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David Gitau

Nairobi, Kenya

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David Gitau

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March 2014

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About Me

I am the third born in a family of four siblings. My parents stay in Maraigushu in Naivasha district located in Nakuru county. My father is called Samuel Mbathi and my mother is Loise Mukuhi. My father is a teacher and my mother is a farmer. My eldest brother is John Muthama who stays in Molo. The second born is my sister whose name is Grace Wambui and she stays in a place called Kongoni in Naivasha. The last born is a lady called Mary Waruinu who stays with my parents in Maraigushu. I am married with one child, a bay girl who is now 7 months old. My wife is a nursery school teacher. I live in kayore in Nairobi together with my wife. I completed form four in 2006. I was studying at Naivasha Mixed secondasy school. After completing my studies, I stayed at home assisting my mother with farming tasks for two years. In early 2009, I joined Vision Institute of professionals where I studied Certified Public Accounting (CPA). By June 2010, I passed CPA exams sections 1 and 2 and I was given certificate by Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB). However, I could not proceed from there because my father had a loan that he had taken and he did not have enough money to support me. My uncle called Geofrrey Kimani invited me in his shop located in Nairobi Town Centre where he sells Mali Mali products (Household items) in wholesale. I started working there for a salary. I started living in Kayore. By mid 2011, I realized that I could buy earn better than my salary if I took the items sold in wholesale and sell them at the Kayore estate where I lived. With the support of my uncle, I started a small business selling the items. I decided to concentrate on the job and it has been stable since mid 2012. I have added my stock based on the preferences of the residents of the estate. The items that I sell are not perishable at all and I always get profit for any item that I sell. This means that there is low risk involved in the business. I have been getting profits from the business which I use to support family needs and the business. Although I have plans to advance in my accounting studies, I want to expand the business, employ workers and my task will be only to manage.

My Business

My main source of income currently is my business. I will rely on it to repay the loan. My grandmother also pays me 10% of the earnings from rent paid for the building that I take care of. This money will also support me to repay the loan. I have savings that will also support me to repay the loan. I sell all sorts of household items of different varieties, brands and prices. Examples include cups, plates, spoons, basins, mugs and jugs. These products are of different types and are made from different countries. Some are made locally. I sell the different varieties in order to suit the preferences of different customers. However, I try to match the products to demand. I stock more of the products that have higher demand. There is high competition for the items in the area. However, I try to survive the competition by having good customer relations and through socializing with members of the resident who are in groups. For instance, women like to purchase household items as groups. I keep them in touch and they give me orders for various items which they buy in bulk. I also try to examine the best interests of the residents of the ietate. The estate is very densely populated and thus, demand is alwas there. The revennue that I get from the business may flactuate but over the last six months, the average has been around Kshs $850 per month. Out of that amount, my gross profit ranges between $280 and $320. My expenses include rent, transport and electricity. License is paid once a year. The average expenses every month amount to around $110. This means that my net profit ranges between $170 and $210. I always get profits since the business is always open and I have been concentrating on it. I have a wish to add my stock. Adding stock will help to improve competitiveness since more varieties will be available for customers. This will help to improve customer loyalty and increase my earnings in the long-run. I will lso be approaching my vision of opening a wholesale shop for the items in the estate. I would like to employ people and become a manager in the future. I seek the support of lenders at Zidisha to help me realise my ambitions.

Loan Proposal

I am posting my second loan and am counting on your support. I will use the finance to add stock of household items (mali mali) that i sell in retail to customers. I will use $145.25 to add stock and avoid shortages. At the moment, i have shortages of basins, which i wish to alleviate. I will be able to reduce costs related to shortages and will increase my income. My business has been growing gradually and with your support now and in the future, it will grow more rapidly. I will repay the loan with the net income i get from the business






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 4, 2014

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On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $144.76 at 6.79% annual rate over 3 months = $2.78

Service fee: $1.42




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