Josephine Nyang'au
Nairobi- Ongata Rongai, Kenya
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This Loan
100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $362.00
Date Disbursed: Aug 12, 2012
Repayment Status: Early
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 13 months
Cost of Loan: $33.87
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $362.00 at 3.57% annual rate over 13 months = $14.11

Service Fee: $362.00 at 5% annual rate over 13 months = $19.76

Total Loan Cost:
$14.11 + $19.76 = $33.87

Cost paid to join Zidisha

Upon joining Zidisha, Josephine paid a lifetime membership fee of $12.08. These were one-time costs and entitled Josephine to lifetime Zidisha membership.

About Me

Am a university graduate, married with three children, i live in Rongai, do Rabbit farming as business, i want to be unique in rearing the rabbits i found this project to be more viable when white meat became scarce and was very expensive to buy thus causing me to start rabbit project for export market,and also local, hence using my earnings to increase my business( buy more rabbits). in my community rabbit was kept by young boys as pets

My Business

I started this business because,its white meat,has the highest percentage of protein,its lean fat content is low,highly digestible, low cholesterol,good source of vitamin B12,few people are in rabbit farming business,hence low competition,and demand is very high,when diseases strike.Medicine,food (Hay) and pellets costs ksh 25,000
sales one rabbit ksh 500
profit for 100 rabbits is 5000

Loan Proposal

I will buy more rabbits,buy pellets,hay, medicine and containers for drinking water,i will also buy some materials for the construction of the rabbit house, that will be lockable so that the rabbits are never disturbed by the parking dogs,i will make a trench that one has to dip her/ his legs before entering the rabbit house, this prevents any attack of the diseases.

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  • Elinor     Sep 2, 2014


    Repaid in full.

  • KirstenShute     Jul 17, 2014


    Josephine repaid her loan on time, plus she is a pleasure to talk to. She seems very dedicated to her work and her volunteer mentor work with Zidisha.

  • KakkoiiCali     Jun 6, 2013


    Very good with updates and communication!

  • hugh1     May 12, 2013


    I completely agree with everything that Markus has written above, but most of all it has been FUN collaborating with Josephine, and I have greatly enjoyed reading her regular entertaining posts. Thank you, Josephine, and good luck with the rabbits!

  • Markus     May 11, 2013


    Josephine Nyang'au turned out to be a model-borrower. Repayments were made in time, overall considered full repayment was done much ahead of schedule. Besides Josephine is a very active communicator (posting comments, giving updates) -so it was a pleasure to fund her project.


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  • Josephine Nyang'au     Dec 7, 2014

    Hi friends
    Greetings, as we celebrate Christmas, i want to remind you once again that you impacted my life and transformed me.Though i had A few Rabbits, the funds helped me to do a house of mabati which enclosed my Rabbits.before i used to put them out cages were made but not proper.
    i have used the earning to keep studying and learning what should be done,how to improve in certain areas.
    my family has come to like what i do,am encouraging my children to like what i like though children are different with different likings.and that i cannot force them.
    next to me is the Bomas of Kenya where cultural events take place.carnivore where different types of meat is eaten.
    when i visit i will take photos and post them to you.

  • Henry Cheruiyot     Oct 15, 2014


  • Sputnik     Oct 6, 2014

    Hi Josephine. Could you please check on Ike Dikembe? She has not made a single payment and does not respond. Thank you.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 28, 2014

    HI Markus
    Thanking you
    My cellphone No is +254720440680
    email is
    Be blessed

  • Markus     Sep 27, 2014

    Dear Josephine,

    Thanks for your swift reply. Sorry to hear about the incident. I am glad however that no personal harm is done. Bad people are everywhere, however luckily good people are still the majority. Anyhow God is watching over us. I am also sure of that.

    Would you mind giving me your personal Email-address? have a thought, which I would like to take up with you. No need that a broader audience is following our communication.

