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Rex Omuka

Luanda, Kenya

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Rex Omuka

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April 2014

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286 installments  •  65%

About Me

I am a male Kenyan citizen by birth from Western Province, Vihiga County, Emuhaya Constituency, Emuhaya Division, Bunyore West location, Ebusiekwe sub-location in Ilonje village. I am the second born child in a family of four children three boys and one girl. I went to school at Emutsuru Primary School where I did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) in the year 2004 and later joined Esalwa Secondary School where I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) in the year 2008.I later learned Computer packages later in the year 2009 and after I had fully equipped with enough knowledge a year after I got a job in Luanda town where I used to work and be paid Kshs. 150/= a day (USD 1.69734).
My home is 1 Km from Luanda town where I used to walk every morning and back in the evening from where I used to work in Luanda town. After a year I had saved some money which I rented a single bedroom house in Luanda town. After some time I had known a lot about computer and I felt that I could also open mine and become independent on my own and help my father to educate my sister and cater for my family’s needs. I saved little monies which I afterwards used to buy a second hand desktop personal computer from my boss and an ink jet printer. I continued saving until I also had some money which enabled me rent a small business shop which I run my own Computer Services activities. I opened that shop in the year 2012.

With the small profits I get from my business I have been able to assist my father with some money to pay for my sisters school fees in secondary school until she did her KCSE exams last year, I also bought one other second hand desktop personal computer Kshs. 12,000/= (USD 135.787) and one second hand Notebook Pc Kshs. 20,000/=) (USD 226.312) which I run with in my business, I do pay my worker on daily basis Kshs. 320/= (USD 3.62100), I pay house rent Kshs. 3,000/=) (USD 33.9469) monthly, pay electricity bill Kshs. 1,600/= monthly (USD 18.1050). I have started a tree nursery seed bed which I plant tree seedlings and when they are mature enough I transfer them to small papers and sale them to people and I give some for free to people to plant them as I encourage them to protect their lands from soil erosion and keep their compounds beautiful. I also use the profits from my business to cater for my basic needs. I also use some of the profits to add my stock by buying new items.

During my free time I like playing soccer, reading magazines, newspapers, watching good, entertaining and educating movies, making new friends and I also do love browsing through the internet to see what’s good and educating on it. I like visiting public schools around me by giving them free trees and assisting them to plant them in their schools and encouraging them to plant more of them.

My Business

The source of income that will be used to re-pay the loan will come from my business which offers computer services like typesetting, printing, scanning, computer repair, photograph taking and printing, computer programming services, sales from computer accessories like; mouse, power cables, keyboards, sales from stationeries like; envelopes, photo papers, photocopying papers, printer repair services, sales from optical disks, I will also use money from the Computer Training Course where I offer computer packages at a rate of Kshs. 3,500/= (USD 39.6047). My customers prefer to come to buy things from my shop because my business is open every time, my services to them are good and I sometimes have some of the items they want. I prefer this kind of business because it is much profitable, enjoyable to run and easy to manage.

On daily basis am able to save Kshs. 1,040/= (USD 11.7682) from my business after I have deducted all expenditures of the day hence I only have few items with me. The major problem my business has is when there is no electricity due to repair or replacement of damaged transformers which takes a lot of time hence Kenya Power Lightening Company workers tend to slow down their services to us in terms of bringing back electricity hence they can take a whole day or two days before we can see electricity. If I can have a generator I can continue providing my services to my customers incase there is no electricity hence get more customers and more profits.

The reasons that I want to use the loan funds is to expand my business itself by having more stock with me by buying new items because they are highly in demand in Luanda town and only few have them but they do not satisfy our customers’ needs, hence if I have them much in supply I will not run out of stock anytime because this will make my customers happy and will continue to come to buy them from my business hence increasing my income and our relationship will continuously be intact. Also this will have an impact on my lifestyle because when I get more income I will also have enough money that I will be saving hence I will use the profits to save some for expanding my business and some I will use to join a college hence enabling me continue with my education by acquiring more and extensive knowledge in my area of specialization. In future I intend to start a Computer free Training College to my community people by influencing them to see the importance of having computer knowledge in our country and in the world at large and also make them have a lot of interest in getting knowledge about computer and its applications.

