Selling fresh local vegetables

Loveness Nanjamba

Chingola, Zambia

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Loveness Nanjamba

Member since

September 2020

On-time repayments

24 installments  •  63%

About Me

My name is loveness Nanjamba. i was born in 1997 in my village home town in kasempa. I was born in a family of 4 children and am the third born. When i was 5 years old my parents found a job in the mine in chingola. I started my primary education and went up to grade 9. Unfortunately my father was involved in a mine accident that gave him permanent injury of the eyes. So he stopped work and thats how i couldnt manage to continue to be in school. But if i have a chance i can go back to school. I then decided to start selling vegetables and other farm food at the market to help my young brother and also to assist me buy food at home. That is how i started my business. I have been selling at the market for 3 years now.

My Business

I started my business in 2007. before that i could just work in peoples home but i saw an opportunity to be selling vegetables at the market. Every person in my community need food and one of the food bought everyday although in small demand is vegetables, tomatoes, onions etc.
I do have much capital at the moment but i put money together with my friend ..we buy bags of vegs and tomatoes we share then each one sells for herself. I order these food once a week, sometimes if i sell everthing i order again. I spend k50 on transport and order goods for K3,500. i also pay for the stand where i sell i pay everyday and also for storage.I make some little profit which i invest back. But sometimes i have to buy food at home to help my mother.

Loan Proposal

I thank all my lenders for the last loan. My business has been improving everytime. I need to order additional items for sale on my stand. I will order boxes of tomatoes, ginger , lemons and fruits and am sure to make profit.Once i make the profit i will buy enough food at home and reinvest the rest in my business i can see my business increasing with help from lenders . Thank you in advance.

Income Source

if my business face any risks in the economy, I can still find other means to repay the loan., I am good and like taking care of kids so when i face any challenge with business, i can easily take care of people's children especially that schools have open parents are busy with kids and may need help. i can make money from there





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 10, 2021

Repayment status


Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $20.94

Credit risk payment: $75.42




United States


Craig Newmark

United States

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