Buy hens and commercial feeds for my poultry project

Fredrick Mwenje

Mbale, Kenya

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Fredrick Mwenje

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April 2017

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90 installments  •  18%

About Me

Fredrick mwenje grew up in a village full of challenges. In my primary school life wasn't easy as I lived at my mum's place. Having no idea about my dad made life even more difficult. All these challenges made me work even harder in school to become a better person in the future. With school fees being a problem in school I went to aday school. Still feeding at home was a big problem. I worked hard praying to God to help me achieve my goals in life. I made it to campus and pursed adegree leading to bachelor of education. At campus life wasn't easy. It's at campus when the idea of starting a business. I opted for a cyber since I had acquired some skills in computer. Finances being a problem I didn't manage well so when I completed campus last year I had to sought out ateaching job which raises for me the capital for the business. Now I do print pamphlet for my students in all the subjects. The people where I come from do embrace technology and cyber services are on high demand. If God will bless me with children I want them to grow up knowing business life. My hobby is traveling and discovering new things.

My Business

I do provide internet services, printing, binding etc. This services are on demand. I choose these because of my knowledge in computer besides being a teacher. I use the income from this business to pay for my bills in life. Also being from a humble background am the bread winner for the entire a teacher too

Loan Proposal

I will buy 20 chicks at sh 100 per chick for sh 2000, erect a simple structure for the chicks at sh 500. Buy starting feeds at sh. 500. Transport of sh 250.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 18, 2017

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On Time

Projected term

7 months

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Service fee: $1.35



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