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Rachmad Adim

Surabaya, Indonesia

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Rachmad Adim

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April 2014

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About Me

My name Rachmad Adim, my age is 32 years now, I live with my parents, at Kupang Krajan Lor 2 Street No. 34 Surabaya. Now I still active in the travel and tour cattaleya. I have two brothers and one sister and I'm the last. So my mother have 4 child. I'm work at Monday to Friday and start at 09.00 am - 17.00 pm. Beside that i have another sidejob in traditional markets are located in the path and name of the cemetery Petemon market is Petemon market kuburan.And i do it on Saturday or Sunday. I completed my wares at the agent., and I have friends but sometimes the agent can't be delivered to the market directly, because of his agent there who could be sent order and goods that can not take its own. But Mostly should be sent by the agent if the order in large quantities. I love music , espescially rock. I can playing drum and cajoon. I'm active boy when i was young. And i can't stand to hit any stuff. So my brother give me sudgestion to being a drummer. And I think that was a good idea, as long everything is positive.

My Business

I have my own business in the field of buying and selling. And my attempt at traditional market who are on the road Petemon cemetery. I am involved in the Saturday and Sunday only as long as I do not work.
In addition to Saturday and Sunday, I pay people who can run the business in trust for me, during my travel office. I sell food staples.
Income generated is enough to fill a book savings that I can use later for other businesses more profitable. I am open minded restaurant business.
Business in traditional market today, which prompted the order can be delivered to their homes. But the limit is just 1 km away from where I was selling.
So every Saturday and Sunday where many of them are off work. Makes me overwhelmed to receive Order very much. But it makes me quite happy.Thank you Zidisha team and Lenders previous loan. And I now apply for a loan again to increase the stock of goods such as: peanut 100kg IDR 1,500,000. 2 boxes of chicken eggs IDR 300.000, sugar 100kg IDR 900.000, and coconut oil 2gallons IDR 350.000. More and more consumer demand and I need additional capital to increase the stock of goods. I 1bulan 2,500,000 Income. And the slightest help lenders help to develop the business I was.

Loan Proposal

Thanks to Lenders and Zidisha team loan trust funds. I plan to buy kerosene 200ltr x 12,000 = 2,400,000 , 3 boxes of eggs x 200,000 = 600,000 , the rest I made additional sembako rice , corn , green beans , clothes detergent and deodorant , so cooking spices , instant noodles , instant coffee , tea , shampoo , raw crackers . Peanuts, baby diaper, sausages , soy sauce , sugar , and household appliances .I appeal to lenders to help fund loans






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Classic Loan

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Oct 22, 2014

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8 months



Victoria, B. C., Canada


Stockholm, Sweden


Charleston, United States


Sarasota, Fl, United States

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Sterling, United States







Utrecht, Netherlands



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