    Best Wishes, All the Best for you and your family, God Bless,


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 23, 2014

    Hi Markus,
    Greetings once again, am happy to read from you.
    check when policy change we need to be informed.then we make the right decisions, when people default there are mechanisms,and this is one sure way.
    when you come to Kenya come see my project still doing very good,
    Did you get the video from Dan he said he was going to show to the lenders I hope he did.
    Ask me questions
    My mam was attacked up country on 22 /09/ 14 but they dint harm her she told them to take everything and leave her, they took all the household and left her alive,
    she was with the president of Hope Africa Ministries (Roberta M. Peterson) but they did not harm them we thank God though they lost valuables but God will always provide when we trust he is faithful.
    when things happen we learn to trust God more because there is something that we learn everyday.
    I will keep communicating to you.
    Be blessed

  • Markus     Sep 23, 2014

    Dear Josephine,

    Just found out that my last message I posted did not get through.....

    I am glad to read that both you and your family are well. :)! One worry less!
    Sorry however to read that there is obviously a change in the repayment terms. I am not aware of that. I can guess why Zidisha is implementing this policy because there are generally more and more defaults and late payments.
    However this is unfair, when it comes to you. You have proven that you are a solid borrower. Let me take it up in the Zidisha-Community.

    All the Best, God Bless & Stay in touch,

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 22, 2014

    Hi Markus,
    Thank you for remembering me,am fine my family doing good.
    I just thought of you the other day though i didn't write, you are close to my heart you have assisted me greatly,
    I have not written for a while, because i though the trend change to weekly payments which, i may not be able to do but was trying may be to have another business on the line to be paying weekly.I don't know why Zidisha changed the policy to some it could be a good idea but to others a disadvantage.
    All i would like to tell you is that am doing very fine will be traveling upcountry on 4/10/2014 to see my parents.
    My mam is fine she went upcountry, she sings in the choir for the old people,she is happy and growing old each day we thank God.
    Stay blessed


  • Markus     Sep 22, 2014

    Hi Josephine,
    How are you? Hope both you and your family are well.

    I have not heard of you since a while - hence I sent out this little message.

    All the Best, God Bless,

  • KirstenShute     Jul 17, 2014

    Josephine repaid her loan on time, plus she is a pleasure to talk to. She seems very dedicated to her work and her volunteer mentor work with Zidisha.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jul 15, 2014


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jul 15, 2014

    Hi friends,
    Greetings i want to thank you so much for assisting me reach this far, i would have not reached on my own but through the organization my spirits have been lifted up and an happy with what happened.
    I am forever greatful for all your concerns about me, the loan you gave me boasted me agreat deal, when you are in Nairobi come and see me am always available unless i go upcountry but i will always communicate to let you know my movements.
    Now that i have cleared my loan today i want to say May God bless you.
    Iam directing many people to the website they read first and am guiding them where possible.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jul 11, 2014

    Hi my good friends,
    Greetings, its amazing how many people call me in a day, i have resolved that i will assist where i can there is no harm since i started, you helped me come up and reach where am. i feel strongly that if it were not for Zidsha then may be i would not be where am.
    thus far zidisha has brought me am proud to be associated with you and may God richly bless you.
    i wanted say hello to you good people when you have time just pass by and see what am doing,
    all what am doing came from your encouragement.and support

    • Elinor     Jul 14, 2014

      Thank you for checking in, Josephine! It is great to see you are almost finished with your repayments.


  • Pauline Kanyoro     Jul 7, 2014

    good morning?please help me to know what is the problem with my account

  • Pauline Kanyoro     Jul 2, 2014

    Hy Josephine,am Pauline kanyoro help me my account has a problem.

  • James Morara Onchangu     Jun 28, 2014

    I am impressed by your project Josephine. I hear rabbit urine is a lucrative export venture..I into handicrafts.

  • Pauline Kanyoro     Jun 24, 2014

    good morning you are doing good work keep up ,lets together help more people in our community ,
    May God almighty bless you.

  • Justus Mutinda     Jun 13, 2014

    keep up,even teach your children and make your business their hobby
    be blessed

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jun 7, 2014

    Hi Kirsten
    Just remembered here in Kenya in you parents house, you are always welcome,but you must work hard to eat the food but some homes, Just come and stay eat no problem.
    But during my years at home we had to do something, fetch firewood, water,sweep mams house,take the cows to drink water or graze them in the fields, so that you can eat otherwise no food for you they were that strict my friend.
    nice weekend

    • KirstenShute     Jul 17, 2014

      Yes, there's always chores to do! You're right, too, that it can be different if you're a guest. I'm taking a vacation in two weeks at my aunt's house. Still, it's only fair that I help out with her art store and with cooking, since I'm staying there for a week.

