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About Me

My name is Evans Kemboi, christian and a business man living in Nairobi, Pipeline estate. I am a college certificate holder which i gained after completing my Collage studies. In my business, i own a shop, i started this business becasue i enjoy running it and also since its part of my daily life. i also get good returns and income that enables me to move on with life.

I started this business at this place since there are thousands of people residing in this place and they all have to shop each day. Even thou i face challenges from other business people, I still appreciate since there are many customers but I need to put more effort so as to attract more of them.

If only I was given that chance to get some extra cash I would expand my business and also pay the loan on time since I know my business will pick-up fast and give good earnings in future.

My Business

Business location:

The proposed business is located in Embakasi along Outer ring road opposite pipeline estate. The business has been operational for one year now and is scheduled to expand its operations this season. The location is well fed with tarmac road, constant electricity and the security is tight in the area as the police station is a few meters away from the site. The location is also strategic for the business idea due to high population in the area.

My business requires a future additional capital of KSH. 440,000 for expansion which will be realized through the following sources:
My savings 120,000
Loan 320,000
Total 440,000

What My Business Offer:
I am mainly concerned with solely offering quality food and household products and services to the customers with personalized services to ensure the business meets customers’ needs and desire for satisfaction which will attract more customers and retain the current ones. My business is still at its early stages but with effective promotion and advertisements i believed that it will expand tremendously by mid next year. My main target customers are pipeline and Embakasi residents, Outer-ring road users and the surrounding areas.

Business goals:

- To increase and maximize profit to meet its expectation of rapid expansion.
- To exploit and grow the current existing opportunity.
- To create self-employment and employment for others
- To provide affordable and quality products and services to the community at large.
- To improve provision of services to target more customers and to start outdoor services so as to increase the customer base, thus facilitating increased clientele.
- To Grow and open up more branches in different parts of the city.
- Reach more clients and use the feedback from the customers to modify the service.
- Expand into the eastern African markets now that eastern Africa market has been opened up.

Marketing plan
The key objectives of marketing of the proposed business will be:
i) To develop and implement effective strategies in line with dynamic forces in the business environment so as to ensure appropriate market share.
ii) To identify and retain customers through application of customers, friendly policies as a mean of measuring the business goals.

The main competitors of my business are shops and big supermarkets in Embakasi and pipeline area, other emerging smaller shops around who also sell food products and other household products and services as well are also becoming a threat to my business. Each of these competitors poses a threat to my business because they are strategically located on the main routes in the area and have been operating for a long time now. However, because my business is customer oriented, and offers services promptly plus the high quality services and affordable products, which the competitors don’t have, i hope to get an upper hand by planning to market my products and services aggressively. I fully hope to lead the pack in the next 12 months upon embarking on expansion of business operations.

Loan Proposal

am a businessman who has been on business activities for a long period of time and i believe that a successful business must be accompanied by some basic things such as good capital which i had and as well good stock. Therefore with Zidisha loan i will be able to add up to my stock and this will help my business grow. This will be a great deal and in six months i will be able to have a big company delivering many services and i will be able to start a new firm.





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Classic Loan

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Aug 28, 2013

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26 months

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Lender interest: $98.84 at 7.53% annual rate over 26 months = $16.50

Service fee: $10.97

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