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Onesmas Mbuva

Nairobi, Kenya

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Onesmas Mbuva

Member since

April 2020

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41 installments  •  51%

About Me

I am Onesmas Mutuku, a young hard working man born in Ukambani. I did my primary schooling in rural ukambani before i joined secondary school in Nairobi. I completed high school, and later did a diploma course in purchasing and supplies management.
I started my business from the small money I borrowed from my father who is craft man.
I started selling second hand clothes and later opened a small shop which I run up todate.

I am married with one daughter.

I like the town I live in because its a populated town there fore making it good for business.
Mostly am free on Sundays , I go to church, visit my friends and go out to have fun with my family

My Business

I currently run a small shop where I sell household goods and a Mpesa business.
My business in located in a residential area, I there fore sell things such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, bottled water, airtime, and mpesa business.
The typical cost of my business is the cost of stocking and cash money to run Mpesa.
I use my profit to restock, pay rent and feed my family

Loan Proposal

I successfully bought mobile airtime cards for sale last week and it did well. So I need to restock again and sale again
100 airtime cards- ksh 1000
50 airtime cards- Ksh 700
20 airtime cards- Ksh 500
10 airtime cards- K sh 800


Income Source

Where I am business is on going. Though their is a curfew..we are able to open at 6 in the morning and close at 7pm.
So I will be able to sell.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 17, 2020

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $2.33

Credit risk payment: $3.98


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Date repaid

Apr 23, 2020


Fully repaid

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Apr 27, 2020 $27.78 Apr 20, 2020 $8.87
Apr 22, 2020 $9.85
Apr 23, 2020 $9.06