      And it's also true that the kind of chores to do depends on where you live. Most of my life I've lived in cities: Montreal (a bigger city) and St. Catharines (a smaller one). My father grew up in a farm in United States, but he moved to Montreal when he was young. So I don't have the experience of gathering firewood (except when I worked at a summer camp) or leading cows to pasture - those sound like tough chores to do every day! When I was a kid I just had to wash dishes, hang clothes out, help clean up, and things like that.

      Anyway, thank you for the reply and I hope you're doing well. I see you repaid the last loan - congratulations! I'll be happy to support you if you apply for another one. Stay blessed,


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jun 6, 2014

    Hello friends
    Greetings, How are you? am fine, doing good and trying to assist those that call me,
    I would like once more like to appreciate the good work you are doing to our people in this country many may not realize but those of us who know what it entails appreciate every coin of your contribution to us more especially to the projects that we have.
    I will say on behave of all of us Thank you so so much,Thank you for the good work.

    • KirstenShute     Jun 6, 2014

      Hello Josephine,

      Thank you for your comments. I'm sorry I haven't said hello recently. I hope you and your family are doing well, and that the rabbits born this spring healthy and growing well. Also, thank you for the work you do as a volunteer member - many people, borrowers and lenders alike, appreciate this effort.

      Over here, it's the beginning of summer and, like last year, I'm helping my parents with their vegetable garden. (That way I can share in the food!) Some plants - lettuce, chives, parsley, carrots, and strawberries - are growing again from last year, and others have to be replanted.

      All the best,

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jun 2, 2014

    Hello friends,
    Iam back from upcountry today, twas good to be out off town,i feel refreshed in what i do.
    i will want to focus on my Rabbits more.
    .Kenya we have so much we can do because climatical conditions are conducive.People just need a focus and commitment.
    Just wanted to inform you that am back.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     May 20, 2014

    Hi friends,
    I Would like to tell you that am safe and sound.and that am awake about zidisha any time because this organization is unique so I love to tell you that all is good my project is doing fine trying to do something on the side. though i like visiting other projects which are bigger than mine this gives me moral to continue, here now is getting cold so i need to be warm.The attack at Gikomba market was unfortunate,When i Evaluate myself i think I have done well because, I let you know every bit of my movement even you came impromptu you will find it to be true.
    I have tried calling those that i mentor and the response i have told you before.
    Those that listen to me i guide them, those that do not i leave because i understand most of this things in Kenya.
    that we are still developing.

  • marica71     May 17, 2014


  • Josephine Nyang'au     May 16, 2014

    Hello Friends,
    Iam well doing fine my Rabbits are well getting litters, i have records to show,
    first and foremost i would like to thank you very much for assisting reach where i have reached, my be i would have never picked my pieces but with your help am glad and happy always you are such a wonderful people all of you taking into consideration that you dont knows me you have never met me but you work purely on trust
    though i didn't know that steel structure is very expensive i will do it by and by.

    now what you see is what i have,
    I hoe Daniel has given you the photos or the video-if not then i will try someday to send you.
    Otherwise am doing fine, i will be traveling upcountry on 31/o5/2014 to visit, then come back on 2nd to continue with my daily work.
    stay blessed

  • Felix Abur     May 15, 2014

    Hello lenders,

    I spoke to Josephine Nyang'au and I am happy to report that she told me she sent a payment today and intends to clear the balance in the next few days. hopefully her repayment will reflect on her account soon

    • Felix Abur     May 16, 2014

      She sent me a copy of the transaction details and it showed she has paid Ksh. 14,300 (approx. US $165)

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Apr 23, 2014

    Hi Friends,
    Greetings once again,
    Thanks for understanding me, Lombardi told me that my Rabbits are fat, he told me to keep up i will.I have them grow as fat as they can as promised will make good my account and will not let you down, i had a volunter from Red cross( Daniel and whitney said that he will take a video of me and give it to zidisha members. i also told him to send me, he left for America two days ago,when he write and edits the video i know you good people will be happy.My Rabbit house is very big finishing slowly

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Apr 21, 2014

    Happy Easter, iJUst thought of you good people, you have been good to me understanding and i want ti thank God for you thats why we celebrate Easter that you people help people you do not know am glad that you do this.
    I went home to see my mother came back yesterday, she will be coming to Nairobi for further treatment next month
    I know am behind schedule but will make good my account.
    Lombardi took a video of me and my rabbit they are fat, i cooked some for them

