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Kolawole Orowole

Ilorin, Nigeria

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Kolawole Orowole

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February 2020

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About Me

My name is Kolawole Orowole. I am an entrepreneur, selling foodstuff, children's goods, and other products. I also am a staff member at Omole, Phase 2 (Berger, Lagos, Nigeria), serving as a Communications Facilitator.

I am convinced that integrity is more important than any financial gratification.

My Business

I trade in various goods for babies and children, including Pampers (disposable diapers), footwear, school bags, foodstuff, lunch bags, etc. I sell to people around me.

I also produce affordable hand-sanitiser, and I purchase face-masks in large quantities to resell.

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Invest for immediate return.

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About Me

Am Kolawole Orowole, an entrepreneur and staff of communication facilitator in omole phase 2 in Berger. Base on my conviction, integrity is a very important trait that last more than any financial gratification
A graduate of statistics from federal university of Ilorin, Nigeria. I did my Masters in the same field of study.Having work as field quality survey analyst and customer service analyst, I discovered, there are many areas of business opportunities that are yet to be explore. My experience and qualification gives me an edge to offer the needed service.

My Business

I trade in different children needs, from pampers, to children footwears and school needs like bags and lunch bags.We have expanded and businesses with hand sanitizer,decontamination chemical, face masks, nose masks, car accessories and contract management.

Loan Proposal

Invest for immediate return.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 6, 2020

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1 week

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Service fee: $0.39

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Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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Mar 9, 2020


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