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Davis Mwai

Gitimbine Village, Kenya

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Davis Mwai

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January 2015

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About Me

My Name is Davis Mwai, a 28 Year Old Kenyan citizen from Central Kenya- Kutus, But i live and work in Meru. I have a passion for ICT - Internet and Networking systems. I have learned the skill through apprenticeship and training's, as i had not been to any ICT school for the last 5 years until last year June when the idea became a tasteful profession to me that i joined the Cisco Networking Academy to pursue the course further . I completed my High school back in 2006 but I did not make it to the University since I come from a humble background. My parents could not make it to educate me any further, even though I had passed well. Today, I have accepted what life turned me into, and seized every available opportunity to learn. After high school, I was employed as a casual laborer in a ISP company and that is where my dream started. I was employed as office messenger and pack boy in the warehouse. Slowly i learnt the terminologies, equipment names and functions since i was packaging for field dispatch. Due to passion of the job, i enrolled for computer packages from my little earned salary in a nearby college in the evenings because of work schedules. when free, i would accompany the engineers to sites on sundays and some times at night and i learned more skills manually. Later on after 2 years, i wrote a letter requesting for consideration for training in the same company as an Intern. I was then promoted to technical department after training and i was given a chance to do simple tasks such as cable laying and pulling. My passion increased and i excelled very well in the field and did tasks like the level 2 techies. That's where i learned skills and i later on joined technical schools for professional courses in the same field - ICT, TELECOMMUNICATION . After 4 years of work, i left the company and started the same business but on a lower scale . Reason why i left the job is because the company was sold and since i didn't have sufficient Papers to reapply to the new directors. I currently provide Internet to SOHO small offices & Home office businesses. Being the first born in my family, I have several responsibilities since I assist in paying my brother's fees at college and take care of my aging parent's farm yard, and my young family too. I have a 2 year old girl, i would like her to study and become an ENGINEER . Having been born in the rural areas, our rural home land nears a river by the name River Thiba, i learnt swimming and it has been my hobby to date, i am excellent in swimming, diving, and (wooden) boat ridding. Very few people from my neighborhood can beat me in that. During weekends i go to hotels as i do sales and other tasks and pay a little fee for swimming as its charged 1$ in urban centers.

My Business

Basically, my business is ICT, super specializing in TELECOMMUNICATION, Internet provision and Networking. I buy bulk internet from Major ISP's in the country, then i host it in a small base station that i have built on top of my shop and resell it from there in smaller quantities as per the clients finances. Other activities that i do inside my shop are Networking, Computing- supplies and repairs, Telephony services in institutions and power back up installations. Internet is my Major product . In my country Kenya and Africa, Internet has become a must have resource in every institution, businesses, industries, and in homes. I enterprise on SOHO- the small offices and home offices. Majority of this clients cannot afford to have dedicated internet or pull fiber to their homes as its very expensive, i split it and give them pocket friendly prices per Mb (between $10-100$ depending on the internet speeds subscribed for. Also i use basic and locally available resources to deliver internet to their place Like highest trees within in case height is an issue. I mount the RADIO on top of the tree and therefore the prices will be cheaper and affordable instead of buying metalic poles.I have therefore dedicated my time in this profession and even plan to study it to the highest notch so that i can deliver best. I also know this is a competitive field, and that is why I am ever willing to learn new skills everyday. At the moment i am well versed in Major ICT FIELD, a qualified Electrician SOLAR PV, i hold a Diploma in ICT, Professional courses in Networking CISCO, security trained expert in CCTV installer. I am currently advancing in more Networking field - Alcatel and Mikrotik proffesional. Due to my nature of day time work i attend this classes in the evening . My monthly income is around $ 1500 , i pay my Internet providers $600. Other expenses are Shop and House rent, electricity bills, Equipments upgrades, networking kits, bus fare and my young family upkeep . After all expenses, i get monthly profits of $150 My business is DASHNET SYSTEMS, legally registered, and work station is my shop which is in Meru town. I have been in this profession as an Employee for ISP companies for almost 5 years. At the moment i have 23 clients in Meru, and 16 in different parts of the country, Among my clients include Law firms, cyber cafes, schools, home clients, businesses and ware houses, both public and private institutions Etc. My dream is to grow to a MAJOR ISP Company, with bigger wireless coverage, operational and able to serve all round Kenya and Africa, which will offer reliable and pocket friendly services. I do sales and marketing when am not busy attending clients, and Installations on my own, when stuck i get help from my long time friend GOOGLE, and collegues who are in the same field, I some times get varsity students studying Computer science, or technical ICT COURSES and give them internship and attachments for practical experience, they also teach me the theoreticals, and keep me posted on the world trend. I also get clients referred to me by my clients, and from adverts that i do on social media and local diaries. As the popular Jim Rohn saying that says" profits are better than wages", i believe am set for greatness and i promise to partner well with Zidisha team members to get to the top:-)

Loan Proposal

Thanks for the chance,

I have done a rough research and noted that my community is computer illiterate.
Since i have a desktop CPU in my shop, i will buy a monitor and teach the community the basic typing skills and packages since i find some time in the evenings when am not in field work.
The small amounts that i will get from the learners as incentive, i will add a little amount from my Internet sale business and use it to repay this loan.
A window shopping visit i made to retailers shows that it costs between KES 5000-4700.





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    Neat in time repayments.
    Good communication.

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Apr 10, 2018

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