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James Gicheru

Free Area, Kenya

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James Gicheru

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April 2014

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About Me

My name is James Mburu Gicheru. Am 36 years old. I reside in Nakuru,Lanet. I am married to Mary Nyambura, and we have been blessed with 3 kids age 11years,7years and 3years.
I did my O-level in the year 2000 and later proceeded to do several short courses and did various jobs including employment in an insurance firm, real estate agency firm and as salesman. I quit employment in to be self employed in 2007 where I did various small businesses. In 2012 I did a course in printers repair and maintenance where I majored in small scale inkjets printers commonly used in offices. After completing the course, I worked on internship for another 1year where I gained good experience in this field. I proceeded to open my own business in late 2013 which is turning to be successful. My clients include those with printing beaurals, cyber cafes, students in colleges, instant photographers, schools, and the general enterprise fraternity. I have a small workshop in the CBD where I attend to the needs of my always growing number of customers. I also from time to time visit my clients in their stations to do routine checks and simple maintenance that do not need to be done at the workshop.

My Business

Different services have different charges ranging from Kshs 500 to kshs 2000.However services that require parts be replaced, attract a higher charge as the spares are also at a cost. Basically in a week a make around shs8000 and in a very good week between shs12000 and 15000. This translates to up to shs 40000-50000 in a month.
My basic every day expenses include transport shs2200 a month ,family upkeep about shs 15000 a month, house rent, water and electricity round up to shs 10,000 every month. I also pay for my workshop’s rent and electricity shs 4000 every month. My personal expenses while am at work are around shs 300 daily which is about shs 6000 monthly. I always set a side about shs 3000 every month for emergency, medical and entertainment for my family. I also pay sh 10000 monthly to my assistant at the shop.
My goals in 2017/18 are;
1. Cover a bigger area in Nakuru county as my customer base continues to grow
2. Stock up more products that go with my work eg inkjets printing papers, inks, tonners and ink systems (ciss),
3. Buy more spare parts directly from the importers which will expand my profit margin. These replaceable parts include print heads, logic boards, calibrators, power supplies, sprockets, cradle belts and encoders.
4. Acquire tenders to do maintainance and supply of printers and accessories to corporates, county and national government institutions
5. Stock more brands new printers

Loan Proposal

Hey Zidisha team.Thanks a lot for your continued support in empowering young and small scale interprnuers. I am particularly greatful for your last soft loan that hit my account on 15/04/2014 and which I was able to pay back in 5 weeks ending 22/05/2014. I was able to boost my small repair shop with a few accessories from this loan and adding from my pocket and it went a great deal in developing my business.
I look forward to doing even more with my next loan which am highly optimistic I will qualify for upon my application. Am planning to stock DeskJet printers’ inks and printing papers which I look forward to make a good sale from on daily basis. Many of my customers have been asking me to stock these things so that they can have all their services under one roof.
I am very happy to learn that I qualify for another loan of Kes 12,700. This is what I intend to do with this loan:
1.Buy 50x100ml ink bottles at kshs 140=kshs 7000 which I will later resale at shs200 each.
2.Stock 50rims photo papers to cost kshs 100 per rim= shs 5000
3.The balance of kshs 700,I will use in ordering the goods from the wholesaler in Nairobi who will package the and send them using parcel delivery services at kshs 400 and the remaining 300shillings will be used in as transaction fees.
The inks, will give me a profit of Kshs 60 per bottle and the papers as well shs 60 per rim. Having sold the first stock, I will get a profit of Kshs 6000 which I will plough back and add more stock whenever I make sales. I will also add my personal saving to this loan in order to boost my profit margins.
I am hereby kindly requesting Zidisha Inc. to consider me for another loan under which I commit myself to adhere to all your terms and conditions.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jun 9, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

5 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $149.43 at 11.21% annual rate over 5 months = $7.41

Service fee: $2.37




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