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Siaka Tou
Karfiguela, Burkina Faso
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Disbursed Amount: $1,119.03
Date Disbursed: Aug 9, 2011
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $86.28
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $1,119.03 at 2.71% annual rate over 12 months = $30.33

Service Fee: $1,119.03 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $55.95

Total Loan Cost:
$30.33 + $55.95 = $86.28

About Me

Hello, my name is Siaka Tou. I am 22 years old and I am a farmer who comes from Karfiguela in the south-west of Burkina Faso. I grow rice, corn, peas, potatoes, peanuts and vegetables. Also, I work with my dad to raise beef. The waterfalls of Karfiguela, the most popular tourist site in Burkina Faso, are situated in my village. When I do not work in the fields I guide the visitors to the waterfalls and the other tourist sites. I have been a volunteer with the Peace Corps, an American NGO for three years. I have two goals: I want to help the development of Karfiguela and I want to run a restaurant. It is very important that I diversify the revenue in the tourism industry.

My Business

The tourism infrastructure of Karfiguela is under-developed even by the standards of West Africa. There is no food, drinks, or accommodations less than 10 km from the waterfalls, thus, there is an opportunity to profit from the numerous visitors who visit the waterfalls. Right now, I have built a restaurant and hostel near the entrance of the waterfalls. I work with my brothers and the Peace Corps volunteers to build the building, the majority of the Zidisha funding will be used for a freezer to conserve food and drinks (300,000fcf or 641 USD). Also, I will buy a door and iron window to protect the things in the building (60000fcf or 128 USD). Before the opening of the restaurant I will buy tables and chairs, gas, plates, and drinks. The menu of the restaurant will be comprised of meals with high margins that Western tourists like and also local meals for African clients. After the initial costs, there will not be fixed monthly costs, the variable costs are the food and the drinks and the gas for the refrigerator and freezer. I think that the restaurant will earn 100000fcfa (213 USD) in profit each month after the rooms of the hostel are constructed the profits will grow. The restaurant will aid the development of Kargiguela, I am going to buy local products like bissap, palm wine, and dry mangos and souvenirs directly from girls and women in the village. The men are going to be tourist guides, I will reinvest the profit to grow the enterprise and the next thing I am going to build are the rooms of the hostel. In the future I want to create a bike tour so clients can visit the tourist sites.

Loan Proposal

With the Zidisha loan, I will buy a refrigerator, a door, a window, tables, chairs, plates, spoons, gas for the kitchen, knives, pans, a plastic barrel for water, ice, different food, road signs for the restaurant, plastic tableware, baskets, an arrangement in front of the restaurant for traditional things (necklaces, masks, etc), the construction of a small compartment for pizza, similarly, cases of different drinks with glasses, a shed for parking, and another for the tourists of the waterfall to rest in.

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About Me

bonjour je m'appelle siakatou.j'ai de 22ans et je suis un cultivateur qui vient de karfiguela dans le sus-ouest du burkinafaso je cultive le riz le mais le poit de terre les arachides et les leguemes.aussi je travaille avec mon pere a l'elevage des boeufs les cascades de karfiguela le site touristique plus populaire au burkina sont situè dans mon village.quand je ne travaille par aux champ je guide les visiteurs aux cascades et les autres sites touristiques.il y a trois ans,je suis un volontaire avec le corpde la paix,un ong american.j'ai deux buts:je veux aider le développent de karfiguela et je veux lancer nu restaurant.c'est très importantque jediversifie le revenu a l'industrie de tourisme.

My Business

l'infrastructure de tourisme de karfiguela est sous-développée meme selon les normes de l'afrique de l'ouest.il n y a pas la nourritures , les boissons ou lhébergement moin 10kilomètres des cascades,donc il y a une opportunitéde profite de nombreux visiteurs qui visitent les cascades.maintenant,j'aiconstruis nu restaurantet auberge près l'entrance des cascades.je travaille avec mes frères et les volontaires de corps de la paix pour construire le bàtiment la majoorité de financement de zidisha sera utlise pour un congélateur pour conserver les aliment et les boissons (300000fcf)aussi j'achèterair un porte et fenètre en fer pour bien garde les choses dans le bàtiment (60000fcf)avant l'ouverture du restaurant j'achèterai les tables et les chaises,le gaz les assiettes,et les boissons.la carte de restaurnant va comprendre les repas avec les marges èlévees que les touristes occidentaux aimerant et aussi les repas local pour les clients africains.après les coutes initiaux il n'y aura pas les coutes mensuelles fixées les coutes vriables sont les aliments les boissons et le gaz pour frougaut et congélateur.je pense que le restaurants va gagners 100000 bénéfice chaque mois après les chambres d'aubergementsont construits le bénéfice augmentera. le restaurant va aider le développement de karfiguela je vais acheter les produits locaux comme bissap,vin de palme et mangues fruits secs et souvenires directement des filles et femmes au village les hommes vont etres les guides touristiques je vais réinvestir la bénéfice pour augmenter l'entreprise et la prochaine chose je vais construires les chambres d'auberge dans le future je veux créer un excursion de vélo anfin que les clients peuvent visiter les sites touristiques.

Loan Proposal

avec le prete de zidisha je vais achette d'un friguot d'une porte,
d'une fenétre, des tables, des chaises, desassiettes, des cuièllères,
le gaz pour la cuisine, les couteaux, des casseroles, une barique en
plastique pour l'eau, d'une glaciaire, des nourritures differents, des
panots d'indication pour le restaurant, le basile en plastique, les
vaniers, une disposition de devente de restaurant pour les chosses
traditionnelles (collié maxeques ect), la construction d'une petite
case pour le pizza, de meme les caisses de boissons different avec des
verres, une hangart pour parking, et un autre pour le repos des
clients ou tourism de la cascade.

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  • melliecarma     Aug 17, 2014


    166,51 usd lost on this loan alone well. thanks a lot.

    I don't know what happened. This is irritating me even more as your previous loan was completely repaid in time. I'm not here to loose money you know. mostly due to you and one other guy i have a negative overall lender balance on Zidisha now. Even when i fund 60 completed projects i loose nearly 300 usd instead of getting a return. the remaining 5 borrowers are all repaying late. You should be ashamed. Not because of repayment issues of your own but because you're giving other borrowers a bad name - which they don't deserve. And because creditors like me can't afford to burn money and refrain from financing new loans. It's a pity, I really liked your project.

  • Megivern     Sep 18, 2012


    Great job Siaka! Your hard work has already helped change the village!!

  • CatholicNetworking     Sep 13, 2012


    Repaid in full, thank you.

  • melliecarma     Aug 18, 2012


    i always had fun at the thought that i was investing in a waterfall in burkina faso. it seems crazy to do so but at a closer look it shows to be reasonable. siaka tou has an interesting concept and is pursuing it with full motivation and already planning ahead for the time to come. his project will also give jobs to local villagers and thus have an social impact in the region. this is very positive. on top of that there will also be a zidisha client relationship intern for the country. i daresay this is at least in part a result of mr. tou's efforts... good job!


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Siaka Tou
Karfiguela, Burkina Faso

100% Repaid