A loan to pay laborers engaged and the transporter as well

Ruth Komlah

Buipe, Ghana

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Ruth Komlah

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October 2016

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About Me

I am in the person of Ruth Komlah from Buipe in the Northern region of Ghana. I am a mother of 5 Children and a husband. I work and live in Buipe with all my family. My parents are Mr and Mrs Komlah of Kamira Brracks, Tamale . I am a business woman and a farmer as well and has been in business most especially buying and selling of red tomatoes. I started as a farmer in the early days , Even though I had my education well but I always and will still prefer doing business than being a government worker. This is all due to the fact that the work and gains from businesses is quite good and comfortable than the government worker because you may not be tied to one corner job at all.
But here with business, one is able to get some gains from the fruits of her labor.
I have been a devoted business woman and a farmer farming and selling of these tomatoes for both local and for industrial consumption.

My Business

The tomatoes business is good and they really make a good yield more often . More a times my harvest goes into the feeding of some infants industries here in Ghana. I make considerably good profit ranging from 2300.00 GHS to 4800.00 GHS per week. This idea indeed came as a dream when i actively took into buying some of the tomatoes for sale by my self and until I gradually started sowing and selling it out myself to large number of buyers. The tomato production has help serve as a source of income for most of us. Despite all the numerous benefits from the crop, We are face with so many challenges, some of the challenges faced are the, post-harvest, and marketing cost that we usually encounter.So due to this it has indeed affected my small holdings and that is serving as a pull factor. I wish to post a loan application here for some funds to help address the challenge in which I am currently facing . Cost of transporting the fresh tomatoes to the market is a budget on my head for my next harvest and I will be hiring a truck to carry all my harvest to the market centers and base on this I will need some funds to pay for this transport cost.

Loan Proposal

I will need this loan again to help me harvest about a 4 acre land of cultivated tomatoes farm. In the first instance my lenders help made it simple for me in the pre and post harvest.

Apparently i raise some beds and they are now due to be harvested. I wish if my lenders will help me organize another laborers and also help me pay the transporter who will be conveying all this farm produce to the market centers. It is Christmas festive and the market is really catching up very fast. Kindly help crowned me with this support to achieve the ultimate.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 17, 2017

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On Time

Projected term

61 months

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Service fee: $4.18




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