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Salome Ondego

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About Me

My name is Salome Ondego. I come from Usire Village, Bondo Sub-County ,Siaya County in Kenya. I am married with six children.
I am a teacher by profession and is self employed. I am involved in education of children and community development projects in the rural village to improve livelihoods and poverty alleviation.

My Business

My name is Salome Ondego. I am the Director of Ebenezer Usire Academy, a low cost private primary school established in the rural village to provide quality education to vulnerable children, especially the girl child.
The school was started in 2014 and has a population of 258 pupils from ECDE to Grade 8.
The funds generated from fees payments is used to pay staff salaries and for lunch preparation. The school makes a profit of roughly 10,000 kes. Some of this money usually is used for maintenance of the school buildings and furniture.
I'm planning to get a loan to purchase an oven for baking bread for sale to the community to help the school generate more funds. The cost of an oven is about 30,000 kes.
The funds generated will be used to sponsor some of the children who have difficulty in paying their school fees and for development of the school to improve performance.

Project Proposal

I plan to buy an oven for School Bakery Project to make bread and scones for sale to the community around the School. This will be an income generating project to boost funds for development of the school. My school is located in rural village and some parents have difficulty in paying the low school fees, so part of the profit will be used to subsidize fees for children from poor families.
The cost of the oven is 30,000 Kes. This oven will bake 60 loaves of Bread (250 gms) and 60 pieces of Scones at 30 kes and 10 kes each respectively. The sales will generate a profit of about 30,000 kes.
This extra income will assist in school development for better quality of education.

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Dec 15, 2022: Ebenezer usire academy graduation





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Dec 20, 2022

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