Add more stock of books in preparation for May school opening

Christine Gaithuma

Mombasa, Kenya

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Christine Gaithuma

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May 2013

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103 installments  •  48%

About Me

My name is Christine Gaithuma am a business woman and i do my business here in Mombasa.I am a hardworking lady who believes in meeting every commitment or goal. I am a married lady with 4 children. I live in Mombasa Ganjoni area.I live in a rented house with my family, my children and my husband.
Am 'O' Level and have done Secretarial Course for One Year. I have been employed for 15years as a Secretary and also was doing some purchases
After having enough experience I decided to go for business.
I purchase stationery for resale. and computers and printer cartridges also for resale. I also do some baking. I decided to turn into business mainly because i wanted to add what i will get from the business to my salary. I have children and i have to plan for their future, and regarding how life is today everything is very expensive i had to look for additional income.I started a bookshop that has been doing well. With the income i get from my business am able to buy clothes for my children, food and other household needs. Todays economy is very tight and someone has to be very keen and hard working to achieve what you want in life.

My Business

My business is a stationery shop, the shop is situated in Ganjoni area, this is in the heart of Mombasa city. Its a business territory here with lots of different people.Because of the busyness of this area business here is doing great as most of the people all around the coat area come to do their shopping here. My shop is busy most times and am lucky its neighboring to three schools who are my regular customers apart from the visiting customers come to buy their stationery.In my shop i sell stationery, computers,printers and their accessories.Its a good business and am happy to say i get my daily bread here apart from other family needs. With this business i get a gross profit of Kshs.50,000 per month which i believe after all my regular needs i can confidently repay my loan if granted. Risks in my business includes Theft which is a global challenge to business, also price fluctuation which is also another challenge. Despite this business i have a payslip that can rescue me from having difficulties in repaying in case an agency occurs.With the income i use Ksh.10,000 for my family food, Ksh 20,000 i put back to the business, Ksh 10,000 i use to pay for my children school fees and save the rest to my account.Am looking forward to working closely with zidisha as i have faith with zidisha i can achieve my goals.

Loan Proposal

Jambo, my lenders and all the zidisha staff. Am happy to tell you that my business has been doing fine since i got you assistance. this is something i should that you for. with the first loan i wed able to do some renovation because my shelf were old and worn out. Now with this second loan i want to add more stock in preparation of the May school opening as there will be more demand. thank you for your support May God bless you all.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 22, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $150.07 at 0.51% annual rate over 3 months = $0.25

Service fee: $1.82


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