Buying cereals for small hotel

Shida Paul

Malindi - Mbuyuwa Kusema, Kenya

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Shida Paul

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November 2016

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About Me

I'm a lady of five children Kenyan by birth, i was born by two parents whom was in poverty zone, my life was so hard even to get food was past tense to us,
I join my primary level with the age of eleven year older girl because of the circumstance, when i back from school i was to look means of getting water nearby neighbor, my family was too sober to find a way of subdue this kind but they succeed to help me and my younger brother to go secondary level, my hobby was to play with my friend netball and rope jumping.
When i was finished the secondary level i decide to be married so as to save my family from such kind
our culture don't allow woman to got work, It is the mans responsible.
Then i was Blessed with five children (two girls and three boys. This is when i decide to do work because my husband was jobless and children need basics.
that situation was so bad i don't like my children to be in such position
at now am living Malindi Kenya,

My Business

my business is a food retail i started ten years back , i cook every day at my small hotel and provide to people good service where this help me and my children live well and get their basic needs
i choose this kind of business because i became to realize that people everyday they need to eat food and the place there was no other hotel and there is a lot of other business running,
it took me a lot of time to find capital but God is savior the revenue was too high but i said let everything be possible by God, i manage to pay it every months- year.
when i got the profit i assist my children, family members, to go to school and learn.

Loan Proposal

FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU A LOT, When i get this loan I will use it to buy cereals to my business for the small hotel and earn profit by supplying to my nearby school pupils.
1. CEREALS= 4bags of 90kgs Beans = USD= 149.20
2. Cooking oil 1 bucket 90kgs = USD=24.54
3. Buying 1 jiko for cooking = USD = 10.05
4. TRANSPORT= for two bags USD=7.85
I am targeting all the children nearby school will enjoying the food when be supplied at their school for the break first and lunch hours and i will make them very close to their school so as to give them time to enjoy their education
This will create job to my people and increase profit from 20% to 35% and my children will also live good life, i will be able to pay school fees to my children and assist my neighbours
thank you lenders/ zidisha community






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jun 22, 2019

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On Time

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1 week

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Service fee: $8.11

Credit risk payment: $8.11

Optional expediting fee: $8.11




United States

Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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