I will also use the loan funds to expand my shop by acquiring another room behind my shop which is vacant and combine the two to become one hence buy more computers and start cybercafé services which is highly on demand by offering internet services to my customers because we only have one at Luanda town and it does not have enough computers and sometimes the owner does not open it because he knows he doesn’t have any other competitor and this makes his customers travel far place in order to get this services. I will use the loan funds to acquire these machines and provide this internet services to my customers which is highly on demand.

The items I will buy with the loan funds include:-

Item Quantity Price in Kenya US Dollars Total USD
Desktop Pc 2 12,000 135.787 271.574
Optical Mouse 10 300 3.39469 33.9469
Keyboard 10 500 5.65781 56.5781
Computer Power cables 10 300 3.39469 33.9469
Photocopying paper 10 400 4.52625 45.2625
Laminating machine 1 5,000 56.5781 56.5781
Binding machine 1 4,000 45.2625 45.2625
Digital camera 1 5,000 56.5781 56.5781
USB Flash disk 10 400 4.52625 45.2625
Memory card 10 250 2.82891 28.2891

Loan Proposal

To all my lenders who will be touched and moved to generously and in kindness contribute towards my loan proposal which am making today, i want to assure you that my business as to where it has reached because of your support it is more capable of repaying back the loan funds which i am making today within the shortest time possible and without fail. I want you all my lenders to believe in me and my business because together we do better towards making sure that the loan funds are repaid back in full and in time without any inconveniences. For those who supported me on my previous loans and to all those who are willing to trust and beleive in my busines, this is the time again which i humbly and hopefully come to you again for the request of my loan proposal which am making and I also thank you all for making this place as a hope for those who had given up.

With the loan funds I request from my lenders for the expansion and satisfaction for my customers in ensuring that they at least have the items they want by getting them from my business which they are sure of at my business location, I will use the loan funds you give me to buy the following items which are mostly and urgently required by my customers:-
1. 20 Usb optical mouse @ Kshs. 300/- = Kshs. 6,000/- (USD 66.7408).

2. 15 Usb keyboards @ Kshs. 500/- = Kshs. 7,500/- (Usd 83.4260).

3. 20 reams of photocopying papers @Kshs. 400/- = Kshs. 8,000/- (Usd 88.9878).

4. 10 packets of laminating papers @Kshs. 600/- = Kshs. 6,000/- (Usd 66.7408).

5. 20 bottles of black & colored Epson printer ink @ Kshs. 300/- = Kshs. 6,000/- ( Usd 66.7408).

6. 5 packets of emborsed papers @ Kshs. 500/- = Kshs. 2,500/- (Usd 27.8087).

7. 10 packets of photograph papers @ Kshs. 450/- = Kshs. 4,500/- (Usd 50.0556).

8. 10 packets of binding papers @ Kshs. 270/- = Kshs. 2700/- (Usd 30.0334).

NOTE: To all my lenders who will be able to contribute towards my loan request for the items listed above, I shall be the most grateful and happiest person for your kind and generous contribution in making my lifetime dream and my business expansion come true. Don't ever doubt in me because with your previous loans you gave me, you have made not only my business expand but also through the profits I have generated from this business open a new retailer shop which am so happy because it has shown me that I have good friends who support me and I tell and urge my friends, neighbors to join me at this wonderful place where I have got assistance by becoming trustfull to all my lenders. I therefore thank you all you have assisted me for all this time and now my two businesses will together repay back any loan funds you give me. I look forward towards making this come true as you generously and kindly contribute towards my loan request. May you all be wonderfully blessed by the Living God.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 17, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $486.19 at 8.73% annual rate over 3 months = $12.13

Service fee: $5.08



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