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Nairobi , Kenya

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Fredrick Ndege

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June 2017

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About Me

My Name is Frederick NDEGE, a young Kenyan entrepreneur. I am 26 year of age.
Having gone through alot of hardships during my young age, my hope has been to succeed and emerge the winner in everything I do.
During my early schooling age, poverty could not make me a happy child. I could not enjoy all days present in school. The school uniforms and other scholastic materials was only a dream. But this never stopped me from achieving my dream of getting education. I knew education was my only key to success. Despite all the challenges, I made it through the primary school and joined secondary school from where I performed tremendously well towards achieving my government sponsorship to taking a course in Technology from one of the kenyan university (maseno)
I always thought of becoming an employer more than becoming an employee. This is because of the level of unemployment in the country and many other countries in Africa.
I therefore thought of coming up with the projects that can help me grow economically, grow my family and my friends through providing platform of work towards solving issues in return claim awards for their own efforts.
With that reasons in mind, I came up with a mini audio-visual firm that worked so well. This firm has already completed one project. Within the audio visual firm, being the technology person, I have led to development of the school management software that has already won two tenders worthy USD 3000.
In Swahili we say Twaweza, meaning "yes we can". Through hard work, focus and objectives, I have led the team through good progress and only the sky is our limit. Failure has never been our fear but success has always been the order of the day. Thanks to our perfect planning and thanks to ZIDISHA INC. Our best financial partner.

My Business

My business. I head a team of young software developers and our work is divided Into two(2).

(a) Development of school management software and other middle leveled softwares.
We have successfully developed an intelligent integrated school management software (SMS) that has won us two clients who have signed a form of acceptance and five more who are being taken through simulation and basic information on how the software automates the school activities.
My team and I also provide the school Local area network (LAN) that distributively makes available the software to all school's departments to post data to single database. This makes the administration easy to generate reports on daily activities.
Our LAN includes the supply of Computers which supports the minimum requirements of our software, The router and modem to connect the software to the Internet for staff to update database from outside the outside the LAN platform, The Network Switch, Thin Clients for Desktop virtualization to reduce power consumption, increase workspace and reduce the cost of purchase of many cpu's. Many thanks to ncomputing technology and zidisha inc. Funding.
(b) we also apply for audio visual supply and installation of music and video equipments.

Loan Proposal

I won a new tender in one of the best telecommunication service provider in the country to provide the video screen. I will therefore use the money plus some of savings to buy 8x8 abtus HDMI matrix , 4 49" television screens and other materials.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 10, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

4 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $8.30



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  • Fredrick Ndege    Jul 7, 2018

    Have reduced the installment for I may not pay the earlier amount but shall work hard towards paying within the stipulated time, will adjust to higher amount after this 5 installments

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Jun 16, 2018

    Thank you so much for considering my request. I will use the loan to purchase the client network installation materials. And it will help me finish the contract awarded within the stipulated time.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Dec 2, 2017

    Hello everyone,
    Having successfully completed my past and First project since joining the Zidisha Inc , and having paid all my loan back in and on time. i am glad to bring to your attention that i have won another project tender of much bigger volume than the past. The Zidisha (Grower) has helped me to another, yet another step forward.
    I have yet again submitted my project proposal for consideration , i believe your help and my collection from the past project shall hep me deliver in my up-coming project.
    thanks to all of you for your Good will. My future history largely depends on you, and so is my Growth.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Nov 30, 2017

    The previous loan received helped me to supply the Abtus HDMI matrix to the client. and received my payments. The payments have made me to grow tremendously well financially. i am able to start my own software development firm. the firm has hired three young developers who are able to develop a software that has already won clients.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Nov 30, 2017

    The already pain loan helped me supply the the Abtus 4X4 HDMI matrix , The loan was a subsidy on the cash i had already saved from my other project. Many thanks to my lenders for the mechanisms you have put in place o help me grow economically. And to help many other young minds to grow and become the future enonomic giants. in swahili we say TWAWEZA. Meaning "yes we can"

    In my next project, with the help of the funds i have applied for, i will be able to supply the school management software to two of my client schools and pay back the loan within the required and set timeline.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Nov 30, 2017

    wow! have completed paying my second loan. a bove all i have my own projects to count upon. its because of God and Zidisha.
    i am not going to stop any sooner. the sky is te limit.
    so help me GOD

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Nov 28, 2017

    Greatings to all my lenders, the zidisha team and the zidisha beneficiaries.

    I am very glad and proud to be associated with this global program. If I was to give stars the from me receive five (5), and of I can rate you out of ten (10) then be happy you are (10/10).

    I just joined zidisha on this year july 17 but even before the year ends my loan limit is USD 500. No interest rate.
    God has answered my prayers. Within the short time the zidisha generous platform has build a man in me. From just a young graduand and hopeless boy to a young energetic man ,with full of ideas and with projects finances at my door step.

    For this short period , i have started and accomplished two projects. Thanks to Zidisha.
    Due to success of the projects , that has led me to much more projects with bigger volumes. Due to that i won't resist to always come to zidisha again and again for financial support. You are simply the best.

