Building a Standard-5 Classroom

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Date Disbursed: Oct 31, 2016
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About Me

I am Dulo Kikkan, born in 1984, married with two children. I live in Muhoroni and have a nursery school within Muhoroni town. Muhoroni is a densely populated town attracting people of different tribes due to its Sugar and biogas factories.
I have not gone far with my education due to financial constraints. My family is not in a position to help since whatever is found is used to educate my three siblings. Am now left to forge my route alone. I was able to take my wife to an ECDE school where she learned to be a nursery school teacher. After her study she was employed for one year and the salary was too little to help much. I then had a plan of small saving to help me start my nursery school.

I am a trained journalist but jobs are hard to come by.Occasionally am called to take videos during weddings, funerals, birthdays and any other function then am paid. I was able to save this money for one year after my wife finished school then I used it to start a small nursery school

My Business

My business is the nursery school I started. With the little money I had, I talked to a pastor to let me use his church as my classroom because I could not pay rent. I could only buy stationary and few desks. My wife was the only teacher and I was not paying her because there was no money. I began with six children who paying 2USD per month. Two years down the line they are now paying 4.5USD per month. I have 70 children and four teachers. Much of the money I get I use to pay the teachers and buy more stationary. To this point I realize that parent’s expectation is even more thus the constraints are greater than before.

Loan Proposal

Thank you lenders,last year you helped me to build standard 4 classroom,next year January 2017,these pupils who are now in class four will progress to class 5.I don't want them to leave my school and go to other schools because i don't have class 5 classroom,I am kindly asking you to help me so that i can build a classroom for them.This classroom will help me have more than 30 new pupils which will increase my income so much.i will also create one new job for class four teacher.Since my income is increased now,i can easily pay back the loan without difficulty.first i will repay little installment then latter in February as i get more pupils,i will increase my repayment amount so that i clear the loan faster just like i did with the last loan you gave me.I have saved some more to buy building materials but now i need money to buy cement and pay the builders.Please help me.Thank you very much.Dulo Kikkan.

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San Francisco,  United States

Building a Standard-5 Classroom

Dulo Kikkan
Muhoroni, Kenya

35% Repaid