    • KirstenShute     Apr 21, 2014

      Thank you for the message and happy Easter! I hope your mother is doing better. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the current bunch of rabbits when you can post them. I hope things are going well with your business too. Have a great week,

      Kirsten S.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Mar 26, 2014

    Hello friends,
    Greetings am trying my best to see that all is well. my mam went home she had stayed for 4 months, she will be coming back for further test, as i promised i will do so that i don't let my friends down.
    You have helped me for now close to two years this being my second loan,i will oblige,
    I will be traveling upcountry on 12- 18 next month to check on my people in the community,then come back.
    so far so good am doing fine waiting for Daniel Lombardi to come and do his video


  • Crissr     Mar 25, 2014

    Ms. Nyang'au,

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother's illness. I hope all is well now.

    I see you are Mr. Julius Moturi's VM. He took out a loan on Feb 14, 2014, and has not been heard of since. He is now 5 weeks ($46) in arrears and has not made a single payment.

    Could you please check up on him and let us know what is going on?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Mar 24, 2014

    Hi friends
    Greetings thank you for understanding me, my mothers illness took me a little back but i will catch up as i promised not to let you down you have helped a great deal and i pray that things work for me.I will sort though i will make good my promise anytime.
    Am well waiting for Dan lambart to take a video so that you people who help us can see he said that he will go to Ethiopia then come to Kenya and will be interviewing me on 31 /03/2014.though my graph will gradually grow again

  • Markus     Mar 21, 2014

    Dear Josephine,

    Good to hear from you, I am sorry to hear about the poor health of your Mother. All the Best to you and your Mother!
    Keep in touch and Best Wishes,


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Mar 19, 2014

    Hi Good friend,

    Greetings its been long since, i commented,Sorry that i have not posted a comment for sometime now am doing good , my mother has not been well thus causing me a lot of time to care for her,Here African take care of the parents at home as they age not as your countries where you take them to mam still unwell though she will be traveling home then she comes back in April for treatment, this i see as healing therapy because as they age they want to go home and come back for MY MAM is slightly young than my mam in-law.treatment.DAN told me he will come to video my project on 31 of may as a i wait for him.

  • Cricketca     Mar 14, 2014

    Hi Josephene,

    I am writing to you because you are the volunteer mentor for Liverson Mjala. He has not made any repayments since September, and has not given us any explanation or any updates on how his business is doing. Do you have any information about what is going on?

    Thank you.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jan 28, 2014

    Hi friends,
    Its been long but am doing fine, my rabbit project id doing good, i will like to say thank you for the support and the calls you make to me.Am happy to hear from you.
    I will be going upcountry to take my mam to launch Feeding programme she is very passionate about she is old 95 years,staying with me.she loves giving to the needy families,so she decided to be going home monthly to check on the people she used to give food.
    This being good idea,MY PASSION has been to assist the bright children get good schools and then look for donors to support them.I also took one who has reached form four i will send his photo next hope to remember to take it.
    i will leave Nairobi on 29 /01/2014 and come back on Sunday 2/02/2014
    I hope this is well

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jan 6, 2014

    Hello Friends
    Greetings Happy new year,I would like to thank all of you for the support message that you wrote to me this was very encouraging throughout the year that was very nice.
    happy new year

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Jan 1, 2014

    Hi friends
    The x-mas was good, i was with my family in Nairobi twas nice we had an opportunity to share we had good time with their grandma who is 95 years old, was in our house for x-mas that was great.
    I fell ill on 31/12/2013 am on my way to recovery i have woken up well today though feeling weak but i know 2014 i will be strong and will work extra hard that's what i believe,sickness aside My God is able he has taken me through the years.

  • Markus     Dec 30, 2013

    Dear Josephine,
    Hope this message finds you well. Hope you also have had good Christmas-days. I wish you, your family and your business all the Best, Good Luck and Prosperity in the upcoming New Year 2014.

    I look forward to staying in touch with you.

