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Susan Waweru

Githurai, Kenya

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Susan Waweru

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May 2017

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About Me

My name is Susan Wangechi from Nairobi Kenya.
Currently a third year student at the Technical University of Kenya
studying Bachelor of Business information Technology. Being in the university has been a challenge and even sustaining my self here has been hard but thanks God am still moving on. Currently am working at home using my computer to perform some basic online tasks like academic and article writing. I also do data entry and type setting for various people. People from my land are hard working and determined to achieve various goals. They are loving and very hospitable. I love reading novels and swimming which am actually very good at . I also like traveling and visiting various places within my country and I hope that someday I go oversee for exposure and expanding boundaries. Life has never been easy for me but I have managed to reach this far.
I had problems raising school fees for my university but I was lucky to be a beneficiary of some scholarship from a local NGO which has catered for my fee since first year.

My Business

I have been doing the typing job for quite some times now and it has been good so far. Am able to do all the task that am given and submit them on time . Am able to raise some cash to sustain me while am at school and during the holidays. I only have one problem; that I don't have internet connection in my premises. I use mobile data to do online tasks which are very much unreliable and very expensive. Am looking forward to raising some money to do the installation from a local network dealer who is doing it at a very fair price.Am looking forward to using the money I will raise from you to do the installation which will greatly expand my business. Have a dream to open a cyber cafe in my home area.
For now i am a student currently studying at Technical University of Kenya.
I am an oriented person and would like to start a cyber cafe around my home area.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money granted to me to add to my tuition fee in the university .This will help me reduce the balance I have to pay to the university therefore enabling me to continue with my studies before I get enough money to complete the tuition fees





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Classic Loan

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Sep 16, 2017

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6 weeks

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