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Patrick Wainaina

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About Me

My name is Patrick wainaina,38 yrs old married to one wife and have 3 kids aged 14 yrs,12 yrs 9 respectfully.Am 3rd born in a family of 6,i was born in Kiambu the largest and richest county in Kenya where good coffee and tea is grown,its a place where 1st president and the 4th president had come from,also is known for it dairy farming,poultry farming and bee keeping.its where diplomat offices,residency and almost all embassy are located.
I grew up and studied there up to my 0 levels and later joined NIBS collage at Nairobi where i did study business management and sales and marketing.
i managed to secure a job at a supermarket where i worked as a receiving clerk for one and half yrs ,as i was talking with one of the suppliers he told me the sweetness/advantage of being self employed.
After giving it a thought i decided to quit my job and with my small saving i started my own business of selling gas which am currently doing.
During my free time i take my family out where i have time to talk to my children,as i let them to express themselves on what each and everyone would like to be in future when they grow up,my first born would like to do medicine while the second born engineer and the last born to be international business man.
one of my hobbies is Exercise since,watching movies ,visiting the needy like orderly peoples,orphans etc) .

My Business

Currently am in a business of supplying and selling of gas where I deal with different type of gas cylinder and size from different company like kgas 13kg ,6kg,total gas 13kg&6kg ,others brands 13kg &6kg the business is situated at embakasi 10kilomiters from CBD
THE price of refilling and the reselling is as follows;
-13kg kgas. -19$
-13kg Total gas. - 19&
-6kg kgas. -9&
-6kg total gas. -9&
Other brands
-13kg -19&
-6kg. -9&

Total gas 13kg. -24$
Kgas 13kg. -24&
Total gas 6kg. -12&
Kgas 6kg. -12&
Other brands
13kg. -23&
6kg. -11&

Total gas 13kg. -5&
Kgas 13kg. -5&
Total gas 6kg. -3&
Kgas 6kg. -3&
Other brands
13kg -4&
6kg. -2.5&
That's how my business is although challenging since the industry has a lot of people investing In it,the secret for someone to remains in the industry and win lot of customers is by having gas through out and having many cylinders and different type and company too,also discipline and honesty is required and acting fast.

Project Proposal

If in case am considered to be given the loan I will use it to add some gas cylinders so I can be still be in business





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Dec 31, 2022

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