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Cornelius O'brien

Kilgoris, Kenya

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Cornelius O'brien

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March 2018

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About Me

Hi. my name is Cornelius O'brien, aged 39 years, a first born in a family of five siblings, a sister and three brothers.
I recently moved to Nakuru city, a rapidly growing business hub, highly driven by population growth due to 2010 devolution which surging urbanization.
I have a Diploma in Computing and have been working as an in IT for the past 15 years.
Before the Covid-19 pandemic I worked contracts in various government and private institutions, and also run a small business in my village that sales clothing materials and clothes, which has been in operation for three years now before closing on 2020.
Seeing the population numbers had grown rapidly in the past few years, I see a potential of growing the business and have seen a swelling population. Two months ago I I moved to Nakuru city for better opportunities after the Covid-19 pandemic. I have been on a temporary contract with Kenyan based company as an IT consultant.
I stay in a rented one bedroom rented house and stays with my family, my wife and our youngest son, since my other children are in boarding school.

My Business

I plan to run a small car-wash business in the heart of the growing city, with the fastest growing urban centers a 2 hours drive from the capital. I have used my savings of Sh.50, 000($500) to lease the facility and purchase equipment. Currently, I am marketing the business and looking for a new clientele for the business with the help on my cousin.
There is great demand for car cleaning with growing population and vehicles this will help see our business flourish despite small starting capital .
Zidisha can help finance the venture to curb the high demand from customers visiting retail shops, supermarket, office blocks as well as business owners within the area.
With funds from profits I have managed to put a small run other complementary services including carpet washing, vacuum cleaning, and laundry in the future, which will increase business revenue.
From my survey on car-wash services, we have a great opportunity since we have no other facilities in our town and this service industry is booming and on high demand.
I have completed putting up a stand and a gate, and working on funds to increase to employ one more attendant to meet growing demand.
For now I seek Sh.2000($20) for a 3 metre banner to help in marketing the business.

Loan Proposal

The demand for shopping bags is too large and we are seeing a potential to tap into the growing demand for banded bags for supermarket and malls. We are in the process of acquiring a cheap printing machine for our shop to brand the bags and be able to generate more revenues.
The Loan will be used to purchase a heat press printing machine to help us Brand our shopping bags as well as increase our inventory.
Printing Press Equipment Ksh. 20,000 ($200)
Shopping Bags Materials Kshs. 35000 ($350)
Staff to Produce the Bags Kshs. 25000 ($250)
Printer and Sublimation Ink Kshs, 20000 ($200)
The branding unit will generate enough amount from our existing clients who have requested a branding of their products.
The department will also be able to offer training to youths at a subsidized fee, after which the youths will have gained skills in branding and making of shopping bags to help them start and run a successful production for other shopping bags and other products like Branded Mugs, T-Shirts, Caps, Plates etc.
The total amount requested for the unit to be setup is Shs.100000 ($1000).





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Classic Loan

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Apr 7, 2018

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On Time

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1 week

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