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Bridget Kithuka

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January 2018

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About Me

I am Bridget Ndunge, a 26 year old single mother with a beautiful daughter named Tamara. I completed my O levels in 2010 and proceeded to undertake my undergraduate degree at Kabarak University. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Management Information Technology in August 2017.

My childhood memories are so vivid in my mind as if they happened a few years ago but one incident which I can still remember up to today was when I was in class 7, I did something horrible that made me a better person. I was baking with my aunt who is a pastry chef and she asked me to assist her in applying the icing sugar on a client’s cake. By then the use of fondant wasn’t that common. I was so excited at the opportunity since it was my passion to be baker. Since I had watched her decorate a client’s cake, I thought I would do a good job. I started off well in the first few minutes but when I was spreading the icing on the rest of the cake, I blundered. Instead of applying icing gently on the cake, I applied more force and the cake crumbled. I was so shocked that I stood still for a few seconds not knowing what to say or do. To my surprise, my aunt was not angry as I had imagined. She was quick to reassure me that mistakes do happen and one is supposed to be more careful when handling delicate projects.

She also told me that when undertaking any cake baking and decoration project, it’s good to at least have a backup plan incase such incidences happen. My aunt assured me that she will teach me how to do it without crumbling the cake. After the educative session, she pulled out a fresh cake from the oven and proceeded to decorate it while explaining each step. I watched keenly so as to avoid my earlier mistake again.

After watching the final result, my interest in baking grew. Since then, any free time I had after school became a perfect opportunity to join her and learn more. During the holidays, I would help her bake and decorate cakes. Sooner than later, I was able to learn the basics. One day, I was challenged to bake a cake for my sister for her birthday. I took the challenge positively and to the amazement of everyone, the end result was perfect. Since then, my passion for baking cakes and decorating them grew making me a better baker. When I finished my O levels, my parents wanted me to undertake a business course which I did but my passion was in baking. I made the resolution of pursuing my true passion as a side hustle as I undertook my undergraduate studies.

During my time in campus, I hustled for a part time job and got to work as an Mpesa agent (mobile money transfer agent). I saved money from my part time job which enabled me to undertake an online cake baking course. Once I completed the caking baking course, I started my business as a pastry chef so that I would afford to pay for a nanny and the upkeep of my baby. From my Mpesa agent part time job, I earned KES 5000. To get my first clients, I started advertising via word of mouth. I told my friends first then my school mates. Thanks to my initiative, whenever a friend or classmate had a birthday or a graduation, I would be called upon to make a cake and prepare snacks like mandazis, kebabs and samosas. I did this because I am the sole provider for my baby and I had to concentrate in my studies too. It was very challenging juggling work, school and the baby but I gave it my all. I finished my course and got employed at car Sale Company earning a salary of KES 20,000 every month.

In Kenya, people are very hospitable, hardworking and are eager to innovate in various ways to improve the lives of many.

My daughter is still young and is quite difficult to understand what she wants to be in future but as a parent I will make sure that I will support her in whichever career she chooses to pursue.

My hobbies include baking, travelling, picnic, reading novels, adventures and watching movies.

My Business

My business entails baking unique and custom made cakes and also preparing different snacks like mandazis, samosas and kebabs upon request by a client.

My services are useful and on demand because many people nowadays celebrate special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduation, baby showers and also valentines with custom made cakes.

I chose this kind of business because I have a passion in baking. Watching the smile on the face of my clients after enjoying the unique taste available in my cakes really makes my day.
I love the feeling of making something beautiful and something that other people enjoy.

My typical cost for a 1kg cake includes flour, milk, eggs, sugar, baking powder, oil and fondant is roughly cost KES 1000.My revenue comes from my fulltime job as a sale representative at a car company in Nakuru and my monthly pay is KES 20,000.
I use the profits to reinvest in my growing business since am still living with my parents. I hope to move out of my parent’s home and start living on my own. This will allow me to continue providing for my daughter and also expand my business to other counties in our country.

Loan Proposal

I am trying to build up my dream of establishing a baking (cakes,pastries,sweets,queen cakes,muffins) business.The loan I take from zidisha has helped me buy the instruments to start my baking business, though I still have a long way to go I'm grateful.The loan I'm borrowing today is to find a way to better my delivery of cakes and pastries to my clients,with good presentation.





  • John    Mar 30, 2018

    Good job on the repayment, good luck in the future

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Classic Loan

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Nov 18, 2018

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4 weeks

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