Assist me with finances to construct two beehives

Alex Odhiambo

Siaya,kenya, Kenya

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Alex Odhiambo


Siaya,kenya, Kenya

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About Me

My name is Alex Odhiambo ,being born and brought up in a humble family of Mr &Mrs Tom Ndati.I am the second born in our family.i have gone through primary and secondary school education respectively,after i compeleted my secondary school education i joined another organization in our area that was teaching people on how to do Bee farming projects.i worked with them for about two years where i gained alot of experience and become interested with this kind of job.i approached my father whom i introduced the idea to him and he become interested,but he told me he can't manage the project unless i am ready to do the project myself.i accepted the idea because that what i wanted to do and he agreed to give me a place to carry on with the project and he financed me.from where i stay and my father farm is not far i saw it as an advantage because is only 20 meters far .Being brought up from a strict Christian background i am the Secretary of the Youth in our church,i love swimming ,making new friends and reading alot i.e magazines ,Bible ,Newspapers and Documenty Catalogues.

My Business

started my Bee farming with the help of my fathers support in agreement that i will refund the money ,i accepted because i had not enough money to start this kind of project,with also the help of my employer the setting up of the beehives was not a problem and also the selling of the honey was guaranteed because the organization was offering the buying of the honey as the by product from the farmers ,giving me confidence that the business will grow without any problems as of where i will be selling the honey.This business is of its kind especially from this place because not so many people are into this business and also young people have not embraced it so much because they concentrate on white color jobs.I have also employed two young men to help me around the farm while i am not around and we co-ordinate on maintenance at the farm.
The area receives adequate amount of rainfall and temperature favorable for Bee Keeping.Currently my source of revenue comes from the sale of the honey from my farm.This money has helped me to pay back the money my father financed me ,it is also the profit that i get to cater for my upkeep ,pay for my bills ,give a token to my parents and have some amount to take to my account as my savings for the future progress.Thank you so much for your kind support.

Loan Proposal

I take this humble time to Thank the entire Team of Zidisha for the kind support and opportunity you have accorded to my business to progress,for this particular loan i am going to channel it to the construction of Two Beehives at a cost of USD 90,This means alot to my project because an additional beehives means the additional harvest of the honey and also income,the increase on income and profit will help me alot to cater for the bills comfortably ,paying of the loan effectively and to adequately save for the future progress.Thank You very much for the kind support.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 14, 2015

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

13 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $5.01

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