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Alex Katete

Lusaka Zambia, Zambia

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Alex Katete

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September 2016

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254 installments  •  75%

About Me

My name is Alex Katete a Zambian citizen.I am a grown up youth up to the challenge of making a difference in my family and community. I have grown up in a compound ghetto of my country yet chose to be outstanding to the challenges i mate as i grew up.

My area of residence is Garden house compound which is in the hearts of the capital city of Lusaka, Zambia.
It involves different classed people of where some are working and some just do shifts in the industrial areas which comprises of different factories. It is not different from suburbs where different youth get into drug abuse.
I have now ventured into a new business of a grocery shop near a school. I aim at making it have things of convenience in my community. The shop is located near a school which makes it easier to balance up my earnings whilst serving the community and school pupils as well as the teachers.
I already bought a see through fridge from the last installment and i still have my kazang transactions machine running.
What i will do with the next loan is i firstly will buy a water boiler pot about 10 litres for the cold season to make some hot water available which costs only ZMW 5000, add a deep friear for fresh fried chips and whatever can be for snacks ranging from sausages to fish which cost ZMW 5000 attached to it is kicking with some potatoes costing ZMW 500,cooking oil costing ZMW 800, the rest of the disbursement will cutter for the transaction machine for money, talk time and bills which will balance up my pay backs.

My first child admires being a pilot and would love to become one someday. I have three children now . This is really making me work hard for their future . Not only to satisfy them, but it will help diversify youth empowerment programs on those who can manage to have discipline for programs such as Zidisha loan program.

I love to play chess and video games at my free. But my hobby is listening to documentaries from motivation speakers.

My Business

My business is now a grocery shop which am adding a water boiler of 10litres for the hot season which will cost me ZMW 5000,a frier for fresh chips and sausage snacks which will cost me ZMW 5000, kicking off supplies will cost ZMW 500 for the potatoes, ZMW 800 for the cooking oil and the rest will go into my transaction machine for Electricity,Airtime and Tv subscription units, just to mention a few among all basic domestic transactions that are paid for through wireless transactions, this will help me keep on track my weekly pay back installments.

I look forward to invest in mobile money transaction with this loan as well . Am looking at being the best service provider for these services in my community, because my services will remove the consequences of moving a great distance just to acquire them.
My business is also a support in curbing down the pandemic because this involves less physical movement and they can transact effortlessly.
This will adjust my earnings and will also help me meet the challenge of high cost of living in my country. Monthly sales attracts costs of $20 maintenance and revenue of 3% of total sales out of a month.
Will help me meet school requirements for my children and help pay home rentals and the bills.
This will help me raise my profits although not constant $40 plus a day.
I would like to thank the board of Zidisha lenders and the Zidisha team for this program.

Loan Proposal

The fund will kick off with an addition to the my grocery convenient store by getting a frier at a cost of ZMW 5000, add some 2 ponches of potatoes to start with at ZMW 400, cooking oil at a cost of ZMW, some disposable plates at ZMW 100, will add a whooping water boiler for the winter season for hot water at ZMW 2000, some tea bags for ZMW 200, coffee for 500.
Whatever will remain will remain will catter for the kazang mobile money transaction machine to keep me on track on a hundred percent payback.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jul 15, 2021

Repayment status


Projected term

10 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $48.33




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