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Catherine Nderitu

Naivasha, Kenya

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Catherine Nderitu

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May 2014

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About Me

I am called Catherine Njeri Nderitu. I live in Naivasha town. I was born in Nakuru county in 1985. I went to flamingo secondary school and finished in the year 2005. After high school I went to Tracom college and did a certificate course in business management. From college I got married. We have one baby girl. In the year 2012, I participated in the Value women program and learned about the chicken enterprise. With the knowledge that I got from Value women program, I did a little research and realised that Naivasha traders were buying poultry products such as eggs from neighbouring towns . This is when I came to know that there was money in this venture.I then constructed a house and bought 150 day-old layer chicks costing Sh 100 each. I used local materials, wire mesh and iron sheets. Today I am happy as I have been able to sell my eggs and support my family.

My Business

I keep egg-laying chicken and sell eggs. I decided to do this business 2 years ago when I discovered how eggs were important and how scarce they were. I saw that gap and decided to fill it and doing it in Naivasha town gives me satisfaction because eggs are on high demand. I sell to hotels in and outside of Naivasha town as well as local customers. My biggest challenge was finding clients. Now that I have loyal customers, I do not like to disappoint them. I intend to grow this business and get many contacts whom I can sell my eggs to. I collect close to 4 trays of eggs every day and can sell between 5 and 7 crates weekly with a crate selling at Sh330. After subtracting all the expenses, I am able to bank close Sh10,000 per month.Today I am so grateful to Zidisha for the help that they have given me. Through Zidisha loan, I construct a better chicken house with my first loan and bought more than 40 chicks with my second loan. I now expect more chicken out of the young chicks. This will boost my egg production once they start laying eggs. Right now, my biggest challenge is luck of proper feeds for the chicken and the chicks. I wish to buy high quality feeds for both the chicken and the chicks.The feeds are well balanced and will provide healthy diet for both the chicks and the older chicken. I therefore appeal to lenders to loan me money that will help me buy chick mash for the young chicks and layers mash for the chicken. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Loan Proposal

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for helping me build a bigger chicken house that is safe for my chicken. With a bigger chicken house, I would like to expand my poultry business by buying 30 more young hybrid chicks at a cost of $120 and a brooder at a cost of $35. The brooder will help by keeping Day old chicks warm all the time. By adding hybrid chicks, the number of egg laying chicken in my poultry will increase with time hence I will be able to get more eggs for sell. In return, I will be able to make good profit by selling more eggs.






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Classic Loan

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Jul 10, 2014

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On Time

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7 weeks

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Lender interest: $149.33 at 9.00% annual rate over 1 month = $1.81

Service fee: $0.72


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