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Augustine Mosima

Nairobi, Kenya

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Augustine Mosima

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May 2015

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About Me

I was born in 1986 at a Village called Keoke in Kisii county.I grew up at a time when our family was surrounded by total poverty and no one could come to our rescue. I joined class one at a local Primary school Keoke and after 8 years, I attained a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with moderate marks.
I joined also a local High School where I studied with a lot of difficulties. I could be chased away every time because the fees was very rare. Managed to score a grade D plain in my first attempt in forth form, I changed and transferred to another High school since I could not be accommodated at my school due to lower marks.
The issue of me repeating form three really disturbed me, when I joined the other school, my aim was to avoid repeating form three and I realised that I had to work extra harder, For heavenly sake,God helped me to get a grade C plain which now could enable me to join college.
I remember during my High school times, I could put on worn out shoes and even Long trousers which were well over size. This was due to high rate of poverty that was in our home due to lack of resources.Thank God where we are .

My Business

When I finally finished High School, I came to the Capital City Nairobi to look for green pastures to help safe our family from poverty which was really a big nightmare in our family. Everyone could laugh at us simply because we could not afford basic things, Our house was grass roofed.
with the help of a family friend, I got a job at a security firm where I earned 8000 Kes.
With that little money, I used to save every end month and after 10 months, I was able to open a green grocer where I was selling fruits and vegetables.
I have operated this business for a four years now and its doing very well.This is because fruits and vegetables are essential foods in my area here in Kawangware. Everyone needs them, so they are on a very high demand.
I spend 100 dollars by fruits and 80 dollars to buy vegetable every week getting profit of 30 dollars and 40 dollars respectively.
The profits from my business are used for re investment,to cater for my one wife and my daughter. I also use the others to pay for my diploma course in Supplies Management at Kenya Institute of Management.I save the rest for the future. thanks to zidisha loan which i received which has been of great help. my business has expanded and my profit increased up to 70 dollars per week.

Loan Proposal

I will use this loan 325 dollars to add stock in my grocery shop as follow; 3 crates of tomatoes costing 150 dollars, a bag of potatoes costing 50 dollars,20 pieces of water melon costing 30 dollars, 2 pieces of pumpkin costing 15 dollars, a bag of oranges costing 15 dollars, 100 pieces of cabbage costing 20 dollars, 100kg of carrots costing 40 dollars, 3 sacks of avocado costing 30 dollars, a bag of onion costing 40 dollars pay rent 30 dollars totaling 335 dollars the deficit I will add from my savings. With added stock my business profits will increase to 50 dollars a week hence be able to pay my bills,this loan installment of 1000 kes, reinvest and save the rest. I thank you for your previous loans you gave and for trusting me. May God bless you as you consider lending to me again. Thanks in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Oct 1, 2017

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On Time

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7 months

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Service fee: $13.49



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