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Lenny Kibiru

Nakuru, Kenya

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Lenny Kibiru

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August 2022

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About Me

My name is Lenny Kibiru Nderitu. I am a born and bred Kenyan Citizen,based in Nakuru County,Nakuru town East constituency,Nakuru east ward.
I am a third born child from s family of 6 members of neuclear family,being second born.
My hobbies are fatming,swimming,meeting new friends.
Thank you.

My Business

My main area of business is agriculcure. I do agribusiness a source of making livelihood.
I do cultivate various types of kales,spinach, carrots,beans, cucumber among ither crops.
Through the small size of land I have,being part of my family land, I have subdivided into several portion to accommodate the said crops at a different timings as dictated by the demand.
Currently,there has been a great demand of fresh vegetables comprising spinach and kales which has made my supply adequate.
With the help of Zidisha loan, I will be able to meet the ever increasing demand by 40% this season and this translate for good returns within a short time.
It is my kind prayer that mt request will be accepted and get financed to expand my agribusiness.
Thank you

Project Proposal

To all the lenders,
I register my sincere gratitude to be a member at Zidisha microfinance. Through this loan that I am requesting,it will be helpful as I add more seeds to expand my farming acreage. As at the moment,the demand had gone up tremendously,thus making my supply not meeting the target.
This are the inputs I'm looking to purchase:-
1)carrots seeds 250gms=Kes.1750/=
2) Cucumber seeds 100gms=Kes2050/=
3) D.A.P fertilizer 10kgs=Kes3290/=
4) Labour Kes= 1500/=
Thanks in advance and kindly fund my project.





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Pay It Forward

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Sep 17, 2022

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Service fee: $3.21

Pay It Forward contribution: $3.84

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Fullerton, United States

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Nov 1, 2022

    Good morning zidisha team,
    I am still in touch with my clients whom have promised to offset the amount of money I owe them after I supplied them with the farm produce.
    Immediately they pay me, I will send my loan to you. Thankyou for the patience as I look forward to good customers whom will be paying the farm produce on time.
    Kind regards

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Oct 7, 2022

    This has been caused by the produce I had harvested being delivered to my customer late and he did not pay as agreed although he promised to offset it by the coming week,which will give me a point to pay my installments normally.
    Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Sep 18, 2022

    Hello zidisha,
    I kindly want to tell all my backers that I successfully received the loan yesterday for my farming to be good. Thanks and remain blessed always.

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Sep 17, 2022

    Thank you lender wisdom2080 and Alex Oliver for entrusting me with rhe loan. I humbly accept the loan for my farming expansion.

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Sep 16, 2022

    Hello backers,this is a thankyou message for you all for funding my previous loan. Receive my gratitude and looking forward to more of your support soon. Thank you

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Sep 10, 2022

    Today I was able to sell part of my farm produce , specifically kales and managu at a good profit which made me meet my payment instalment on time.
    As time approaches nearer, I will also sell my other part of vegetables (dania and spinach)which will be harvested by this sunday by the same customer.
    To my lenders, I register your effort in making my venture miles ahead .

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Sep 4, 2022

    Dear zidisha,
    I want make some progress regarding my farming. I bought more seeds and some raw manure. Now ,since i planted they have germinated and within few weeks i will be trans-planting the kales and spinach seedlings to the already prepared section in my farm.Its amazing to part of this great zidisha family.

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Aug 27, 2022

    Thanks team zidisha. I have successfully received your funds. I will update you on my progress as we ealk together in this journey to better our lives and helping others in our society.
    Remain blessed always

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  • Lenny Kibiru    Aug 27, 2022

    Thanking all the lenders for entrustin me with te the loan. To lender IsaacGyapong,lender Margret Soita and lender Alidu Adam, receive my warm appreciation.
    God bless you.

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