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Maureen Aketch

Nairobi, Kenya

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Maureen Aketch

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March 2015

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About Me

My names are Maureen aketch , am a firstborn in my family and started Zidisha before l got married but now am married with two kids. Zidisha has been a platform of my success. l was brought up in poverty, going to school was very tuff. making ends meet was real struggle, by but Gods grace a friend introduced me to Zidisha , n ever since things have never been the same. things grew from bad to better, I even afforded to take my siblings to school, since l started a business of selling second hand clothings for babies. l would source them from the local market and hack the clothes. the return was great and by the time l was taking my second loan, l got a shop and sold from there. l have a liking and great love for clothes and smartness. this inspired me so much. l got clients that were sent by other client, since l bought the best clothes, by the time I took my third loan l had introduced even diapers that l sent per piece, l notted that people could not buy the entire packet since my hood people hustle a lot. l just love my business.

My Business

my business is something that l have loved doing,I love it with my heart. it has grown from hawking, to a sizeable shop. The returns are great .The interest rate is almost 80% , there was a time my shop was broken in too, but God helped me and l picked up. l now want to buy bails, and open my self. by this l will hang the camera clothes ( the very smart ones) first class then the small ones sell cheaply and continue that way. the profit has enabled me, even employ a casual who stands in for me when l take the clothes to people in offices and even go to the market. l know God will touch your hearts and you lend me more, l grow and even pay my daughter fee.

Loan Proposal

My previous business, that is still ongoing enabled me have some savings, and i thought that since in my home area, Nyanza, the place is very remote, and the roads are terrible for a taxi, i thought and want to buy this bodaboda so that i can use it a source of employment to my brother , who is not employed at home, and at the same time still have an extra income . The bodaboda is around ,1000 dollars, get an insurance, and a licence , buy the protection gear and will be ready for the business. my said brother has been working for someone else, but the owner decided to use the bodaboda himself, for delivery services around siaya county.

My brother has experience, and so there is no risk, of loosing the bike to a person i dont know. the bike will give me upto 5dollars aday that is after paying him and fueling, and not forgetting my other business is still ongoing. Am very happy fellow , since am sure the zidisha team will never late me down. Its my prayer that God bless u guys so much, and in future i will add more boda bodas in my locality. will not only create employment but a blessing to people around home, because most people use bikes, which are slow and less comfortable and easily brake down.

It is my humble plea that you consider me grow , and God will bless zidisha team big time.The money have saved will be a top up in starting this business that is giving me sleepless nights, believing i will never be the same again.The best part of it all is that i dont have to be there practically, i will be running my other business of baby boutique, while him working for me, just sending me the money via mpesa.I pray and hope that you will help me not only help me grow, but create employment too. two birds with one stone. And within no time i will be done with repaying the loan and enjoying my bodaboda with full profits.

Thank you in advance.blessings





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

May 31, 2018

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

2 months

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Service fee: $9.57

Credit risk payment: $47.86




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