    God Bless & Best Wishes,


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Dec 27, 2013

    Merry xmas to you friends.and happy new year.I can only suggest that when i get time i will speak to hm personally if he can accept to pick my call thats when i will be able to write and inform you whats happening.
    For now people went upcountry not many are back to Town,
    Otherwise i will do my best where i can
    I wish you the very best
    May God richly bless you

    • KirstenShute     Dec 28, 2013

      I hope you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year as well! I wish you continued success and a great year ahead.

  • Silver     Dec 23, 2013


    what's going on with "Ongata Rongai, Kenya". Your are his Mentor. Do you know anything about him and his outstanding repay...????

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Dec 14, 2013

    Hi Fiends
    Greetings twas good knowing all of you with very good support may the almighty richly bless you,and may you continue with the good work of supporting our people,I once again want to say thank you and MERRY XMAS.lets enjoy this and remember those who do not have,lets spare something for them.When i go up country to celebrate with the vulnerable i will remember to remember you always.and when i come back I shall continue from where I left, may God bless you

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Dec 12, 2013

    Hi Friends,
    I wish to sincerely thank you those who prayed for me and those who watched as things happened.This is my sincere gratitude to you all.
    The exercise was not an easy one but in all i give glory to the creator because he knew that at a certain time i will do all these.please accept my gratitude.
    Am happy to inform you that am doing fine and that the coming year there are goo d prospects for me to do well and that will be my prayer always.What we ask is what we get so i have great faith that all will be well.

    • Markus     Dec 14, 2013

      Dear Josephine,

      Good to hear from you and to see that you are fine.
      Christmas is coming and I hope this is a joyful time in Kenia as well.
      Thanks for your Blessings, God Bless you and your family as well.

      All the Best, Best Wishes,


  • Josephine Nyang'au     Dec 6, 2013

    Hi friends.
    Greetings its been long since i communicated to you friends,am fine though the past few months i have been very busy organizing my sons wedding and mine too twas hectic but am through it all by the Grace of God am very happy to have a daughter in-law it was a great joy for our small family and the larger one too everyone appreciates, what we did for them as parents.
    I have not been able to communicate with you but so far am doing well and May God bless you too.for bearing with me all this time.
    Thanking for your continued support in our country this is from me stay blessed

  • Sverre     Nov 10, 2013

    Is there any information why this loan is not repaying?

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Oct 26, 2013

    hi friends,
    thanks for your response am happy to read from you. Thats my joy. to get in touch with you share how am fairing on. for now it is rather had for some people who did not plan well that's what i can say because here thing are not going they way we small business expected, so those that are continuing are putting a lot of effort which i suppose any one else doing fine business low but steady cannot complain,generally am okay
    generally am fine doing well too family wise and all.
    they are cute nice smile

  • Sverre     Oct 25, 2013

    Are there any information about why this loan is not repaying?

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Oct 21, 2013

    Hi friends
    Greetings thank you very much for the messages i received am glad you are watching am happy too that you get everything, i do this to inform you so that you are in the picture of my day today's work am not ashamed to let let you know whats happening down here so that you may pray for me.
    As I long to see you good people am happy once again to tell you that am safe and doing well,just need to put i a little effort so that i give you feed backs the way i have been.Though am up and about my sons wedding next month on 22 November 2013,i will make effort to let you know how things are going on.
    so far so good this time am a little busy preparing. but not forgetting about my rabbit am doing fine.
    Am also praying for the continued support that you give to us Kenyans that we don't let you down.
    thanking you

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Oct 2, 2013

    Hi friends
    Greetings once again am happy to be associated with you because you are good people.
    I have been away trying to do that which culture /custom want, i was married traditionally, in out culture when your son wants to wed and the parents never wedded then the parents must fulfill.Wed in church to give the children green light for the wedding,I will solemnize my marriage on 5 of October 2013 in church,called Nairobi pentecostal church valley road which is the headquarters.
    This now will allow my son to wed.So that means this week i will be up and about organizing for the big day we call it my mam will come from upcountry, i will take pictures and send you some ,i hope this ido.
    Business wise and doing fine i cant complain, the climate is favourable though there are many activities as from this month to december
    I say thank you very much

    • Markus     Oct 8, 2013

      Dear Josephine,
      Thanks for all your updates. I am glad that everything goes well for you.
      I am also happy for your Son's upcoming wedding and wish they new couple all the best. Also, congratulations to you for your recent formal wedding in Nairobi Pentecostal Church, which will allow your son to wed.
      I am sure both events have been / will be very joyful events.

