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Jayne Muruga

Nairobi, Kenya

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Jayne Muruga

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February 2014

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About Me

I am the fourth born in a family of seven, where my dad was a teacher.My family is from Njoro in Nakuru County.I learnt to do business as young as 14yrs where we wd go for casual labour in other peoples farms and from the earnings we would buy farm produce at lower prices and take to the market for a small profit margin.This way i would have my pocket money in school.After I got married I had to leave working and join my husband who was in a different town, it was then I started my first business of selling second hand clothes. However I have been separated for 9yrs now.I have 2 diplomas,Electronics and Information Systems.At the time we separated I dint have a regular job but a small cosmetic/ beauty soap which was all I had to rely on.About 5 months down the line I sold the business and left for the neighboring country Sudan to explore for better business opportunity.My stay there was however terminated due to hostility in the area i was located, just before the Country was declared independent.I have since been doing supplies in stationery mostly in schools but only occasionally.I have thus indulged in poultry farming to diversify just to supplement what I manage to get from supplies.I have a chicken farm house for local chicken which I have been supplying to a hotel.I have 2 children aged 16 and 11 yrs whom am taking care of. My girl desires to be a lawyer while the boy wants to be an engineer.
I love visiting farms and learning new things at every opportunity.

My Business

My business of poultry has been doing great and the school uniform supply is still on. Thanks to Zidisha for the three loans i have gotten from them. I ve continued to do supplies at the hotel and I just secured another supply order in a 3 star hotel for 120 pieces per week. Every other week I manage to bring in new chicks between 50 to 80.Out of the proceeds from this business, I did a course in sales and marketing costing 235US Dollars. This course I took so as to allow me be able to do proper marketing and learn the sales skills, this will go a long way in helping me do business more professionally.
From my initial involvement with schools, in stationery supplies, I have managed to source for school uniform supply from two schools, which I will do every beginning of the year.
Being a single parent is not an easy task,it requires me to work extra hard to manage with the ever rising living standards. Globally the economic crises is biting in all countries Kenya not being an exception.I thus have to stay open to available opportunities.

Loan Proposal

My application for the loan is to expand on the poultry which are on high demand and the market exhaustible.The need for expansion on my poultry keeping has been driven by the competition in school supplies which are termly and competitors are in big numbers,while the chicken business is full time and no comparable competition.The risk I would face on this business is if I lack constant supplies, but i will be able to take care of this by breeding more chicks and in stages so I have mature chicken all the time.My requirement is about 100 chicken per wk which would fetch between 15 to 20 thousand shillings in profit.Its my prayer that the call for assistance from Zidisha towards this will be received positively.As a single parent I do pray that you will grant my humble plea to be empowered by your organization.I humbly request a loan between 300 to 500 Dollars, this would enable me buy the chicks plus the feeds.May you be kind enough to me to approve my request.Thanking you in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 20, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Lender interest: $49.96 at 4.30% annual rate over 1 month = $0.21

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United States


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