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Francis Omongoluk

Nairobi, Kenya

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Francis Omongoluk

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April 2017

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About Me

my name is francis itengo omongoluk and i am interested in your services. I went to kakapel primary school in western Kenya where i completed my primary education. Life was not so easy that time whereby i used to walk several kilometers every morning to school. you can imagine walking that long bear foot with too much cold in my mountain location. My focus in life and hard work propelled me to completing my primary education. I managed to pass well and emerged the first in my school and i went to kolanya boys high school for my secondary education. I worked hard and also managed to complete secondary education. After high school i never wanted to stay idle after lacking money to go to college. I had to look for some job to do to earn a living. I landed a small job in a private security firm and that is what i have been depending upon to support me financially. i saved some money monthly till it was enough to buy some groceries for sale and that is how my small business came up.

My Business

I sell groceries to the people around my locality. I decided to sell groceries because i came to learn that they are the ones on daily use in many households. i chose to deal with these goods because they are readily available all year long in the market. I use some of the profits other house needs and i spare some for business growth.
From the grocery business I have been doing I am glad to say that I discovered a new business opportunity and that is beekeeping. I decided to spare some cash from my business in addition to the loan I received from zidisha and managed to purchase some beehives. I currently have ten beehives in my apiary. With the harvest coming from the beehives I am sure my revenue will increase.

Loan Proposal

I intend to increase stock in my grocery store and also add three (3) more beehives to the current number that I have. One beehive will cost me fifty (USD50) dollars and for the three beehives I will spend one hundred and fifty dollars (USD150) to acqure. The rest of the money will go to restocking my grocery and a little for logistics like transportation and instalation of the beeehives. This will be so beneficial to me in that my grocery business will continue to grow and at the same time my customers will continue to benefit more from the availability of the goods they require. On the other hand, the beekeeping venture I am workin on will also be building up towards commercial status. In the near future I expect my profits to double.

Income Source

I understand that the current situation is posing the biggest challenge, especially to businesses. However, life has to go on and people must eat, that is why I have to provide more for my customers in my grocery store. Although sales revenue is not as it used to be, at least I make some sales in my grocery store. The much I will get is what I will use to repay the loan. I make sure that I have a wide variety of goods in the store to make sure that the need of each customer is met i.e I cast my net wider. On the other hand, my beekeeping project is doing well and soon I will make my first harvest and with this in mind repaying the loan won't be a problem for me.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 24, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

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Service fee: $14.57

Credit risk payment: $11.65



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