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Lucy Mbaru

Maweni, Kenya

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Lucy Mbaru

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November 2012

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315 installments  •  45%

About Me

I Lucy chivatsi mbaru, am married and have five children.The names of my children are as follows Harrison mbaru, Kenneth mbaru, kelvin mbaru,celian mbaru,zawadi mbaru and Tom mbaru.Harrison completed his form four course and now he is working as a mechanics,Kenneth will be in form four next term that is next year ,celian got married when she was in class seven and zawadi will be in class eight next year and tom will be in class six next year. iam a teacher and i still have two in college 1st year . i reside at tezo Maweni Magorani the first loan i borrowed i used it to bought one dairy cow to to at least provide my family with milk. the latest loan assisted in paying college fees and home a dairy farmer practicing here in kilifi rural.i produce milk about fifty lit res in a day.The main reason of joining to business is to earn for a living and the same time getting my dairy bread.From the earnings i get i use them also for the payment of school fees and for the family improvement.

My Business

From the cows i sell milk to my neighbors and the community.because of the locality we are in there is big demand of milk in the machine cut quarries for the workers.During dry season milk production reduces and therefore i have to struggle to look for hey . i get a hard time because there is no transport to collect hey from far where its available. otherwise it is profitable when well maintained.A lit re goes for Kenya shillings thirty,so i make Kenya shillings one thousands five hundred in a day and in a month i do make a cool Kenya shillings fort five thousands .expenses is about Kenya shillings twenty one thousands The balance of Kenya shillings can be used to pay back my lenders.Also my customers or many people prefer or come for my business or milk because i do talk to them politely hence we become friends and therefore they do not let me down .The cows i keep are Frisian and i built a structure for them that is i practice zero grazing .I also built a milking pa lour where i take the cow there when the time of milking has reached .

Loan Proposal

Hello my dear lenders and all zidisha staff, am so thankful for this opportunity. First thank you for your help in assisting my business financially. Am really happy that my deliveries are made in good time from the bicyle i bought from my previous loan. With this loan i would like to add more value to my business by introducing vegetable farming. As i have enough faterlizer i will use the money to buy water pipes because we have a good suply of water nearby. And yhen buy seeds for the vegetables. This will add value as i have my neighbors as my customets. Thank you once again.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 22, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $148.33 at 5.30% annual rate over 3 months = $2.12

Service fee: $1.43




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