    My aim with zidisha is , i will always ask for your help until i become a stable employer and a lender. You made me see a brigter future.

    My apeal to all those lack the base or foundation to start at, worry no more. Youve gotten here, sit back,relax because you dream is valid. Just do it. You will not regret. You will have a story to tell. Good positive story

    I would like to thank all my lenders for the funding and within the following one week i shall finish up the payment . And kindly feel free to finance my next project.

    Thank you soo much. Ahsante sana.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Nov 21, 2017

    I have gotten an opportunity to pay the loan in full and apply for another one, a better one.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Oct 4, 2017

    Thanks to zidisha funding, I am really pulling some wonderful progresses.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Sep 21, 2017

    Due to long process of LPO I request for the editing to the above indicated amount for the next two weeks upon which I will re-edit and add the weekly payment to a higher amount.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Sep 11, 2017

    Hi everyone,
    Please accept my sincere gratitude on the boost you've given me. This is to acknowledge that the loan I had applied for has been received and has already been processed to purchase the 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher for my client as explained in my proposal.

    I say a big thank you to the lenders. all of you. thank you for seeing the need of funding my proposal and in other way funding my project. I now assure you that my project will run as planned within the stipulated time.
    I can't afford to press the sending button without thanking the zidisha inc team for bringing up the platform. Thank you zidisha. Above all a big thanks to the Director.
    In Swahili we say "ahsante sana" to mean "Big thank you"

    Loan Beneficiary and Unofficial Zidisha inc ambassador.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Sep 8, 2017

    Sharing: Mr. Jack mah a few months ago visited one of the best academic school here in Nairobi Kenya. It was a meeting ,rather a conference about entrepreneur. There is one thing i picked amongst many from his organised speech. I quote, " if you want to be succesful in business, embloy the best."
    Therefore i am happy to challenge the platform members to put the mechanism in place.
    As an example this week i am counting sucess and i am employing three new software developers to help in development as we look forward to attaining multiple success.

    I also would like to inspire young entrepreneurs. Dont see it as if its too big to start it. JUST DO IT. You have chosen the best financial lender platform. I call it best because its interest rate is almost null, payment process is based on your flexibility and you get new admirable bonuses as you maintain the good payment record.
    Finally i just want thank the lenders group as you are dedicated to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. One day i shall stand at international platform and proudly say "i am who i am because of the zidisha lenders team", and/or if i wont make it internationaly, i will proudly tell my son or daughter that,"your dad was never born rich, he is what he is because of zidisha lenders*.

    My request: I would request the team to design and open up a mechanism of eradicating the digital devide. This vice is so much affecting many people in Africa,Kenya ,Nairobi and my home town kisii.
    The digital divide has led to many people lacking information. And lack of information leads to lack of accessing business knowledge and opportunities. But once one gets the information then the rest shall move on smoothly.

    Because of that reason i am requesting , as you think over the same issue, to design a mechanism of loaning out digital gadgets with already installed information like the zidisha app and other business information to the youth. That shall increase the personal dependability.

    Thanks from Freddie
    Best regards

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Sep 8, 2017

    I want to this opportunity to humbly thank all my lenders. I have seen the loan funding progress and its 4% of the total amount requested and still six more days to go. I very much appreciate the process.

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Sep 2, 2017

    I write to express my deep appreciation and more so to thank my lender Graham. i thank you fr the trust you have shown in me and i promise to maintain the same level of integrity. i am putting methodologies in place to make sure i pay the loan that i have applied for in and on time. i thank also the zidisha team for allowing the beneficiaries to edit the payment methods so as to maintain the credibility. i have also changed my amount payable per month but also i will edit it and double the amount payable after the first payment. i will also make sure i make dully payment on time within 3 months so as to increase the limit and expand my business and get a chance to employ more employees and try t give back to the community as i help build economy and fight against poverty.
    Thank you Graham
    Thank you zidisha and thank all partners and stake holders.
    Here in kenya we say Ahsante sana in swahili

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Aug 31, 2017

    Thank you ksh 500 received was used as a one week fare to my site of work

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Aug 31, 2017

    Hello over there, I am glad to complete my loan payment and am glad to have joined the league of trustees. I now promise to maintain 100%payment record as I will invest well with my next loan .
    Thanks to my lender and thanks to all staffs in support of this idea

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Aug 22, 2017

    Hi Graham,
    sorry I made one late payment. that was due to device loss, but I recovered it and made necessary steps of paying. please accept my sincere apologies

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Aug 5, 2017

    Hi Paul Graham,
    I am the beneficiary and I am Writing to appreciate the trust you have shown on me, I intend to pay the loaned amount immediately to qualify for more to enable me continue with my business

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  • Fredrick Ndege    Aug 5, 2017

    Hi Paul Graham,
    I am the beneficiary and I am Writing to appreciate the trust you have shown on me, I intend to pay the loaned amount immediately to qualify for more to enable me continue with my business

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