transport yuca and to sell my production but today everywhere in my area people need the moto-taxi to transport mangoes, corn, peanuts and people for weddings and different ceremonies in the next village. Sometimes I use it to transport people to town. The profitability of this vehicle is very, very, very, very good. This is why I don't know how to thank all may lenders. God bless you and grant you all your wishes. Thank you again for this loan and see you next time!
    I'm too glad to receive Mr James Hastwell (Zidisha Client Relationship Intern) because his presence gives me much information about Zidisha and it is also an occasion for me to learn how to help other people in my village to apply for a Zidisha loan.

  • pentatonicscale     Apr 4, 2013

    I'm glad this loan is helping you between harvest and planting. Here in Japan we have beautiful cherry blossoms.

  • Siaka Traore     Apr 2, 2013

    Hello all zidisha members! i'm so happy to received my second loan with you. How good and pleasant to me to get this money? i thank you night and day.I and my familly was very happy with this loan. i was facing to one problem with the money. This money was small in from of what i deced to do.But i find solution . I bought a new moto taxi which can help me to give my production to my customers. I stopped my attieke production because my kassava is finish and i hope i will start a new production in jun. But with the new engin i started to bringt fertiliser in my differents farm. i hope i will make a good production of kassava and attieke next year. thank you again for the loan.i will sent you some picture of the engin next time.

  • briansedz     Feb 4, 2013

    Hooray for Les Etalons! I hope your business is doing just as well.

  • MienDeGraeve     Sep 25, 2012

    Hi, my name is Mien. I am the first Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Burkina Faso and I traveled to Takalédougou last weekend. Takalédougou is a tiny village 15 km away from ‘civilization’ as in ‘a place with running water and electricity’ and it is the place where a remarkable Burkinabe entrepreneur has his home and farm. Siaka Traore is also a very charming person and he switched fluently from French to English while he welcomed me and explained everything about his greatest passion: manioc growing and everything related to it.

    Because Burkina’s sugar factory Sosuco is monopolizing the land in Takalédougou and surroundings my visit started with a ride on the back of Siaka’s motorbike to his manioc fields 8 km away. At the bottom of an impressive rock wall Siaka owns now almost 2,5 hectares land. He divided the land in several parts and on each part he grows manioc in a different stage. On the field with the youngest plants he mixed the manioc with watermelon in order to get the most out of the energy in the soil. This phased approach is not only a guarantee for a permanent harvest, but it is also gives certainty to the workers on the fields. Siaka needs them all year round.
    For now Siaka transports the harvest to his home with an ox cart but that is very slow. A future loan with Zidisha will certainly be used for buying a motorised vehicle!

    Later that afternoon Siaka showed me the equipment he bought with the money of his first Zidisha loan. He uses it to grind, sift and press the manioc into a substance called ‘attièke’. Attièke is very popular and nutritious and people prepare it with lots of salt, raw onions, spices, oil and dried fish.
    In the past the women were working day and night to grind as much manioc as possible but still most of the harvest had to be sold ungrinded and thus at a cheaper price. With the new equipment Siaka is able to grind all of his own harvest and even the smaller harvests of women in the village. This means that he is controlling now the full cycle of growing, grinding and selling manioc and moreover he can use the rest fraction for enriching the food of his oxes and the pigs and chickens he is planning to buy soon.
    He invested the small leftover of his Zidisha loan in a solar panel, which allows him to work in the fields all day and to have a little light in the evenings to use the grinding machine. His solar panel is well known now in the village because lots of people come and use it to charge their mobile phones at a low price.

    Siaka’s project is a beautiful example of efficiency and vision and these characteristics allowed him to really make the best out of the loan he received. He is so grateful for the chances he got and he asked me many times to thank Zidisha and all individual lenders. He is now very confidently looking into the future and he hopes he can continue to walk along this road for a very long time. He dreams of providing jobs to more people, of arranging contracts with neighbouring schools for a steady supply of attièke, of traveling to Ghana and who knows the United States to practice his English…

    We closed a rewarding afternoon with a delicious meal of attièke and bananas. I wish I could have shared it will all of you. Please stay tuned. To be continued for sure!

