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Kiptangwanyi Kenya, Kenya

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Peter Thini

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December 2012

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About Me

my name is peter ndonye and i was born in 1960.I am the first born in a family of 13 children.I joined Muguga Primary school in the year 1960 and didgot 26 points and joined Kajiado township secondary school in the year 1978.My father was jobless and since my immediate two brothers and one sister had also joined secondary school it was not possible for me to continue schooling.I therefore dropped out from school in form two.I had then no other option but to start looking for a job i started construction work in Gilgil town,This kind of job was rerely found and therefore i decided to venture in the business world.Naturally i desarted an interest in baking since i had no enough capital i had to make my own bakings and start from there.I made one and started a bakery at my home center using locally found materials.I finally got a profit and i was able to buy a bicycle for transportation of my products.My property was stolen from my store in the year 1997 and reported the matter to police but i dint get them.

My Business

I ventured in the business in the 1983 since i had no enough capital i made but i had my own made cooking materials.I started a small bakery in my home ground area at a center called getare In gilgil products were breads scorns and cakes.I used to sell my products to the local community and later distribute with a bicycle to the nearby centers after making some profit.In the year 1991 I transfered my business to gilgil town and while on gilgil my business did well and i was able to purchase 10 bugs of baking flour from Unga limited in Nakuru town. by then i had employed four staff members one to supply the products using the bicycle and the rest three could assist me in the production of the products i expanded the business and i could make 15,000 kenya shillings per month.In 2004 i transferred my business from gilgil to my home ground area called kiptangwanyi where i am located now.the business is doing well here at kiptangwanyi.I also repair cylinders jikos in various hotels and schools around Nakuru Gilgil and in our division as a whole i am using rented machins and i am sure if i get financial assistance i can set a very good example to the coming generation and my family living standards.

Loan Proposal

dear lenders, its my pleasure to apply for my third loan.the second loan boosted my business in a very big impact. this is great to me and also to the entire zidisha team. with this third loan, i hope to buy a new bicycle which will cost 4500 ksh. the bicycle will help me in transporting my bakery products from one destination to the other.i currently have at least ten customers who usually relies with my products. i will be able to supply them easily with my bakery employee who uses a lot of time walking with heavy loads of breads and cakes will ride the bicycle easily and have enough time to supply without any this case, this loan will help me very much.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 10, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $50.92 at 9.61% annual rate over 2 months = $1.02

Service fee: $0.39



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Duisburg, Germany

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