      Looking forward to your pictures later.

      Best Wishes & God Bless, Markus


    • KirstenShute     Oct 9, 2013

      Hello Josephine,
      Congratulations on your wedding ceremony last week and on your son's upcoming wedding! I'm glad things are going well. When you have time it would be nice to see some pictures. Have a great week,

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 23, 2013

    Hi Friends
    So far so good i can write for my self i hope the others are fine too,but we hope that all is well. I can write and say that some things we cant predict on a very good Saturday when good people are enjoying things happen break in that what i can recall took us Kenyan Totally unaware we had even forgotten that we had terrorist targeting Kenyan and others.
    we are on panic mood right now people are back to their homes earlier and that we are praying that everything goes on well.
    Iam fine trying to work hard here to make ends meet,I will be posting many pictures for you friends to see ,for now let me say thank you for the continued support

    • KirstenShute     Sep 23, 2013

      Hello Josephine,
      I read this morning about the shooting in the Nairobi mall and I'm glad to hear you're safe. It can be scary when an attack like that happens close by. My thoughts are with the people there.
      Thanks for the update and I'm looking forward to seeing your new pictures,

    • pentatonicscale     Sep 23, 2013

      We are praying for you!

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 18, 2013

    Elinor, You look nice , nice cow too,is this in Africa? thank you so much for the comment am happy to read it and continue to tell you that am doing good and my project is fine, the sun has been very hot and suddenly it started to rain as from yesterday,I wish to know the volunteer who replaced Traci because there are things we need to share,
    once again i say thank you and continue doing the good work that you have started your cup will overflow and you will never lack why do i say this because i know once you give God has a way of doing his things thats he know how to reward his children.
    Elinor when in Kenya come i will take you upcountry walk in the mad because our home there is plenty of rain and see people there..

    • Elinor     Sep 18, 2013

      Thank you! My picture is with one of my cows here in the United States, I raise purebred Ayrshires. I would love to visit Kenya some day! Thank you for generous offer to show me around. It is starting to get to the cold season here, in a few weeks there will be snow but right now it is raining here too.

  • Josephine Nyang'au     Sep 17, 2013

    Hi friends,
    Kirsten shute,Markus,keagan,crickecta,and all those who have put a hand in my business, am grateful in every stage of life that you have shown me that people can be assisted and they can become different,can get encouraged and that one can do very well if only he/she can learn to do good.
    I want to inform you that i have been upcountry where computers are scarce but when i come to town, I will always try to inform you.
    My elder son has a fiancée he wants to marry early next year, so i have been doing what the customer wants me to do.
    Africans we pay dowry and then they can wed, there are so many tradition but we cherish them at this moment we are happy all brothers come and we assist each other so thats why i went upcountry.
    the son i take care of is also doing well i paid his fee this term he was very grateful you should have seen his face. smelling.
    I have lot to share.

    • Elinor     Sep 17, 2013

      Thank you for the update! Happy to see everything is going well for you.

Amount Repaid: $395.88
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: May 9, 2013

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
Oct 12, 2012 $35.75 Oct 10, 2012 $35.75
Nov 12, 2012 $35.75 Oct 10, 2012 $2.91
Nov 11, 2012 $32.85
Dec 12, 2012 $35.75 Nov 11, 2012 $3.40
Dec 11, 2012 $32.35
Jan 12, 2013 $35.75 Dec 11, 2012 $6.91
Jan 11, 2013 $28.84
Feb 12, 2013 $13.44 Jan 11, 2013 $13.44
Mar 12, 2013 $35.76 Feb 28, 2013 $35.76
Apr 12, 2013 $35.76 Feb 28, 2013 $6.52
Mar 12, 2013 $29.24
May 12, 2013 $35.76 Mar 12, 2013 $13.05
Mar 14, 2013 $6.04
Apr 11, 2013 $16.67
Jun 12, 2013 $35.76 Apr 11, 2013 $35.76
Jul 12, 2013 $35.76 Apr 11, 2013 $35.76
Aug 12, 2013 $35.76 Apr 11, 2013 $9.67
May 9, 2013 $26.10
Sep 12, 2013 $24.85 May 9, 2013 $24.85

Josephine Nyang'au
Nairobi- Ongata Rongai, Kenya

100% Repaid