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James Nyange

Mtwapa, Kenya

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James Nyange

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August 2016

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About Me

I was brought up in middle class family;where my parents could afford to place a meal on the table. I went to Sagala primary school in taita taveta county.Here we used to go to school bare footed n tattered school uniform with patches. In school there was young farmers club; which helped me to nurture my rabbit keeping hobby . In had vast interest in becoming a lawyer but couldn't achieve my goal. This is due to financial constrain where my parents couldn't raise my school fees and other siblings. However, this didn't affect my in terest in academic work.Apart core curriculum activities in schoo we also participated in extra curricular activities such as taita traditional dance and songs. In our traditional dances we shake the body parts below the waist and stamping the feet's. Our traditional food are kimanga(mix of crushed well cooked cassava and beans) ,dazuka(baked maize flour and sugar) and local brewe is classed mwasina

My Business

Having engaged myself in rabbit farming for some time I decided to diversify my business ventures. I decided to start a kiosk in my village to add another stream of income and fill the gap of providing essentials commodities such as sugar,bread,bun dough, wheat and maize flour,cereals and non alcoholic beverages to the locals. A business opportunity arose from this gap which I couldn't hesitate to fill after carry out feasibility study and determined the viability of this business.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to buy another male Rabbit so as I eradicate in breeding in my rabbit farm at in about 90000 dollars and the remaining amount to buy rabbit feeds





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 21, 2017

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On Time

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16 months

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Service fee: $6.07



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