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Racheal Warui

Mtwapa, Kenya

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Racheal Warui

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December 2014

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About Me

About Me
MY names are racheal wanjiku warui i was born in 1981 a last born in our family .am marred a mother of 3 kids and am christian . i was a shopkeeper
but i did not have tyme for my kids a neighbor took advantage and raped my daughter and so i dicided to change that business comptily. i even hate it coz if i was near home my only daughter could not suffer that much now am doing different business of keeping poutly where i spend most of time with my family my kids i even get tyme to attend church visit old people mostly have tyme with my kids i teach them alot i encourage them alot give them hope, i regret alot i feel bad every day but though church members i hope i will recover. i myself i like business alot i am business alienated. and i believe my self when it comes to business i was a shopkeeper for six years whereby i come to reg let alot later only realizing that i did not have time with my kids coz i use to go at work 6 am in morning and going back home is 10 pm at night its so sad but thank God for giving me different idea when i give my chicken food and they are done i like spending tyme with my small girl who does not go to school

My Business

My Business
I sold my shop and used that money to start a portly business build a big nice house for the chicks but two different house i first kept layers for fear of new business coz people were saying broiles lack market too much and u end up loosing them but after keeping 300 layers fot 2 months i felt i needed to try broilers there i am tried it had alot of challenge coz they get sick alot of tyme but it was my first but i made it and i sold, ooh thanks GOD no problem in marketing them as long as they have the correct weight, they are in high demand, I choosed this business so that i could have tyme with my kids mostly and family when we come to layers since this business is new i have not sold a single egg since layers are only 3 months old but broilers i sold the firs lot and i real made it all expenses of buying broiles 375 dollars and i sold them at 625 dollars the profit i paid litter school fee and the least i bought chicks now the reason for this loan is to buy for this chicks food

Loan Proposal

loan proposal
i hereby appreciate the $50 loan i got and i was able to change the face of my shop and a now i want a second loan of $50 to replenish my cereal stock shelf which is not okay at all. i will repay it with my sales as i did.
i still continue to thank zidisha for support






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Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 9, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.08 at 6.52% annual rate over 2 months = $0.65

Service fee: $0.37



Edinburgh, United Kingdom



Duisburg, Germany


Melbourne, Australia

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