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Gilbert Ndayala

Umoja2 Nairobi, Kenya

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Gilbert Ndayala

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July 2015

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About Me

I was born and raised in abject poverty, however through hardworking and commitment I managed to acquire education uptown diploma level. I used to pick coffee berries for our neighbour in order to raise college fees.This made me vow never to remain a prisoner of poverty. I graduated with a diploma in phamacology and therapeautics after which, due to problems in securing a job, I sold a piece of my inherited land. and used some of the raised funds tostart a chemist shop.The sorrounding community consists mostly of ageing pple and young children who often fall sick mostly of upper respiratory tract infections due to constant environmental pollution.therefore this group needs urgent attention and since there is inadequacy of medical facilities in the region, my intervention became prudent and vital.this makes itvworthwhile for me to operate my chemist in the businnessvas per now is worth ksh 15000 and raises a profit of between ksh 500 and ksh 1500 daily.If I secure this loan, I anticipate my profit to grow to atleast ksh200 per day. I intend to use these profits to further my education as well as to cater for my. Siblings needs.

My Business

I provide over-the-counter goods are useful since I live in a country that is still gruplig with communicable diseases and it is neccessary to suppliment what the government provides.I chose this business out of the inborne urge to give back to the community..I use profits generated to add stock since my business is still business is currently worth ksh 15000. It generates a daily profit of between ksh500 to ksh 1500. However I anticipate to raise the profit to atleast 3000 if I secure the loan.

Loan Proposal

Dear lenders, as already underscored above, I saved some money while in college with which i started my current business. I therefore need to expand my business to cater for the swelling number of clients. Therefore, all the loan moneys raised here, if I successfuly manage to secure ths loan, coupled with my little savings will be used to purchase the equipment and drugs so as to help my community access these much needed commodities and inturn earn good profits. From what I am anticipating, I can get profit increase of upto 35 us dollars (3000 ksh) per day. This will enable me save more for my degree, cater for my siblings needs, expand my business and inturn offer a fulfilling service to my clients and Nation. Kindly help me achieve this. Thanks in advance.





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Classic Loan

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Aug 28, 2015

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On Time

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7 months

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Service fee: $6.22

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