To put toward repairing a/c in car (Uber & Bolt driver)

Delali Asamany

Accra, Ghana

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Delali Asamany


Accra, Ghana

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About Me

Hi guys. I am 32 years old and a very hard working driver. I drive Uber and Bolt. I love driving because it's quite therapeutic for me. I am looking at building a good relationship with Zidisha and all the investors so I can eventually borrow money to expand my business to multiple cars hiring other hard working drivers who will bring in a great return on investment.

My Business

I drive a ride hailing app called Uber and occasionally Bolt. The business works like this: I buy fuel and then drive at peak hours between 4am and 12 noon as well as 4pm to 8pm. Within these hours prices are higher because of surges in the fares. I am looking at saving from this business to get another car. And then continue the cycle. The transport business is a booming business in Ghana and has a lot of prospects. I look forward to a favourable partnership that will eventually build a huge business that employs a host of young men and women.

Project Proposal

I intend to fix my Air-conditioning and hob with this money. A lot of my riders have been complaining of an unbearable sound the car makes. And they also complain that the Air-conditioning isn't working like it should. I want to give them quality service so that I can get higher ratings. With this in place, I will be able to work hard towards my quest of buying other cars and employing more youth to build an empire in the transportation business. I am hoping that with your financing and my commitment to hard work, your outfit will be part of the journey.





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Pay It Forward

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Sep 14, 2021

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Service fee: 5% of $24.14 = $1.17

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