Building a water tank for livestock business

Berur Maison

Thika, Kenya

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Berur Maison

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February 2019

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About Me

Am Berur, of 30yrs, a very hardworking and humble chap, am the 1st born of 4 siblings. I went to Jodan college here in Thika Kenya and attained food and beverage production certification. I got deep interest in mass production of Yogurt. I have perfected the art, that am only waiting for time and resources that i may open my own mass producing company. I also have proper knowledge and skills in fresh farm juice production. At the moment i only do small quantity production in my house, that i do supply to restaurants here in Thika.

My Business

As of now i do produce Yogurt of about 50 Litres per day, that i do supply to my clients here in Thika, i do major on three flavors, Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango. I do use my profits to pay my 2 precious kids education fee and the and try to save small that i may grow the business in the nearby future.I also have 5 dairy cows back in the village but only 2 are lactating as of now, the 3 are expectant and in 3 months time all will be producing milk in high volumes. The demand for Yoghurt here is high that it requires me to do mass production, but the challenges are the capital for buying a bigger deep freezer and renting a production and sales room.

In this Corona pandemic season I thank God that 4 of my dairy cows are lactating and there's plenty of milk to sell .

Loan Proposal

I intend to construct a ground tank for my livestock in the village. Due to the increase in the stock water shortage emerged as an issue and so I must construct the tank that water shortage may be solved.

Income Source

Am glad that the lockdown is lifted in our country and so movement is easy, the easy movement will result in getting more clients to sell my products to.
Again my livestock is a major boost in times of need, infact my livestock made me pay the recent loan having done no work for one month since I had a sick leave.






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Sep 18, 2020

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4 weeks

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