Buy more chicks, water and feeding troughs for my poultry

Geoffrey Muraya

Nairobi, Kenya

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Geoffrey Muraya

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March 2015

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About Me

My name is Geoffrey Muraya.

I am grateful to Zidisha Team and the lenders for you great kindness in funding me and improving my business and life. Your previous loans have seen my life move to levels high.

In my native language, Muraya means the TALL ONE... and in fact am not the short type.
I grew up in Nyeri County- the administrative centre of the Kenyan Central Province.

My dad passed on when I was young and were brought up by our mum.

Without a father, life was not easy. It involved working so hard and doing any menial job available to help my mum to bring us up. She was not working but being the fist born I had to fend for our family like the father would.

The people from my area are entirely subsistent farmers. We depend on the natural weather cycles to plant our food - twice a year.

By God's grace, I went upto tertiary education level and I took aacounting for the course.
After college, I secured a job which did not last for long and I lost it.

I then decided, I will not again rely on employment. I started keeping chicken which when they matured, I would sell and make money to improve my life.

With only five chicks I was ready to begin.

My hobbies are travelling, swimming and sight seeing. I also love helping the weak in the society.

I also do printing business as my alternative source of income.

My Business

My business involves poultry keeping. I buy broods (1 day old chick). With the help of my wife, we rear them and after three months I sell them.

I am only able to keep 100 chicks at a time since I do not have enough capital to have more.

I chose this business because in my area there are so many hotels who have high demand for chicken, I would go and market my chicken to them and in three months cycles am booked to supply.

These hotels love my chicken because they are able to visit my home and see the environment I rear them in is healthy and hygienic.

My costs in three months are:
When funded, I will use this loan to buy the following:

Chicken feeds : USD 25
Feeders : USD 15
Waterer : USD 5
One day Old chicks : USD 50
Transport/ Labour : USD 5

My profit after three months will increase by 30%.

This profit I shall use to pay school fees for my children and increase my business and pay rent.

Loan Proposal

This loan will help me to:
-Buy more brood chicks
-Buy waterers and feeders
-Take care of all veterinary services.

- I will also buy more poultry feeds.

Thanks very much lenders and entire team.






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Classic Loan

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Dec 22, 2015

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On Time

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5 months




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