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Pacifica Matoke

Kisii, Kenya

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Pacifica Matoke

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November 2017

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About Me

Hello, am Pacifica matoke, am 52 years old I reside in Kisii County. Am a house wife who mostly handles household chores but as part of earning extra income I managed a farm where I have planted bananas that I harvest twice per a month.
am blessed with two sons and the most money I generate from the farm helps to pay for their education.

My Business

My work mostly is with the my compound, as part of Making myself useful I started to plant bananas in the year 2013, at the moment I harvest bananas twice a month then sell them at a wholesale price to guys who take them to the city to sell.
I harvest 20 bananas per a harvest, then I sell at a wholesale price of KES 250 so in a harvest I make KES 5000, in a month I make at least KES 10000 from the bananas.
I use KES 100 to weed the farm and the rest I use it to for my sons' school fees and other expenses at home.

Loan Proposal

hello dear lenders, thank you for the support you have been giving me through the loans. am applying for a new loan of 70 dollars. i am going to invest this amount to buy egg laying chicken in my farm. this will help me increase my income through selling the eggs. with 70 dollars i will use 45 dollars to buy 15 chicken at 3 dollars each, i will buy the younger ones this will help me get more productive hens once they start laying eggs. i will use 15 dollars to buy chicken feed and the remaining 10 dollars i will invest it in vaccines since its very important to have them vaccinated once they change environment.
thanks in advance and i hope you will consider funding my loan to help me kick of this project.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 23, 2018

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On Time

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2 months

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Service fee: $3.18

Credit risk payment: $6.36




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May 18, 2018


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