Buy a new sewing machine and fabric

Damaris Mumbi

Muchatha, Kenya

30% repaid



Damaris Mumbi


Muchatha, Kenya

On-time repayments

281 weekly installments  •  91%

About Me

My name is Damaris Mumbi. I was born in a family of 8 where I am the 7th born. I am married with four children who are all in school. My parents (who are both deseased) were peasant farmers and they used their meager income to educate us. I went up to secondary school and later joined a tailoring college where I was taught stitching. With the help of my parents and later my husband, I managed to open a tailoring shop where I make all sorts of clothes - men, women and children's wear.

My husband used to work as a charcoal dealer where he would cut trees and make charcoal for sale. However, a disaster struck early this year when she fell from a tall tree and injured his backbone. He was in hospital for a long time and the doctor said that he cannot continue doing menial jobs due to the injury. Through extensive therapies, he is now back on his feet but jobless. This has exerted a lot of pressure on my business since I am now the sole bread winner in the family.

My plan is to expand my business and start selling second hand clothes in addition to what I do so as to supplement my income.

I am a hardworking and honest woman who truly believes that hard work and honesty pays.

My Business

I deal with tailoring where I make a wide variety of clothes. I normally buy a piece of cloth and make the items such as shirts, blouses, school uniforms etc. My monthly net income is about $120. This used to suit me well until when my husband became indisposed early this year.

I have decided to expand my business to start selling second hand clothes and this way, I will be able to double my income. I am well known in the area I work and getting people to buy these used clothes from me will be easy. I will source the clothes from Nairobi which is not far from where I work.

If my plan materializes through the credit from Zidisha, I will be able to continue providing for the family and take care of my husband, who now depends on me for his upkeep.

Loan Proposal

My aging sewing machine needs a replacement due to frequent break-downs. I have used the current machine for many years and it is high time it gives way to a new one. I will spend USD 300 to buy a new sewing machine.

I will then use a further USD 300 to buy fabric that I need to use to make school kits. This will help me a lot in my work since I will be able to work without worrying about the machine breakdown. Buying the fabric in bulk will make me save some money since I will get a good discount for buying in bulk.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 16, 2017

Repayment status


Projected term

49 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: 5% of $647.44 = $29.03



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