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Wilberforce Oyiengo

Kakamega, Kenya

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Wilberforce Oyiengo

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April 2014

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About Me

Wilberforce Meki Oyiengo was born in 1976 and a resident of Rosterman. I went to Madende primary, Madende secondary and did my diploma in Architectural at Weco college of applied science and technology.
I am the first born in a family of six.
I started a small business of buying and selling second hand household goods since I was not able to acquire a Government job.
The business includes sale used household goods like Television sets, Refrigerators, Furniture, Microwaves, radios. clients find it affordable to purchase some of this good that they cannot afford to get them while new due to high prices. The business sustains my family being the only source of income.

My Business

I sell second hand house hold goods. This is after I realized many people prefer buying goods at a reduced price than going for a new one.
My source of income has been contributions from relatives, my own savings and borrowing loans from financial institutions like banks which charged high interests that posed a challenge to me.
I buy house hold goods from people who expose them cheaply to solve financial challenges elsware and in turn sell them to others, sometimes i may repair before selling them at fordable price. for example a used up 21`` television is bought at 8 dollars. Then I sell at 12 dollars, while a new is sold at 20 dollars. other goods sold at the same price earns good money.

Loan Proposal

Through the last loans, my business has grown, right now I have several motor vehicle on sale, I also bought a parcel of land wich I want to develop, that is why I am applying for a loan of 5200 us dollars to help me built 3 rental houses each two bed roomed, this houses are going to cost 6000 dollars each, and is able to pay 100 dollars monthly , my plan is to lay a foundation for 3 houses, finish one and build the rest slowly, please help me raise the money, so that I can see my dreams come true, thanks.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 19, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

14 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $223.85



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