  • Flobe     Jul 1, 2012

    I am impressed with your business plan Siaka. We wish you much success in your work.

    • Siaka Traore     Jul 12, 2012

      Hello, I am giving this message to thank everybody who gave me the opportunity morally and financially to realize my project. God bless evryone! I am also asking you to pray to God for me that the work goes well and the trust remains between us. I'm so glad to receive the loan. I don't want to forget also all of the volunteers of Peace Corps who give us this information concerning the loan. I'm missing the words to thank everybody, but God only will thank you for your kindness.

      • Siaka Traore     Oct 2, 2012

        Hello Zidisha. I was too happy to receive MIEN last time in my village. It was good and pleasant for me to see the client relationship of your institution in my village. It was very interesting to see MIEN near to me because of the different informations that she gave me about Zidisha;and many advices about my project.
        It is too important for me to receive advices when I'm making project. thanks you for this visit and don't forget us.

        • Siaka Traore     Nov 30, 2012

          Hello ZIDISHA. I'm so fine here in my village. So nice to talk to you my news about my projet. Every thing is going so well. I receved MIEN in my home and it is very interesting to see her for this second time.
          I want to inform you that my activites are going very well. My differents materiels of ATTIEKE are fine too. I startet to receved many customers. day and night people call me. Some need for ATTIEKE , some also come to ground kassava another come to charge their phones batterie .people need so much to me now. my house is now like a small market.I'm sure that i can repay my loan before the date of repayment.
          thanks you all person who give me money.

          • Siaka Traore     Dec 14, 2012

            Dears ZIDISHA members
            I'm so glad to give you this message. I start by greeting. I thank all members of zidisha. I give also my greeting to the person who give the name zidisha to you. I say it because when MIEN was in my village, she gave us the meaning of the word ``zidisha''. Your action show us the meaning of the name of your institution. Thank you for thinking to all person who have small project but cannot realize it.
            I want to tell you that my project is going very well. It is now a small problem to me because many customers come and I'm oblige to make a program for them. I have also a problem to transport my (attieke) and my cassava. For the cassava it is not a problem because I use cows ;but for the Attieke it is not easy because some customers are far from me.
            i'm happy today. I produce so much and I have many person who take all of my production. I'm sure that without any problem i can pay the loan easily. I want also at the beginning of the new year to give job to two women in my village. I start with two and i'm sure that next year in July i shall call 3 persons again.
            Let me tell you that I'm becoming popular. In my area, everywhere I pass people say :this is the man who make attieke.
            Thanks you again because the project help me to pay all the scholarship of my pupils. Now I'm free. The only problem for me is to pay the rest of the loan. Be sure that it will be very easy and quickly.

Amount Repaid: $1,019.57
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: Jan 16, 2013

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
Aug 17, 2012 $84.96 Sep 3, 2012 $84.96
Sep 17, 2012 $84.96 Sep 3, 2012 $0.01
Sep 16, 2012 $84.95
Oct 17, 2012 $84.96 Sep 16, 2012 $0.03
Oct 16, 2012 $84.94
Nov 17, 2012 $84.96 Oct 16, 2012 $0.04
Nov 17, 2012 $84.92
Dec 17, 2012 $84.96 Nov 17, 2012 $84.96
Jan 17, 2013 $84.96 Nov 17, 2012 $0.07
Dec 16, 2012 $84.89
Feb 17, 2013 $84.96 Dec 16, 2012 $84.96
Mar 17, 2013 $84.96 Dec 16, 2012 $84.96
Apr 17, 2013 $84.96 Dec 16, 2012 $0.11
Jan 16, 2013 $84.85
May 17, 2013 $84.96 Jan 16, 2013 $84.96
Jun 17, 2013 $84.96 Jan 16, 2013 $84.96
Jul 17, 2013 $84.96 Jan 16, 2013 $84.96

Siaka Traore
Banfora, Burkina Faso

100% Repaid