Barbed wire and poles to fence my farm

Andrian Wesonga

Butula, Kenya

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Andrian Wesonga

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January 2015

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About Me

My name is Andrian wesonga, I am the fifth born in our family. I went to Ojamii primary school and later went to Bungoma high school. I later joined Moi University to study Agricultural Resource management.
I successfully completed my first year but could not go back to college for my second year of study because of lack of school fees,I went back home and started teaching as a untrained teacher in the nearby primary school, getting $30 in a month. Since I had to serve for my college fees, I had to find better things to do,that is when i decided to try my hand in horticulture farming. Armed with $100 I tilled a quarter acre of land,and planted tomatoes and capsicum. After 3 months I smiled my way to the bank to pay my school fees. I am currently in service continued third year university student.
I come from the Bukusu community ,we have diverse culture,including traditional male circumcision.During the season which happens after every two years,it is always fun ,dancing and singing. However this tradition is slowly dying because most elite parents prefer taking their children to hospital.
I am a like socializing,giving motivational speeches to my peers and watching soccer during my free time.

My Business

I am horticulture farmer specializing in vegetables crops. I grow assorted high value crops including capsicum,tomatoes ,pumpkins and kale's. I always do crop rotation and only plant crops I consider will be high in demand at particular season.
Vegetables are always very important in any society for their nutritive reasons . I choose this business because it was less capital intensive and had high returns.
My average costs in a month range from $60-$120 depending on the season and crop grown. my revenues average between $200-$500 in month.
I use 80% of my income for paying my school fees as well as paying school fees for my siblings. 10% for general family expenses and 10% for my savings.

Loan Proposal

Hello lenders,I hope you are doing fine. Back here me and my family are doing well. I am so happy for the progress I have made ever since I got my first loan. I always believe in my dreams and I thank you for helping me achieve them.
I am requesting you to help me fence my farm so that I can get rid of losses due to human -animal conflict. when monkeys and goats attacked the farm,the loss is always devastating. my tomatoes are now flowering and I have to protect the farm to avoid losses. Fencing off the farm will cost me approximately $500. I will top up the loan with my savings to enable me do the fencing as fast as possible. Thank you in advance dear lenders . And may you enjoy your time.






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Classic Loan

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May 29, 2015

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3 months

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Service fee: $15.94




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