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Kenneth Okpechi

Accra, Ghana

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Kenneth Okpechi

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October 2020

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About Me

My name is Kenneth Okpechi, I am a resident of Adenta in the greater Accra region of Ghana, a member of zidisha, i am married with three children, I hold a Degree in administration, from the University of Ghana legon, Masters in finance and soon graduating from a PhD programme in management with a University in Cambodia. I am into animal and poultry farming. I also operate an NGO , where I take care of orphans and the less privileged .aside these, I run other businesses in the area of distance learning programs facilitation, Agent to the following companies ; electricity company of Ghana , Ghana water company, Mtn, Vodafone Ghana, and a supermarket operator .
I use the little profit i make to support the orphanage and my family as well .i am very successful in business and i have challenges footing the expenses of the Orphans and the less privileged in my care due to this recent time of covid 19 ,in fact it started affecting my business because schools, churches and general activities were at a halt. Including our foreign donors and remittances we receive during visitation was halt , so I took the step to venture into poultry/ animal farming , which I started about three months ago, but still doing my other businesses along side .I started to raise about 300 cockerels and it was very interesting, some got sick and I had to build a sick bay for them , likewise some of the animals. As you can see in the post .
In this few months of experience, I want to venture in a bigger space and raise more and even include , layers , broiler, Turkey,
I will need your support towards my business, I also promise to remain faithful in repayment so that I can get a maximum support in the feature to build my business to the international market.
In case of failure in repaying, my dept, I will pay off from my personal savings over the years, my wife and friends who also serve as my business partners will pitch into help in case of any default, I believe that their wouldn't be a problem as far as paying back is concern because of my multiple streams of income and revenues.

My Business

I am into all sorts of businesses, the first one is green mountains: Ltd .
We are dealers in glosories, provisions, baby care , beauty and health, electricity and electronics ,men and women wear , electricity company of Ghana light vending, collection of Bill: water bill, light bill, money transfer services etc
I use my profit to support the orphans, homeless, and the vulnerable. And my family too. This company is dully registered and approved under the laws of Ghana to operate business.
The second one is: distance learning programs, helping the youth that are less privileged gain a sponsored admission to further their education, as such become great men and women in our society.
The third one is the Animals/ poultry farm which I started about three months now , I have the .small and medium size of pigs and the poultry as well.

Loan Proposal

My name is Kenneth okpechi, I am into animal/ poutry farming , If I get this loan , I am going to invest it into my farming business, buy more pigs /broilers and layers as well .get a specious place for a larger production. And I will pay back in a short possible time to enable me get your trust for a maximum loan in a future.

Income Source

In the week of the covid 19 pandemic, many businesses face risk , but I can repay my loan because I have suppliers will to buy my products. Livestock is a daily consumable products , which our market base is from the churches , schools, bars , supermarkets, and restaurants . And currently the are functioning in my country. Repayment will not be a problem at all. I can also take from my savings account to repay or my family and friends can help out .but It will not get to that , i promise to repay back my loan on time to gain the opportunity for a bigger one.





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Classic Loan

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Dec 11, 2020

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On Time

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1 week



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